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BeYours Discussion

Mar 16, 2012

    1. It's quite a shame that these dolls aren't more popular around here! (Then again, the fact that they only sell on Taobao/via email might have contributed to that... xD) Let's talk about the wonderful dolls of BeYours here! :)

      BeYours on Taobao = http://yukeina.taobao.com/search.ht...=QmUgWW91cnM=&checkedRange=true&queryType=cat

      Order email = beyours-doll@hotmail.com (You can ask for Jane, their English rep)

      I have an NS Kirara, and she is one of the most beloved and precious girls in my household! Not to mention she actually outposes everyone here o.o The resin is solid and the jointing/posing superb :D

      Here is my beautiful, darling Lacey =


      And another =


      Share your lovelies! :D
    2. Yesss! Finally a discussion forum for these beauties!

      *_________* Lacey is stunning!
    3. just looked at the website..The girls are beautiful. But I could only see one boy. You can choose the body to be male or female. That is cool. It is difficult when there is no button for english. But it is a lovely doll. I never saw it before but noticed this thread. That is why I looked, so thank you for making me look!
    4. Actually, Red Copper, Tin, Shkart, and Schima are boys, methinks :D
    5. Oeps, but I think that is just fine. Because you can choose the body you want (gender). Maybe sometimes it good not be able to read the names.
    6. Oh by the way, Orlanda, they do have an English rep ^^ You can email them and ask for Jane. I'll add it to the first post ^^

      Does anyone think that this boy = http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=14728271134&

      .. is reminiscent of a Koitsukihime doll? :D
    7. I have a question, how much do they cost in USD? I find them pretty, I wonder what body can the head fit?
    8. I really just want the Redcopper head, but from another thread about BeYours, I heard this store doesn't sell heads separately, you have to buy the body too? Does anyone know if this is still true? Ooorrr....
    9. Yeah, they won't sell heads only, unfortunately :( I looked through my old emails from them and found one where Jane told me they're $340 blank ^^; My memory is rusty!

      The bodies are superb posers though, so I wouldn't worry so much about not being able to hybrid :)
    10. I've been aware of these pretties for a while; Amber especially catches my eye. I'm a bit scared off by the lack of English though:(
    11. Actually, if you email them, you can ask to speak to Jane, their English rep, and everything should be fine :) I edited the first post to include that.
    12. They speak very good english actually, once you email them. I really want a PG boy, they have lovely pictures of one on their Weibo. They must have reduced their prices too, becuase last week I inquired about them and the rep told me they are $300 blank :D
    13. They did?? Oh well that's bad news for my wallet xD I was really thinking of a WS Kirara boy, and that boy I linked earlier xD
    14. I emailed them couple days ago, no reply yet but hopefully soon. Not sure on the $300 price drop though as on their site the dolls are listed the same as are $410 on Dollstower etc. :/ hmmm I'll email to see if they can confirm since not many update of the changes of Beyours is reported

      - EDIT! -

      Emailed them asking to confirm the prices so no one will be out of the loop and asked if they wanted to pass their infomation, events, changes to their service or dolls they can email me and I will happily pass on the infomation to here and the news section of DOA
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    15. Hi guys - I got a reply! with the infomation from Beyours - I'll put this as another post as it's quite large -

      I emailed them asking about the basic info about the dolls, ect since the translation of the site is'nt the best to follow -

      {THEM ..... My note(s)}

      Hello Thanks a lot for your letter

      The agent price is 350 dollar. The price is different between China and Russia. -
      ( I think they mean Ukraine and Russia rep/dealer Dollstower)

      We give overseas customers spare parts because the shipping maybe will broke the hands of dolls.etc.

      All the dolls will be sold in a normal way( except the season limited edition )

      Each type of the doll will be sold just in 100 sets. Over 100 sets,this type of doll will not be produced any more.

      So please to take notice of the stocks. If there are only 10 sets of this doll,we will notice our agencies with mails.


      A.normal skin(all the official pics are normal skin.It's a little bit pink.)

      B.pure white (whitish)

      Body type: Double joints

      Beyours doll do not sale in separate body parts,such as heads only or bodies only.We only support full set

      2. Payment:PAYPAL (Advance payment will be necessary<font lang="ZH-CN" face="SimSun">??</font>thanks for the understanding.)

      3.The agent price is 350 dollar,so (just the head+body,delivery fee is not be included)

      Makeup from official price is 50 dollar

      4.About the International delivery fee,you could choose the delivery company which is cooperate with official. We support EMS/International large package (aviation),etc. If you choose this delivery,the discount we could give is 50% off than the other deliverys' official price.

      Or if you already have choice of your own delivery,we also can send the goods with that delivery to your place.

      5.The Delivery Times: From the date that you ordered

      A.The normal skin doll will be send after about 35 days. If we have spot goods,we will notify you in advance.

      B.The pure white skin doll will be send after about 40 days. If we have spot goods,we will notify you in advance.

      C.If you need the official makeup,the delivery time will add about 15-30 days

      6.The item include

      --doll(head+body) P.S..the girls body will have a pair of foot for high-heeled shoes
      --a pair of eye
      -- the birth card with handwriting from beyours doll sculptors.
      -- a cotton pad

      We will put more than one pair of hand and foot part in order to prevent the damage form International delivery.

      I also sent an email asking if they mark down their boxes as if you live in the UK like me our customs is a pain in the ass as they often do not notice the difference between £,$ and Yen meaning they mark and charge you wrong which you have to pay, unless you go against them and show their mistakes which can be not only time consuming and sorted if the mistake is small but if they stick to their guns but often they dont care about the evidence of their mistake-

      I got this reply -

      Hi Thanks for your letter.

      Yes,we will mark the less price for you.And you could tell us what number of price you like


      I hope this infomation is helpful for anyone that is interested in BeYours, I'll keep updating with any other infomation they give me :)
    16. Oh? Now I'm confused about the price xD I didn't get extra hands/feet but then again my girl was ordered last year... it's good though, that they're doing that now!

      Thanks so much for posting the info here :D
    17. I am too *_* lol at least the shipping can be half price now since it is very high haha, yeah the extra hands and feet are a real life saver, saves having to contact, show pictures etc, but then of course leg pieces or arms may break but it's brilliant they do this :)

      No problem at all :D
    18. If the price for an agent is 350, how much is it for retail? from what I understood from the email, Its for dealers right? Also, does the girl body include flat feet and high heel feet?
    19. Hi Guys! I agree that these dolls are amazing.
      I'm planning to buy Kirara as my Amber needs a sister.
      I'm hoping for the 300USD price down!
      Take a piece of my BY Amber: Adarna

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    20. Soo...If you order from this company , you don't have to order through those those 3rd party people who will communicate with them and etc and can just talk to the English rep? Ooor...you still have to?

      Basically, how do you order with them? Just with an email? Hmm...