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BG- tow series new 66cm girl pre-order event

Oct 14, 2011

    1. [h=1]BG- tow series new 66cm girl pre-order event[/h][h=2] [/h][h=2]NAME: Succubus[/h][h=2]Pre-time: [/h][h=2]15/October /2011 to 30/November/2011
      Pre-sale period:[/h][h=2]1, Nude Succubus prices: 449(head +body) per-order customer can choose color: white, yellow, pink, tan(+60), light gray (+60). [/h][h=2]2, Fullset Succubus: price to be determined (Pre-order born; wing; clothes; shoes and wings, enjoy 10% discount, not include other accessories).[/h][h=1]Delivery and Payment:[/h][h=2]1, Pre-paid full amount (you can choose per-order from our dealer or send email to :mybgdoll@hotmail.com).[/h][h=2]2, Will be officially on sale, following the sequencing of orders shipping (EMS), no later than the end of December 2011 received.

      Official sale: [/h][h=2]1, Nude Succubus prices: 539(head +body) just choose light gray (can’t choose other color).
      2, Fullset: price to be determined (born; wing; clothes; shoes and other accessories not discount).[h=1]Please enjoy it[FONT=&#23435]:[/FONT][/h][h=1]BG[FONT=&#23435]:[/FONT]http://www.ibgdoll.com/en/[/h][h=1]TOW[FONT=&#23435]:[/FONT]http://www.towdoll.com/OldWorld/[/h]
      [/h][h=1]If you have question please contact us : mybgdoll@hotmail.com
      Thank you very much^^~.[/h]
    2. Is layaway offered to purchase this beauty. Or is it paid in full upon ordering?
      - ShadowHawke -
    3. Are there more pictures of the doll? Or is it just those on the Succubus sale page and front page splash? Would love to see more details on the outfit, faceup, and doll body, but it seems like all the sales pages for the other dolls as well on the TOW only have the one picture at the top.