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Big, big dollies. Would you buy a 1/2 (one-half) scale doll?

Jan 23, 2007

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Possibly, but...

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    1. I've got to thinking, many BJDs are pretty big, but what if they were bigger? How about one-half scale dolls? Would you like to have a doll that's maybe 90 centimeters tall?

      I did a little bit of research and human eyes are about 4cm, human heads have a circumference of around 22in. 1/2 would be 20mm eyes and size 11 wigs, if you were sticking to realistic proportions. They're not the most common sizes, but not that hard to come by.

      As for clothing... certain kid's clothes, maybe with a bit of tailoring? Many kid's clothes actually look just like little adult clothes.

      But... would that be too big for you? Would it freak out the general public or your loved ones a little too much? ^^'

      And... phew. I wonder what they would cost...
    2. that'd kinda be getting into my uncanny divide. x.x;;

      I'd also loose my perceived advantages to dolls, (small being easy to sew for and fun to take around).

      Yeaaah having my Short SD and my Minis is just about right X 3
    3. I would love to own a doll that big, but I would probably get a bit creeped out by it. And I don't think my family would like it too much.
      Especially since there are dolls 120cm, which is only 35 or so cm shorter than me. ;__;''
      I actually think that would be more helpful for sewing, because then it could help me sew for regular human size..

      But the overall bigness of them, and the cost, I would never get one.
    4. it would depend what they look like, I have seen some big artist dolls at shows, but the ABJD would even in that size probably not fit any kids clothing due to proportions, would probably require custom clothes.
    5. My personal limit is around 45cm, I wouldn't even buy an average-height SD...so, no. ^_^ Probably a combination of cost, lack of space, strangeness, and just being way too big for my preferences.
    6. I wouldn't want one as I own some really huge artist dolls & they're very awkward to change clothes on. I won't even go into the 70cm ones. The 60cm are the perfect size for me.
    7. It would be stepping with one foot in the Valley, but I wouldn't mind, especially if it looked like a kid I could call my own ;)

      But then, that's just me. I DO think I may be creeped out by it, especially with my creative mind in the dark; nevertheless, it's interesting, and I wouldn't mind owning one, even if it were just for a while till I grew too scared of it! :lol:
    8. I wouldn't get creeped out much, but...

      D': Too heavy to carry. At all.
    9. I don't think I would...when the proportions of a doll begin to be similar to that of a child, then I find that a little creepy ^^;

      (I once saw a video of a very strange japanese man who kept this huge life sized doll (not bjd) of an anime character...he was so dedicated to her, it was rather disturbing XD; ) so I don't think I could handle having such a lifelike doll proportion-wise without worrying what other people thought, as well as dealing with my own feelings.
    10. I think the only doll I would consider, though I doubt she is 1/2 scale. though depends on the age. Would be a full size Shinku doll from Rozen Maiden. That would probably be the only one. But for a doll 1/2 scale of a real adult. It would be cool because of the detail that could go into it. But over all it would likely not get as much attention or travel to places as often as the current BJD's.
    11. If it looked good to me and I had the money then yes I would. Dolls of any size don't put me off..as long as they can fit in my house :)
    12. I think for me it would really depend on how much one would cost. Really, the future kids I have in mind are big enough. :lol:
      But if I absolutely fell in love with one then, probably.
    13. I don't think I would want one that big. It would be too hard to carry, but I like all my dolls to be a similar size so they can interact.
    14. Surething, I own life sized children, toddler, and baby dolls. Half size wouldn't be much different.
      For BJDs, I actually love the one third size, it works well for the materials weight. 1/2 BJDs would have to be more hallow inorder to stand.

    15. I'd rather not, after seeing those artist dolls from another thread. Yes, they look incredibly realistic, but for some reason they unsettle me. 1/3rd scale dolls are fine, but anything larger is not for me. I'm not even comfortable with those lifelike baby dolls that are lifesized. :shudder
    16. It would depend on what he/she looked like more than anything else. I have no specific reservations when it comes to "too big". If anything, I am less interested in dolls the smaller they are.

      If he or she was too heavy to cart around? That's where the stroller comes in!
    17. I'd LOVE a 1/2 doll, but I'd probably sculpt it myself. Plus there wouldnt be many sculpt options as NO ONE does dolls that big; there would probably only be one or two choices. UGh! And where would I find shoes!? LOL.

      But size doesn't bother me at all. The bigger the better! :D
    18. I guess I wouldn't, although I like the bigger dolls, that's not because it creeps me out in any way, it's just that they wouldn't be as cute... it's nice that they wear small clothes and shoes, part of the fun is finding things for the dolls that are tiny and in scale... I think that part of the hobby would be lost...
    19. No. Too heavy. I like to carry my dolls around. Also I'm only like 150cm tall, so 90cm wouldn't even seem like 1/2 scale to me. It would be enormous.
    20. Mm, I probably wouldn't, but I'd be interested. :)