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Big Breast, Flat, or Inbetween

Jan 4, 2010

    1. With your lady dolls do you prefer them to have a large chest or a small chest?
      I prefer larger, just because well I like the look and I believe most girl doll's chest are to small. Not saying a girl that skinny has boobs that large. I feel they tend to look like boys when you put certain kinds of clothing on them ((because boys look like the girls most of the time)) being recognized by their chest tells the person that they are a women/girl right away.
      What do you think?
      Pictures are welcome:fangirl:

      P.S to the mods
      sorry if there was a post like this , I looked and couldn't find- still getting use to the forums as it is so i wouldn't be surprised if I did miss it. :sweat
    2. Well, I like a range. But, uh... well, as you can see by my avatar I own one of the largest boobed bodies on the market and I LOVE her.
    3. Speaking for myself, the more variety the better. I have Peak's Woods small bust up to "glamorous" bust Dollmore model. Shape is more important to me than size, in any case.

      To be fair, my idea of what is large/realistic and what is not may be a little skewed as I am unusually curvy.
    4. I think it depends entirely on the character. I find myself drawn to the dolls who have more mature curves, simply because I identify most with them, but I've had dolls in the past whose character was more suited to a smaller chest. I suppose it also might depend on the age of the character--smaller busts for younger girls, generally speaking.

      But mostly the (adult) female dolls that I have owned or do own have larger busts... I also prefer ones that have wider hips and other proportions (for instance, the Unoa large bust over the Narae).
    5. I must say that I prefer my girls to have some breast rather than no breast. Of course, if the character wasn't matured to that point, then she would not have them, but for my mature girls, I like them to have breasts. I dunno why really. However, I don't think I'd want to have a girl who's chest is like "O.O Woah" simply because I don't think I could do fitted tops for her. All of my girls right now have chests and I like it that way.
    6. I like a variety, depending on the character, But generally i dont like "Barbie" proportions, ilike more natural curves, i wish there were more dolls with a little meat on their bones, so to speak.
    7. I don't have a preference really, I like both large and small bust. For me, the mold that I pick depends on the character.
      For instance, my first doll has a small bust; because she's going to be based off a pre-existing OC and that OC has a small bust.
    8. I like to see some variety; I'm currently looking for a female body to home a head that's not the same build as the other two girls I have, so I can have something different to look at.
    9. Well its depend the kind of character id like to create. I dont have a size better than another one but I have to admit that small breats is cute and pretty

      I already wanted to create a mature but very shy and cute women, not the popular type but with a very small breast and at the opposite I already wanted same kind of women with a big breast(Dollmore one)

      I dont mind if I get a doll with a breast that I didnt wanted her to have, I just need to change the body or to sand down the breast if its too much, its all depend character, but aniway when I got a complete new doll, the breast is not the first time I take a look at, if its not exactly what I had in mind I just keep it this way, im not really someone who buy a doll for the breast size^^

      I saw the body from Dollmore that Chehime own, first I hated it because I was telling myself, this is impossible, this is too much but but I was for sure impress, never knew a compagny could to that big on a breast, and some days after I realised I could have very different character if I used this kind of body. I wanted it to one of my girl that I didnt own anymore but I changed mind selling her and getting new ideas for my dolls family^^

      Its just that in some compagny the boobs are weird, like for exemple(Not bitching the compagny) but Bobobie used to have a doll called Luna, she looked like a porcelain doll, very pretty and very dolly but the body was totaly ISH, with the boobs who look like circle that you cut in the middle and just put on the body.
    10. I agree with the matured character stories. I do not believe little girl should be walking around with resin Ds hehe. I feel though a lot of SD doll girls have small breast. The D.O.T E-an I have on order has small boobs and I hope to fix it sooner or latter. Yes I can see the fitted tops being hard to find, an if you order a dress and they are to large it is a lot harder to make something bigger than smaller.
    11. Oh yes I want a chubby girl so bad ! But I do like the anime girl proportions on a doll it seems very funny to me. But it would be nice to have a larger range in body weight
    12. I echo the others in saying that the character determines the body.

      My young girls would all be flatties (think DT elf body ;) ) whilst my "older" woman-type doll would have the bustiest body from this certain company.

      One thing I do want to avoid, however, is the half-melon boobs where it looks like it's just awkwardly... stuck on. :sweat
    13. well bobobie is strange to me, their dolls tend to be very skinny and yes their boobs eh. This isn't all their dolls but a few yes- but every company has its dolls that do not look as good as others
    14. yeah when they put big boobs but make them very perky? If so yes I hate that. I wish the boobs did sag a bit more
    15. It depends, for me.
      I believe that SD girls should have natural looking breasts- to look around an A or B cup.
      They're very skinny, usually, and people that thin do not have huge breasts. Of course- there are the exceptions in real life. I am aware there are women who are small, but have larger, natural breasts. But I do not think every doll out there should appear to have implants.

      When it comes to MSDs, I think they should be flat chested. The majority of doll companies I'm familiar with have their MSDs marked as young, and many even have 'kid' or 'child' in their name, implying that they are children- prepubescent- and most likely will not have large breasts. Once again, I'm sure some little girls get them early, but this is all generally speaking.

      ...then tinies should all be flat, not question there. No toddler-like doll needs to have breasts. Ever.
    16. For myself, I ordered a large busted doll because I wanted a more womanly figure. I don't think the more modestly proportioned dolls are any less lovely, but just for myself (and my lascivious mind) I wanted a doll with foxy curves.

      As some others in this thread have mentioned, I would agree that it's unfortunate that there aren't many bodies that look generous enough for their ample bosoms, and that oftentimes the sculpt of the breasts is rather odd. I suppose it's hard to make a shape that looks good both with and without clothing-- Although I daresay Iplehouse makes a mature female figure that's tending in the right direction.
    17. I don't have a prefference, but I do think that the boobs should look right with the rest of the body. I've seen some .. ahem... well-endowed dolls with some lovely curves and it looks great! But some dolls have a huge chest and no hips to balance it out making the doll look top heavy. I do think that dolls that are decidedly juvinile with huge knockers are a little wrong.
    18. Variety and what best suits the character. If it's an adult woman, I want to see a range available.

      Sometimes small suits what I want, sometimes ginormous does, and quite bluntly, I don't just -think- there's nothing wrong with that -- I know there's nothing wrong with that. ;)
    19. I have them all but really prefer mid-sized ones. Those model dolls with the massive ta-tas are definitely not for me. The standard Luts & Unidoll bodies have the nicest breasts size-wise to me. The old large-bust Elfdolls aren't really massive so I like those too. But I love my big Narae & Peak's Wood girls with their itty-bitty ones.
    20. I guess it all depends on the body to me. I prefer them in between though. My AR Diana girl's are perfect to me, she's not as skinny as most dolls and her boobs are just normal sized. I think personally the dollmore bust (while looks good) would bug me, too hard to sew for/find clothes for.

      I just prefer them not to be tiny/pointy or large awkward melons.