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Big dolls VS Small dolls?

Dec 1, 2016

    1. Which do you prefer and why? I feel like I'd prefer in the middle dolls or small. Although I haven't gotten one yet.
    2. I did have all sizes in my Hands from Tiny till 72cm SD Dolls.
      I love them all! Every Size have their own best- and worst Points so i can't decide.
      After all I own only 2 YoSD's and 1 MSD Doll :D
    3. I prefer MSDs because I find large dolls too big for me and right now I'm not interested in the very childlike tinies.

      It all comes down to preference in my opinion. I sold my first MSD and got a tiny thinking I would like it better but I eventually went back to a mid-size girl. For me part of it is the style of clothing I like her to wear.

      My best advice is look at dolls of both size and go with the mold you like best ^_^
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    4. I really love MSD's! They seem like such a perfect size. Not so big that I feel intimidated, but not so small that I feel like I spent too much, lol. SD's are great, too, though. They're nice because more doll! But they can be a bit too big sometimes.
    5. I started out with MSD and liked the size. Then I got into SD and had been slowly getting more SD than MSD. It's up to each person which they prefer. MSD is nice size, easy to travel and handle compared to SD but SD are great for making clothes and photo shooting and they are more realistic.
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    6. In the middle is my favorite... but I definitely prefer little to big! I don't have a whole lot of space right now, I'm super short myself, and my back is always going out, so I need dolls that I have room for and that I can be sure I'll be able to lift and maneuver. A really tall guy, as much as I love to look at them, is going to be unwieldy for me, and even a small amount of weight I have to be careful of the balance of when I'm not so mobile. (I mean... I still want a few, but they'd spend a lot of time sitting on the shelf in the same clothes all the time compared to a smaller doll if I did get the big ones)

      Tiny dolls travel so well for photo opportunities or meets. Like, I love having someone who could ride in my purse sometimes.
    7. I love the teeny tiny ones best. I'm not big on young looking dolls but there's some amazing mature tinies out there, I have an asella reglisse with me and a bardo research peme on the way. Miniatures in general are just a lot of fun, and space wise you can do so much more in the way of roomboxes and props with the 1/6th and 1/8th dolls.
      Despite my preference for the wee portable ones, I think my collection will end up primarily SDs. The big ones are a bit too heavy and unwieldy for me, but I have some much loved characters I want to shell into dolls, and I can't find anything smaller than 50cm that even remotely works for any of them, so I'm going to suck it up and prioritize the characters.
      I also have one MSD, an old bimong narae, and while I adore her, I really don't feel like the msd size is quite right for me. no idea why. I really like sitting her on different shelves and playing with her, but I can't really imagine having more than one or two dolls her size...
    8. I honestly love BOTH. I really do! My tastes are strange. I must have either the large elfin 70cm bishie men, or the little teeny fairy girl sprites under 30cm. I have a collection of each kind. I don't see the conflict. The large kind are good snugglers, and the little kind are...good snugglers as well!
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    9. Right now I have a tiny, MSD, and an SD! I prefer MSDs because they're in the middle range for size. Easy enough to carry around and also to style.
    10. Size wise I prefer larger MSDs or smaller SDs, but it's hard to find sculpts I like in the sizes I like so most of my dolls have wound up as being 65cm-72cm The only exceptions are my Iplehouse Daniel(46cm), and sould doll Sharics (52 cm), who are actually the size I prefer.
    11. I definitely prefer the SD they have such presence. You can view them easily from across the room and I like the way they feel when dressing. Having said that, I do look out for smaller interesting dolls. They do have to have something unique about them to attract me.
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    12. I prefer MSDs and smaller. At this time, I have 1/4, 1/6, and 1/8 sized dolls.

      As far as why I prefer them, I have limited space, and I'm not that strong. I like to take my dolls to meets and cons, and for me, a 1/3 size is a bit much to deal with. I get tired carrying them, and they take up a lot of space when set down. I actually prefer the look of 1/3s, so it helps to limit how many dolls I buy as well, lol.

      As far as the sizes I have, the 1/4 is the easiest to sew for, and the 1/8 are the most portable. The bigger heads are easier to paint. really i like all three of the sizes I have quite a bit. 1/12 was really just too small for me, though.
    13. I started the hobby preferring MSD for the first 3 years, then switched to liking SD. Now, it depends on the character because I own and love everything from 16 to 70cm! I still mostly own SD and feel like they're a good size with lots of clothing, shoes and wig options, but YoSD and smaller is just so great for travel or hanging out on my desk or nightstand and using Barbie or Dollhouse stuff, and MSD is so easy to buy furniture and props for since they're approximately American Girl size.
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    14. I have one of each size - a tiny, an MSD, and an SD. My MSD just came home last week and I have to say: while I love each size for different reasons, middle sized dolls feel -just right- to me. I don't know what it is. Like they're big enough to have presence but also small enough so they're easy to take around without much thought... Even so, I personally love having a variety of sizes! It really makes it fun to own a doll family with diversity in shapes and sizes ^-^
    15. I like MSD because I feel like its a happy medium (lol pun). But seriously, I do enjoy them most because I feel like its a good in between size, not too big, not too small, but just right. I am super new to this though, so maybe one day I'll get an SD and change my mind, but for now I prefer MSD for sure :)
    16. MSD and smaller. I've always loved miniature things, so the smaller dolls are perfect for me. My favorite dolls growing up were all around Pukifee size.
    17. Small YOSD sized. I like MSDs too, but they are a little big for my small place now, but YOSDs will be perfect, but still bigger then the really small dolls!
    18. I started out with MSD and then when to tinies. I prefer tinies and they are my largest group. I did deviate and get a few SD so I have all sizes in my collection. I just like the tiny size better and the playability that they have. They are easier to stow and carry along and they don't take up as much space. You can resource a bunch of different places for furniture, accessories and clothing.
    19. You know what, this is so hard to answer because I feel like it's constantly changing for me.

      When I first joined the hobby, I got a 1/4 doll, and I really had such a bad time trying to handle him. He was awkward and it never just felt right. When I saw a 1/3 doll in person, it was PERFECT. After ordering my own 1/3 doll, I fell in love with the size. I tried a few more 1/4 dolls, but every single time they never felt right. It was just such a strange size for me, and I was constantly drawn to my 1/3 dolls. I figured the smaller size just wasn't for me, and I sold most of them off and focused on the bigger sizes instead.

      Then, something clicked in my brain once I saw a 1/6 doll in person. It was SO CUTE!!! I absolutely loved them! Unfortunately, it was much harder for me to find dolls in that size with an aesthetic I liked, so I only ended up with 2 (of the same sculpt!), but my interest in smaller sized dolls had been piqued. I started looking at 1/4 dolls again, and soon many were on my wishlist. I was nervous though, what it would be just like before and I never even played with them?

      Well now the tables have turned. My dolls are the ones hardly being handled nowadays and it's my smaller dolls that are getting all the love. I'm not really sure what happened, and I'm sure I'll continue to flip flop. I'm just happy I found space in my collection for all sizes :)
    20. I ordered a 1/6 doll and a 1/4 one a few weeks ago. My 1/4 just showed up yesterday (my first doll) and I was actually really surprised with just how large she is; I mean I knew her measurements when I ordered her but seeing it in person is very different. I think she's a perfect size for me though and I couldn't imagine getting a doll any bigger. That would just seem like too much doll for me to handle I think.

      I haven't gotten my 1/6 doll yet but I imagine that she'll be a perfect size for me as well~

      Space is important to me so smaller dolls are good, but I think my preference is also swayed by my aesthetic. The larger dolls just tend to look a little too realistic for my tastes.