Big Heads on Small Bodies? (Opinons/Suggestions much appreciated!)

Jul 14, 2017

    1. So...forgive me if this sounds a bit weird! I'm still very new to the hobby, and my planning for one of my next dolls is in it's early stages. I have a huge bias for small sized dolls (I only really look at 1/6 and 1/12 dolls)! I like miniature things, find them easier to store, and just generally aesthetically are drawn to them more than larger dolls. Usually, this is fine! HOWEVER!

      A doll I want to plan is going to be an elven guy. He's based on Nerevar from Morrowind, if anyone recognizes him!

      He's pretty sharp, face wise. I WOULD like to give him a smaller dolls body - because I believe it can give a cutesy 'chibi' look, even for adult characters (all my characters tend to be adults). However, shopping around - I haven't really find any tiny doll sculpts that don't look very fat-cheeked and childlike. So my next conclusion was to possibly get a head sculpt usually saved for slightly larger (and therefore more grown up) dolls - and fitting it onto a smaller doll's body.

      Is this...even possible? I don't see why not - but I've never made a hybrid before! I've seen people modifying small heads for bigger bodies, but haven't found much in terms of the other way around.

      ARE there small elf dolls out there that I'm just missing? If I do go for a larger head, what are some sculpts you guys have found that you like, etc?

      Thanks so much for your time!
    2. Some msd dolls have large heads, in fact, quite a lot of the slim ones have disproportiate heads to body, making them look a bit cartoonish. However, smaller scale could be tricky purely because it's harder to find more gaunt/angular features on anything smaller than msd (drives me INSANE omg).

      Doll Chateau and Doll Zone have really kinda small for their scale heads with really really skinny necks, so they could work on a smaller body and give a bobble headed look without too much modding (also they do a lot of really gaunt looking dolls) but it's how bobble headed you're happy to have something look.
      I mean, are we talking like Hujoo/Pullip bobble head? Or more like Monster High or Bratz?

      Anyway, it's quite possible to stick a bigger head onto a smaller body and just deal with it being topheavy and looking weird if that's hte look you're going for lol. If you find a head you want, i'd suggest asking people if they own one a similar size and see if they can stick it onto a shorter body to show you how it would look lol. Pictures are often the only way to really visualize a hybrid.

      I could put a Resinsoul msd head onto a yosd body but sadly that's about it, I don't own enough other company dolls lol.
      But I know there's people modding yosd bodies to take Makie heads which are HUGE (they're the same size as msd but on yosd bodies) and they look fine. They are quite stylised heads though.
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    3. For my taste, the amount that even an MSD-sized head is larger than a 1/6 sized head is pretty insurmountable. At that size you are talking about a "neck hole will envelope the entire neck" kind of difference. With a really cutesy head, it might be easier to accept (like a Blythe or Pullip) but with a more realistic head it looks pretty wrong in my opinion. I got a smaller MSD-ish male head (one of Batchix's guys) recently thinking I could try to kitbash it onto one of my non-BJD bodies and every one of them is too small to suit the maturity of the face, even the ones that are 13-14 inches tall. I could probably snap some photos if you wanted.

      You might try checking out the mature tinies thread. Off the top of my head, Batchix's Clever Little would suit your guy pretty well. I think Soom had 1/6 elves too.
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    4. @Glace Leau @purple_monkfish Thank you both so much!! This is already a big help in terms of thinking it through. I super appreciate it and am going to look into your suggestions!!
    5. I have no recommendations about chibi body hybrids, but for smiling masculine faces I recommend bishonen house- they have a line of dolls with characters named Steve and Nails that look close to the style you are looking for. Bishonen House
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    6. Volks has got some dolls they call Yo-midi that got a bigger head. The head's MSD-sized, on a Yo-SD body.
      Google search results for "Yo-midi":
      yo-midi - Google-Suche

      Also, the Yo-midi heads can be put on MSD bodies (or SD Cute bodies, which are probably better, since the SD Cute heads tend to be smaller). So provided you get the right kind of head and body it totally can work. Personally, I'd go for one of the smaller Mini-heads, like 6/7 sized heads rather than the 7/8 sized ones.
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    7. Personally, I think your best bet is the mature tinies thread that Glace Leau mentioned. You can pretty much guarantee you're not gonna find a traditional Yo-SD with proportions like that: more angular and whatnot. And once you start with the bobblehead look, it just...makes it look weird. I don't think you'd be able to achieve the look you want that way, eapecially since most 1/6 bodies look like children. Even if you're going for a chibi-esque look, the ~20cm difference between MSD and Yo-SD is going to be extremely hard to reconcile. But it'd be cool if you proved me wrong! I love seeing interesting hybrids. :3nodding:

      But all hope is not lost! Though I can't remember exact sculpt names, ai know I've seen some mature 1/6 guys out there. (They were probably Soom's elves? I'm not sure.) I'd definitely check out that mature tinies thread, I'm sure they'd be in there. Good luck with your search!
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    8. Lumedoll used to make mature tinies - the Lumelights. Got two of those and they're really nice! They'll also pop up on the Marketplace now and then. They're around "Barbie"-size and fit action figure clothes pretty well (you know, for the big, 12 inch action figures).
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