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BIG MOVING SALE at www.bestuwant.com

Jun 12, 2009

    1. Note: If you see an error when loading our webpage, please try again later.

      This is due to high volume of visitors which we usually experience during the promotion period.


      Dear Valued Customer,

      We are having a BIG Moving Sale from June 10th - June 17th.

      This is the biggest sale you will ever find!

      SD wigs are as low as $8.2!

      Handmade fur wigs are as low as $4.3!

      Handmade fur wigs are as low as $3.6!

      Arm Warmers are as low as US$2.1!

      Time to go shopping. Treat yourself and your beloved ones!

    2. Dear All,

      Due to high volume of visitors, many buyers reported to us that they cannot get into the website.
      Therefore, our moving sale will be extended to June 24th.
      For all orders placed after June 24th, they will be shipped after July 30th. This is because we are having renovation on our new place and will move in in July.

      Thank you very much.