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BIG NEWS: New Tanned Mono boy -Limhwa Doll Feb 14-23, loads of new pics!

Feb 14, 2008

    1. [​IMG]

      Way to go, LeeAnnB from DOA! She wanted her Limho Mono tanned,
      and Limhwa in Korea said YES.

      So our little boys are off to the tanning booth in this new ordering period.
      Boys shown are in pinky white resin, but will soon be a toasty brown!
      Please scroll down to see the tanned resin, which will be the same color his bigger brother.
      www.limhwa.com for all details
      Tanned Limho Mono discussion thread here.
      (original ordering period post follows, with many new photos)

      Limhwa has opened her latest order for the following dolls:

      Limho Mano 67cm,
      Limhwa 57 girls: Half Elf, Human, Dreaming Half Elf, and New Eva
      Limho Mono 44 cm
      Limhwa ForYou 43cm


      http://www.limhwa.com for all international orders

      The two newest dolls are the Tanned Mano and Limhwa Eva.
      Limhwa sent me two dressed dolls for exhibit at the IDEX Premiere in Orlando, Florida
      a couple weeks ago.

      So here are some pictures I took of these two lovely dolls today. First, 3 of them together, and then two sets of them alone.



      Shown: Limho Mano 67cm in tanned urethane resin; Limhwa Eva 57cm in normal beige urethane. Facepainting and styling by Limhwadoll Korea.
    2. [​IMG]



      He was nicknamed the "Rock Star" by many at IDEX.
    3. This is the new Limhwa Eva, a girl based on the Limhwa 57 body.
      This is the same body as the Half Elf and Human girls.
      She is wearing the new high heeled feet.. which I will show you.








      all Doll sculpts, facepainting, styling by Jung Ji Youn of Limhwa.
      Gold Eva dress sewn by Limhwa
      Photos taken at Dollfair in the first sun we've had in two weeks.
      Go, sun go!
    4. Catrina/Dollyholic - can we order faceplates?
    5. You can order them here. Ooops I forgot to update the date range on this page. But it's all good if you want one.

    6. Catrina, one quick q! Are the high-heeled feet default now? I think they were optional when they first came out?

    7. Oooh... I soo want one of these, but all my money is spent for the next month or so (on a sato order). I'll definitely jump on the next one.... but in the meantime I have a question.

      The detailed hands and feet are my favorite part of these dolls (the scuplts are beautiful as well... but the details in the hands are what first attracted me to them). Is there any way to order the hands separately to put on one of my hybrids? (and what about the flat feet?) And since you have some of the dolls in front of you, can you tell me if the resin color is at all close to any of the larger brands? (volks, CP, etc...)

      Sorry to be a bother, but it'd tide me over until I can save up for my own half-elf. ;)
    8. :chocoberryHello GL :chocoberry

      The high heeled feet were new in the last ordering period and are available in the optional parts page on limhwa.com

      You can get them in any of the resin flavors offered by Limhwa, including the urethanes and French resin.

      We now have two optional parts for Limhwa 57 girls: the high heeled feet and the Dreaming Half Elf facepart (not a whole head part with the back).

      I took a lot of pics of Eva barefoot because these feet are just stunning, even from the bottoms.

    9. :truffleHello DiSpy,:truffle
      Thanks for your interest!~

      I'm really not familiar with any of the other resin colors vs. the Limhwa dolls' resins. The best place to get comparisons are from the 2 threads in Large doll under either Limhwa girls or Mano. There are many knowledgeable owners there with other brands.

      Limhwa does not sell her dolls in parts, because she feels they are whole works of her art. So that is the reason why we don't offer separate bodies or open eyed heads. (Even her optional face part does not include a back part). Many of the artist studios in Asia have this philosophy.

      Best wishes and happy Valentine's Day!:fangirl:
    10. Oh man I really want a mono Limho...but I'm so tempted to hold out and see if eventually they make him in tan urethane. I love the tan. LeeAnn
    11. I've got an email in to her with your request for a tanned Mono (the 44cm boys, not to be confused with the 67cm Mano who is already offered in tanned).

      We just finished the translation to Korean today. If she okays it, we can offer it.

    12. Are there any plans for Limho Mano optional parts, such as dreaming heads, elf-heads, or even hands or feet? Thanks!

      - Enzyme ^__________^
    13. At this point, I haven't heard of what the next project is. She's now made BJD in 27, 44cm, 57cm and 67 cm sizes... so I have my suspicions what will be next. But I don't think it will be a tiny.

      Limhwa always likes to hear what the international community thinks of her dolls, and she encourages me to tell her what everyone would like. I will pass along your excellent ideas.

    14. Catrina have you heard anything back about any possibility of tan mono Limho's?
    15. I got a reply but can't read it well enough in Korean. So waiting on my translator for the official word. I THINK the answer was positive. Should have the information by tomorrow, and I will make an announcement if so.

    16. Limhwa has granted your wish, LeeAnnB!


    17. Oh goodness, I simply had to snatch up one of the lovely mono boys! I'm so excited.

      Although this may be a rather redundant question, but what is the approximate wait on orders from Limhwa?
    18. I am so thrilled Catrina!!!!!! I've wanted a guy for my smaller girls and well the mono Limho has been the one that really called my name. I'm thrilled that Limwha said YES to making a tan version of the smaller guy!! YIPPEE!!!!!! Thank you thank you Catrina and Limawha!!!
    19. The orders will go in just after the 23rd, and then it should be about 4-5 weeks, since there are no holidays in the middle of this one.

      French resin orders will probably take longer, since there is a shortage now.

      P.S. LeeAnn, you are welcome! We are really thrilled you will get just the guy you had your heart set on.
    20. My friend wanted to know if it is possible to get a girl body with a Limho head--she's in love with my boy, but only collects girls.
      Pardon me if I should have PM'd you with this question.