ReRelease Big preorder - Ciclops Mizuki - april 28

Apr 14, 2018

    1. ☆☆☆ :apresent: Hi hi hi my sweet candy :apresent:☆☆☆

      Time for sweets and treats . time for Mizu!

      Cyclops Mizuki in new super sweet colors


      mint ice cream

      candy pink

      juicy lemon


      Preorder the Ciclops Mizuki will be open - on 28th april . at 3pm local time in Paris.



      :aheartbea Preorder Period :aheartbea
      from 28th April - 2018

      prise is 260$
      also have installment on 2 or 3 or 4 times

      - hugs Villi:aheartbea
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    2. Do you have any preview of what eyes, dress, outfits, wigs and jamsuits will be available? Thank you!
    3. The eyes are already on the website for preview. The clothes will be for preview on the website on Monday!
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