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Big problems with my order? [junkyspot]

Aug 9, 2008

    1. (moderators I didn't post this in the feedback thread because its not feedback yet and I couldn't find a general discussion help for junkyspot.)

      So Ive heard good things about ordering from junkyspot, Yesterday I placed a largish order from junkyspot, I used my credit card through paypal, I printed my receipt from paypal, but I did not get a conformation e-mail, I waited a a couple hours and nothing, I e-mailed junkyspot, about it and its been a full 24 hours since and still I haven't heard anything from paypal or junkyspot... I checked my bank account my money has been taken out by paypal, I'm a little stressed because paypal(maybe junkyspot already has it) has my money, but Junkyspot wont return my e-mail....
    2. JunkySpot has a good reputation, and I myself have ordered from them successfully several times. That doesn't mean that something will never go wrong (sometimes things do happen regardless), but I wouldn't panic yet. It's only been a day since you e-mailed--I would give it a little more time. Also, in case something ever does go really awry with an order, since you're using your cc, you can always get the money back through the credit card company. It's the advantage of using a cc--they give a little extra protection. However, as I said before, I wouldn't worry just yet.
    3. I have ordered multiple times from JunkySpot, and their honesty is beyond reproach. However, at this time of year they are out to conferences (Otakon, Yaoicon, Dollectable - those are just a few) nearly every weekend and it takes Emory time to catch up.

      Thy are conscientious beyond reproach, and never overcharge for shipping; however I have never had a tracking number, and - for the record - never had a reason to need one.

      Be patient - this is someone who also has a real job, besides providing reasonably-priced dolls and supplies to half the world, it seems. Do try a second e-mail with the first attached for reference. Which reminds me, I should email them about my Christmas preorder :D
    4. Don't worry. Junkyspot's email has been a little slow due to their workload, and mainly because, they concentrate more on getting your orders shipped out as soon as possible.

      But they do answer emails. And in all likelihood, your package is probably shipped out already. :)

      Never fear about Junkyspot's services. They have one of the fastest processing/shipping time. :)
    5. hhmm ok im just a little worried I guess, ill give it a couple days:) they are based in California right? how long do they take to ship items?
    6. Yep, they are based in San Francisco, actually.

      And as for shipping items, usually, it only takes them about a day or so to process and ship out your order. Sometimes, it could take up to two to three days, due to Junkyspot going to conventions, etc, but that' still pretty fast. :)

      I just want to reassure you that you'll get your stuff sooner that you'd expect. I've ordered from them countless times. (My first doll was actually bought from Junkyspot) And never once did I have any problems with them. :)
    7. hhmm its been 2 daysish and nothing.... im being paitient Ill e-mail them again tomarrow
      I have no doubt that they are reliable, that why i ordered from them....
    8. Try to remember its been the weekend and as mentioned earlier in this thread junky spot attend conventions.
    9. Wait until it has been atleast 5 days and PM him on here.
      That's what I did,he just forgot my confirmation mail.
      It will be fine! ^_^
    10. I'd like to add they are very slow with e-mail but they are great with shipping things on time. So as others have said most likely your item has already shipped. Or if you ordered on the weekend (as was in my case) they ship the following business day.

      If you still feel like things are taking too long they do have an account on here under the company name. PM them, Emory responds faster to private messages on here.

      I sent him an e-mail about my order and it never got responded to but I PM'ed him and he responded same day. Keep in mind they get a lot of e-mails so its a lot to sort through especially with how they've been out of town a lot during this summer so are doing a lot of catch up.
    11. I have ordered twice from Junkyspot with no problems, but when I put in my second order(it was about four months ago) they had a notice up that Paypal had messed up with sending them e-mails about orders. It took them a few days to get it sqauared around. They are absolutely relaiable, so I wouldn't worry.
    12. I also wanted to add that I ordered some items from Junkyspot about a week ago. I never did receive a confirmation, but my items showed up today in Connecticut safely with no issues. I have ordered from them a few times, and I've never received anything in terms of a confirmation email, except maybe once a few months ago. I really wouldn't worry.
    13. I live in California so I wouldn't think it would take this long unless something went wrong. I placed and paid for my order early Friday morning, its now Tuesday... I have e-mailed them before when I had a question about 2 weeks ago and I got a response the next day.... I wasn't worrying but I'm starting to now..
    14. Junkyspot is wonderful to deal with. At one point not too long ago, they were having a bit of a problem with Paypal notifying them of payments made. But they were very honest about it and it all worked out okay. Perhaps they are having the same problem again?

      I hope it works out for you okay! :)
    15. In this hobby, patience is a virtue. Junkyspot has a fabulous reputation. They can't be expected to be sitting at their computer 24/7 to answer emails. If I'm not mistaken, Emory spends most weekends at cons now days, that means he isn't even home to answer you.

      Relax. Take a breath. And wait. He will get to you. It has been three days. Many people in this hobby wait three MONTHS for their dolls. He will get with you on it. He is truly wonderful to work with and I guarantee you will be pleased at how well your doll is packaged and how quickly it comes to you when it gets there.
    16. I understand the 3-month wait, I waited 4 months for my DOD shall, Junkyspot says 2-4 days, Im at the 4 day mark now) Im not new to this hobby, I understand that he's busy, I dont expect him to sit at his computer 24-7 I ordered from them because of their fast delivery time, its not only junkyspot, as I said before, I didnt even get a comformation from paypal... they took my money, but didnt give me a conformation I have e-mailed emmory a week before I placed this order, with a quicker responce, Im going to e-mail him again today and keep waiting I guess, I guess every company has its problems every now and then.
    17. was there MSC or a doll in your order? Because if so, they have to ship it by USPS ground which can take up to 5 business days. That does not include Saturday or Sunday. Usually they ship out the day after you place your order. So if you ordered on the 9th, that puts the 5th day on August 15 at the earliest. They may not ship items on the weekend, which in that case, could push your order 2 days further.

      You'll get your items, don't worry.
    18. yes there is a bobobie nissa tiny 3 wigs and a pair of eyes... I was not aware that they take longer if the order includes a doll, their website only says shipping 2-4 days, Ill give it a couple more days of patiently waiting and see, thanks guys I may pm them in a couple of days just to make sure if I haven't gotten my order yet.. :) Thanks for all the advice:doh my original problem was not the wait(as some comments may suggest) it was that paypal nor junkyspot sent a conformation order, I got one with my DOD order I just assumed it was a standard thing. :sweat Ill give it till Friday that would make it a week and see where things are:) Thanks again everyone!
    19. I ordered my doll on a Saturday and figured because it was the weekend I wouldn't really get a response. I didn't get a tracking number on Monday but did email Tuesday for confirmation etc. which I really didn't need to do because the package arrived like 15 minutes later. Don't worry...you've ordered from a company that has a really good reputation. ^^
    20. If you pm Emory about this he can check your order.
      Then again if you never got a confirmation from paypal either it makes me wonder if it was never sent for some reason.
      When I ordered my nissa it only took 2 days to get to me.
      So ye,pm him on here to find out what's going on! :)