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Big sale at Soom 09/22 -> 10/07

Sep 18, 2007

    1. Where is my message ? O_o

      So, I wrote this:
      From september 22nd to october 07th
      - 40% off: eyes and wigs
      - 30% off: clothes and some wigs

      It is a big clear O_o
    2. Soom's actual announcement:

      "Hi everyone,

      We are pleased to let you know that we will run a big Hangawee sale.

      From Sep.22nd to Sep.28, we will offer the Soom eyes, wigs and clothes at reduced price.

      You also need to complete full payment for these items within this sale period.

      And once you order these items, both refund money and exchange items are not possible.

      Our data change work for price increase will be started from 4:00 18th Sep.21th, 2007.
      And this work will be going on for about 1 hour. (16:00~17:00)

      SEP.22nd to SEP.28th, 2007

      SOOM EYES : 40% off
      * Maximum Quantity of purchase : 2 Qty per a color
      * Choose size and fill out your order 'request' with item name.

      14mm(single dome) - $26 ---->$15.6
      16mm(double dome) - $27 ---->$16.6
      18mm(double dome) - $28 ---->$17.6
      20mm(double dome) - $29 ---->$18.6

      SOOM WIGS : 30% off
      * Maximum Quantity of purchase : 2 Qty per a color

      9~10inch - $28 ---->$19.6
      6~6.5inch - $28 ---->$19.6

      Clothes : 30% off
      * Maximum Quantity of purchase : 2 Qty per a color


      Have a Great Week!


      Does anyone know whether by 2 of each "color" they mean the same product, as in I could only buy two pairs of the "Blackhole" style eyes rather than 3+ pairs, or do they mean you are limited to 2 sets of eyes and that's it...? o_O;; I'm slightly confused by the way the whole thing is set up...

      (PS, follow that link in Soom's announcement to see all the stuff that they have included for this sale, I haven't been able to see anything from just floating around the site..)
    3. You can only get two pairs of one item-for example the Blackhole eyes-, but no more than 2 in the same order.
      But you can get more than 2 pairs of eyes as long as they are not the same color.
    4. Edit: I figured out.