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BIG UPDATE: BJD Artist Workshop, Scholarship winners chosen

Aug 29, 2007

    1. Update for this event Thursday, September 13.

      1. My friend and facepainting partner, LilyKoi Designs has been ordered by her doctors to avoid MSC exposure for a couple months due to ongoing health problems.
      She has been forced to withdraw as an instructor from our event for this reason. (However, she is negotiating with them to see if she can attend and "serve coffee" LOL). I wish Nina the best for a swift recovery. She always uses appropriate safeguards with this sealant, but she says she has developed a sensitivity to the chemicals. She will return within a couple months, when she has recovered.

      2. I am pleased to announce that SDink will replace LilyKoi Designs as an instructor at our event. Cheryl is a wonderful talent, and was one of LilyKoi's choices as her replacement. We are so grateful to Cheryl for her generosity. She will be demonstrating the airbrush technique she uses, as well as allowing attendees to use her airbrush at the event to work on their dolls, with her help. What an exciting opportunity awaits everyone, so please look forward to it.
      To see the work of SDink, please go here.

      3. We have another addition to our line up. On Sunday's facepainting event, we are excited to announce Yamamuratatsuya will attend as our first "Apprentice Instructor." The Apprentice Instructor will attend in order to assist the other instructors during their presentations, provide students in the class with individual help during the classes as needed, as well as gain experience in order to be a solo instructor some day. To see Yamamuratatsuya's work on DOA, please go here.

      4. We have chosen our two scholarship winners, and when we have their permission to give out their names, we will make an announcement. One scholarship has not been claimed yet, and this is why I have not contacted any of the other applicants. An unclaimed scholarship will go to another applicant, if necessary, but we are waiting for a reply now. Thanks for your understanding. We had a lot of applications, and it was a very hard decision. If you were not picked this time, please don't think you aren't any good. There was so much amazing work, it was a difficult choice. So congratulations to everyone on your beautiful work.


      (post continues from original posting, with appropriate edits due to above changes)

      We have formed the "International Association for BJD Artists" to promote ball-jointed doll making artistry by organizing workshops and retreats for doll artists.

      The International Association for Ball Jointed Doll Artists is a newly-formed organization.

      It is sponsored as a service to support and promote independent doll artists internationally. Our group has no political statement and promotes no individual company or country associated with dollmaking.

      And that being said, we are having our first event October 12-14, 2007
      We are offering two full scholarships to both events.
      Please read to the end for more info.

      BJD Artist Workshop
      Retreat 2007
      October 12 – 14, 2007

      Olmsted Falls, Ohio

      October 12- Private Expo

      Arriving artists will convene at the workshop center in the afternoon, bringing some of their favorite project dolls to share and discuss. The workshop will be presented in a convention center with a wooden deck overlooking a spectacular autumn river scene with waterfalls. Buffet dinner served until 8pm.

      October 13

      TWIGLING from Australia
      "Making Dolls with Articulated & Poseable Ball-Joints"

      Join Therese Olsen of Australia, who will be presenting her story of making innovative TwigLimbs ball-jointed dolls, followed by a hands-on workshop for artists who’d like to learn how to make their own ball-jointed dolls. Whether you are a beginner, or an established artist wanting to learn advanced double-jointing, this will be a valuable and exciting experience.

      All day, with snacks and lunch provided
      $150 full day fee. Materials list provided, or materials available for purchase at workshop for nominal fee


      October 14

      "Customizing with Facepainting and Tattooing"- Full Day






      Apprentice Instructor:


      A full day of facepainting and tattooing technique with some of the most creative minds in the BJD world. Each artist will present a style from start to finish in a two hour block. Students can follow along with their own blank dolls, or purchase inexpensive vinyl practice heads. After each session, continue your project with the artist mentor, or move to work on the next project.

      All day, with snacks and lunch provided
      $150 full day fee
      Materials list provided if you wish to purchase supplies ahead of the event, or we will have supplies available at the event for purchase at a nominal cost.
      Please bring your own blank resin head or heads for practice, or you can purchase vinyl practice heads at the event for $20 each.
      Basic Information:
      Our mission with this private event is to allow artists to learn from each other, gain peer support, and further their creativity in a supportive and beautiful setting.

      Registration- please go to www.bjdartists.com
      We have only ten slots left for both days. Please email us with your info, and we will contact you by September 5 to let you know if you are registered.
      We will give preference to those who register for both days, due to the difficulty of balancing attendance between the two days.
      Scholarship Information

      We will be selecting two winners for full scholarships (to cover both Saturday and Sunday workshops).

      Criteria for selection:

      1. You must be free to attend both Saturday, October 13- Sunday October 14 events.

      2. Please send us a selection of your work by email or mail. Emailed and mailed entries must be received by September 10, 2007. Winners will be selected and announced on September 12, 2007.

      3. Scholarships are not transferrable.

      4. Judges' decisions are final. We hope to offer more future events, with scholarships.
      If you absolutely must attend, we urge you to make a normal paid registration.

      To enter the scholarship competition:

      1. Please send us samples of your best work in either .JPG, .GIF or TIFF formats to:

      Note: we will not use your samples for any other reason other than for judging the competition. We will not exhibit them or display them for any reason. The designs and images will remain your property. We cannot return any printed materials you send or be responsible for master copies of prints.

      Also include the following information:
      Your name:

      Your DOA nick:

      Tell us about your BJD art, and why you would like this opportunity:

      Please confirm you can attend on these dates:

      To send your application by mail, please send the above info along with printed examples of your work. Please do not send samples of actual dolls or sculptures. Photos will be fine.
      But please remember we still need these by September 10.

      BJD Artists Association
      c/o Dollfair International
      8072 Columbia Road
      Olmsted Falls, Ohio 44138

      No Exceptions: Minors from out of state, or out of the USA (under age eighteen) must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian. Minors from state of Ohio may be dropped off by parent or legal guardian with a signed permit.

      Let us know if you have questions and we will try our best to answer.
    2. Just announced:

      Donn from BishonenHouse will be a special guest for all three days.

      Welcome Donn! He promises to bring several of his dolls for everyone to see. Donn, remember to bring your camera. The waterfalls are right next to the workshop area, and are very popular with local photographers for photo shoots. I think we're going to get some spectacular doll shots if the weather holds up.

    3. Will this be held yearly? I'd love to go but I already have a retreat I'm going to in october.
    4. The IDEX Premiere show in Orlando, Florida contacted us, and we have arranged with them to do two workshops during that event in January 2008. We will have an abbreviated version of the facepainting and dollmaking workshops... so there will be one artist doing a facepainting demo and instruction (one style only) and then the sculpting workshop will be done by another artist, who will concentrate on one element of dollmaking. To see the home page of IDEX Premiere, please go here.

      We'd like to hold yearly or perhaps twice-yearly workshop retreats here in Ohio, and when we have the first one I will see what everyone would like. As you know, there are not many BJD events in the midwest-northeastern USA, so we feel that it's overdue we had some events up here. Our location is very easy to get to, close to a major hub airport (Cleveland Hopkins) and the room rates are low. At some point we may coordinate this with a convention for collectors. But due to the small size of my staff, I'm only able to handle a small private event like this for the time being. And as everyone knows, sometimes bigger is not better : - )

      Thanks to all for their interest...:aheartbea
    5. Second special guest:

      Armeleia from DOA will be attending all three days' events. She hopes to bring some projects she has been working on to share. We look forward to meeting her and seeing her dolls!

      See you soon, Armeleia!

    6. Bumpie for news from Twigling, who is visiting her homeland of Norway now.

      She met with DOA's Skumring in Oslo, and they had a photo session for her Twiglimbs.. and we got this lovely photo of Twigling with the Twiglimbs doll. (photo by the talented Skumring.see first post)

      We will have a little gallery on the web site www.bjdartists.com for the instructor-artists who will be teaching at the event. You can see more photos from Twigling and Skumring here. Thanks Skumring for getting us these great photos of Therese and her work! Tusen takk far alt!

      We are still taking registration emails and applications for scholarships. Please don't forget the deadlines.

      Over and out.
    7. Our registration emails went out today to those who wanted to register for the events.
      Please watch your email for the registration links from us.

      Scholarship applicants have a few more days to get their photos, emails or snail mails in to us.

      Our event is full! Thanks to so many people for their interest in coming. We will also be auctioning a limited edition doll on Ebay in the next couple weeks to help pay for the event.
    8. News:

      We are pleased to announce our third special guest, Diep of Fancy Boots, creator of "Liebchen." Diep will join us and bring her new girl, a 58-60cm prototype she still has in clay. In true Fancy Boots style, this prototype already has some amazing clothing ready to go! Welcome Diep, we all look forward to meeting you and "Clay Head."

      Our registration is full for both days. Thank you to everyone for your overwhelming support.

      We will be notifying our scholarship winners tomorrow, and will make an announcement after their acceptance. We will also notify those who didn't win. The entries were really amazing and inspiring.

      Thanks to everyone. We are less than 5 weeks away from an amazing weekend for artists.
    9. Bump for news:

      Welcome aboard ship to SDink and Yamamuratatsuya.

      See you soon, guys.
    10. Congratulations to our scholarship winners for this first event.
      Congratulations as well to all the participants, who sent in such amazing entries. The choice was very difficult.

      They have accepted their scholarships and will be with us all weekend.


      Batchix from Cali
      See her work here
      Batchix does sculpting, painting, and is also well-known for her clothing creations.
      Here is the new Batchix project, "Robot girl" She will be bringing her to the event.


      LadySaiyuki from Florida
      See her work here
      LadySaiyuki is a formally trained artist, who sculpts and paints BJD's.

      Here is the latest LadySaiyuki project, "Ted"... here shown dressed as a girl.

    11. Oops, miscommunication somewhere....the new doll is only partly worked on, so she's nowhere near finished.... There wouldn't be any clothes until she's finished, which will be awhile. But I'm happy to come to the dinner and coffee and meet everyone! It seems like you have a fun event put together.
    12. Oh Diep you are too modest!!

      Please bring your prototype. There will be many prototypes there, which are still "in the works."