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Biggest and Best Resin Poser?

Jun 16, 2017

    1. It took me quite a while to finally realize that large resin BJDs just weren't for me (I seem to do alright with my 1/6). I struggled to pose them, and they often just sat in place. But during that time I did learn that I LOVED the Obitsu's posing and articulation. It solved all of my problems, and without hot-glue sueding or restringing/tightening (which I had attempted to no avail). The only problem is that there are only so many sizes of Obitsu/Dollfie Dream bodies.

      I still find myself drawn to the really big, 60cm+ resin bodies. So my question is; what has been your BIGGEST and BEST poser? Could they stand on their own? Did you have to suede or wire their body?

      Side notes:
      I'm aware that Obitsu makes a 60cm body and even a 150cm doll. And that Granado has a new male vinyl 66.5cm body! All three are totally on my wishlist! XD
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    2. Some of my best:

      -LoongSoul 58cm girl- no sueding/restring needed
      -Doll Leaves old 60cm boy- got him secondhand and needed restringing. I sueded him, but it might not have been necessary.
      -Impldoll old Star and Model boy bodies, old Star girl body. Star needed nothing, Model needed a minor hip mod for full sitting.
      -DikaDoll 73cm 3part torso boy body- No sueding or restring needed, but he has locking joints that take some playing around to learn to use to full potential.
      -Spiritdoll Elegance boy- He really could use sueding/restringing, but I like how he's sort of floppy and just falls into position.
      -Luts Senior Delf (any)- nothing extra needed
    3. I have 2 DikaDoll 73cm boys - they are about my best 70cm posers. I also like LoongSoul - I've a 62cm & 68cm girl - they both pose really well. Dollzone does pretty well with their SD bodies. Impldoll, well, the old girl bodies = awful. I just got a new one (Abigail) & she poses much better. My WORST posers are Dollmore - I've a Nayuta Kenzo & a Lisa Rubik - just floppy as #$%@% I've restrung the Lisa Rubik, but she's still terrible.
    4. I have a Ringdoll boy who is very, very solid. He pretty much stands wherever you plonk him. In fact, Iker is the only doll I leave standing for any length of time because he doesn't fall.

      Worst end is the mirodoll bodies. Clicky, floppy and weird. They don't really stand at all, despite sueding. However, they were a quarter of the cost of the ringdoll one so you get what you pay for!
    5. Both the 02 and 03 Ringdoll Bodies I have are great, the Dollstown 18 male body is wonderful when strung correctly. The akagidoll 72 male body is also great. In have an IOS 80cm body and its okay but needs sueding and some tighter strings.
      But for me, the most wonderful body I have ever had is the new Soom Idealian ID75 body. It is so absolutely beautiful and not only does it pose well, but it just naturally makes these really aesthetically pleasing poses, and then stays in them. It is engineered beautifully and I think all of the problems ive.heard with the other soom bodies have been accounted for and fixed in this body.
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    6. I only have a Mirodoll lili currently so i cant really help you as much but through time i can make her stand on her own without hot glue or soldering the parts!!
    7. Ringdoll RGM03 is my biggest good poser. He's 72cm and bulky and I've gotten him to do a few poses I didn't think BJDs could even do without a lot of work. I've never restrung him, he's not wired or sueded (they come with silicone installed tho so that's not really true). I just got the smaller 04 body and I haven't had time to play with it yet (stupid work, getting in the way of doll time) but I bet it's just as good.

      I also have a Dollshe Hound and Pure body I think pose well. The Pure has better joints so I actually switched their legs, so my Hound body is a champion stander now and he can work those legs into all sorts of weird contortions.

      As far as standing goes, almost all of my current bigger guys stand on their own, including my Iplehouse EID (not the older one, he's new. The old one I had could literally do nothing). I can't work my Miro 68 body well enough to get him to stand, nor my Dollstown 17yr (those knees omg), and sometimes my DS Pure with the Hound legs has issues, but on a stand they do fine. I don't even let my good standers stand on their own if I'm not hovering because you really never know....but they can.
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    8. Trouble is the bigger they get, the more their own weight hauls on them and makes them fall over. My best big posers are my Granado boys, the old 65cm body and the Nuevo 68cm body. My Dollstown18 male body is huge, and poses well but not unsupported. I have two Iplehouse EIDs and they are pretty but they can't pose worth a darn.
    9. The bigger Granado boys are great posers. For a couple of more obscure sculpts, the Dragondoll uncle 72cm male body, and the Idoll Studio 61cm girl body.
    10. EIDs? Gorgeous sculpts... absolutely beautiful... But they couldn't pose their way out of a wet paper bag.

      Dollshe's Pure bods? They're functional, but not exactly acrobatic posers. Mine has "rabbit arms" issues.

      Spiritdoll Herculean bods also do pretty well... certainly better than EIDs... But aren't the most flexible guys in the world.

      Fairyland's F65 guys are pretty good posers, but can be very fiddly to balance properly. Likewise Soom's SuperGems.

      Volks SD17s are also pretty decent posers over-all. Mine are rock-solid standers in particular. (I don't have an SDGou, so I don't know how they compare, unfortunately.)

      Granado's Embody bod is almost as gorgeous as an EID and much easier to pose, though... again... not the most flexible guys out there. Mass matters and they're heavy.

      The best poser among the "big guys" that I have is actually my Doll Chateau Dolores. (He's on the A-03 body with the "half-jointed" hands and feet, and the extra wrist and ankle pieces-) You have to keep a very close eye on that bod's elastic tension, because if it isn't absolutely PERFECT they turn into a squirmy mess, the "lanky scarecrow" look isn't everyone's cup of tea, and there's a pretty steep learning curve when you first start tinkering with them... But once you figure out their quirks and get a feel for how the body balances, you can get some remarkably graceful and surprisingly natural poses out of them.
    11. I only have 1 doll that's above 60cm right now. I have a Volks SD-17 Commodore Williams, who is 65cm. Like @Brightfires mentioned, he's a rock-solid stander and is pretty good at posing in general. He can stand up without support and I don't worry about him falling over. His elbows are slightly wonky and misbehave at times, but I blame the KIPS more than the doll itself. They like to migrate around and sometimes even slide INTO the joints. I never have any issues with his shoulder KIPS though.

      If you don't know, KIPS is Volks' official answer to sueding. It's just a little silicon disc that they put between the joints.
    12. My Dollshe Arsene, I suppose. But ironically, when I was taking comparison photos of him with my Iplehouse guys, he's the only one who lost his balance. Maybe he was intimidated. :lol:
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    13. Biggest with the best posing?

      I'm impressed with my new Soom Megagem. He fits Iplehouse EID clothes, is about the size of an Impldoll Star, but weighs no more than the YID/SID lines. His joints are precise with no sueding, and his shoulders actually click into place at multiple points. Knees are single-jointed but tight, and sit beautifully.

      I second the Doll Leaves 60cm. Not the biggest, but a great bang for your buck. And very sturdy. My Noir went through the apocalypse and back with only light yellowing to show for it.

      Angelsdoll 70cm are similar to Dollshe Pure, but much better posers. Just suede the lower stomach joint, and they put the 18m line to shame.

      Magical Angel bodies can pull off some fantastic poses too.
    14. My best posers are Doll Leaves 70cm (actually quite short at 67cm) - poses really well and stood like a rock out of the box.
      And also my old Dollzone 70cm body. That one is incredibly floppy when you pick him up and his limbs flail around all over the place. And then you stick him on the ground and he just stays there in whatever pose you put him in. It's just dressing and undressing that Dollzone body that is a total pain because he keeps seeming to develop extra arms and legs! XD

      My worst poser is Doll Legend 70cm. He has very limited movement compared to the others I have and even with sueding he can't hold poses well or stand safely.
    15. I have found my RingDoll 03 to be surprisingly good at posing and a lot of fun! He is a wonderful smooth resin and I've neither had to suede him or restring him- very nice balance. Impldoll 1st Gen Idol males are very, very good posers but BIG and heavy. Still, for their size especially, WOW! My Granado 64cm (out of production now) is very good. Impldoll old Starman and Starwoman bodies (you can still order these on the Optional page- 63/64cm) are amazing posers as are the model line (56/58cm) Vinyl dolls like Obitsu and I guess the new Granado vindoll would be very good but I can say no more on them...

      And I am very anxious to see how well the Granado Titan poses! I have found the bigger they are, the easier it is for their own weight to work against them, so knees buckle easily. (My HID boy is awful. My DT18 boy needs wiring in the knees. So frustrating!) And another big guy who poses very well and is much fun to play with, the Angelsdoll Evan at 73cm.

      For discount dolls, and for all the flack people give them. Mirodoll boys actually pose quite well and stand for days and days IF (and only if) you restring them with 5mm string in the body, 4mm in the arms, and suede them. Then, they are rock solid!