Biggest BJD a company makes

Jan 1, 2018

    1. Is there other than one offs a doll bigger than 70 cm?
    2. I know dollmore sells much bigger dolls. They're trinity dolls are pretty huge.
    3. There's one company that sells a BJD im full scale, looks like a manikin. I don't know if it has been discontinued and I certainly don't remember which company it was, but it was pretty expensive.
    4. Spiritdoll makes bigger ones, the Dolce line. And Conarium Doll makes 120cm girls
    5. There are 1/2 bjds that are child size! I follow a doll collector on tumblr and they has two: Wanda-chan by Neo-Fukuoka and Autumn Leaves by Dust Witch.
    6. Magical Angel sold a 1:1 scale doll (although I don't know if anyone bought one). They have since gone out of business.
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    7. One YouTuber bought her, but she wasn't very happy with the doll. Unfortunately it seemed to have too many issues.
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    8. There’s also Angel of Dream, 90cm male.
    9. Lee-el made 90cm boys when they were in business.
      Immortality of Soul makes 80cm boys, I have one and it's quite nice~
    10. I watched that a while ago. I love bigger dolls but that is way too big.
    11. I love bigger dolls too!! For me the bigger the better haha XD That doll really is big, but you know if she were really beautifully sculpted and detailed, I think I'd have liked her more.
    12. What is the name/brand of the doll or the UN of the Youtuber? I'm intrigued!
    13. Here's the link to her video ^_^
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    14. Mskittyblue
      She has quite a few big dolls
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    15. The Magical Angel Iris bjd is 5 feet, 10 inches tall.
      That might be too big for some of us. I'm concerned the stringing method of jointing wouldn't hold up at that size.
    16. Too bad Magical Angel doesn't seem to exist anymore... :/
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    17. I love big dolls too, so I'm totally going to watch this. So far my big dolls are just in vinyl.

      Oh gosh that Magical Angel doll is taller than me! Hmm new personal rule, the doll can't be bigger than me! :ablink: