Biggest Surprise

Oct 15, 2020

    1. I had just received my second doll in the mail, and was unboxing him when I noticed something. His package was missing. In finishing unboxing I discovered a little bag with...interchangable parts. I was not expecting that. I went back to his listing page, and found nothing to indicate that would be the case. Same with other dolls from the same brand. Baffling.
      I have since received another from a different brand with similar customization options, so it was less startling the second time around, but now I'm curious. What's been your biggest surprise, good or bad, when you first met a new doll?

      *also if someone could tell me how common this feature is, I'd appreciate it. It's driving me nuts trying to figure it out.*
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    2. My very first new doll, straight from the company finally came, and he had a face up and eyes and cat ears! I had only been expecting the free pair of eyes. I was so delighted. I don't have that boy anymore but that sculpt will always hold a special place in my heart for making my day all that time ago.
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    3. I ordered a Dollshe Classic Bermann a couple of years ago and when he arrived I had the same shock. I had seen so many older Dollshe that had normal sculpted on parts that I was not expecting a jointed part! I was so embarrassed but I also couldn’t stop laughing I had to send photos to my friends! It’s kinda nice to be able to remove it though as it makes dressing him a bit easier.
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    4. I have ordered my lovely Dollzone Violeta-2 Halloween Edition. I felt in love with this beautiful face-up full of pink and blue. Finally, I received her. I opened and see her face with... a grey and red face-up. Ô_o I was very surprised, it was not the same as the pictures. But I really love her the way she is. And I can't sell it at all. ^^
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    5. I got my Soom Noellia in the "Coffee Black" resin color and was expecting her to be a super dark brown, as the color name implies. I received her and she's the color of grape juice. :aeyepop: I've come to like her as she is, but that was not what I was expecting. Similarly when my "Light Violet" Juchy arrived, she was light blue with a faint tint of violet. A very pretty color, but I was a little surprised.
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    6. At Volks NYC Dolpa #4, I won a one-off doll. Even though I put in for several one offs, I was not expecting this and struggled not to fall on the way to receiving her. (Someone else had this issue with their one-off) I brought her to the table and was admiring her when a table mate said it looked like a different doll than the one named. A few minutes later a staff member appeared, explaining I was given the wrong doll by mistake. We swapped for my rightful doll

      Even though I brought just one home, I like to think of it as winning two one-offs in the same Dolpa.
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    7. My biggest surprise was probably when I ordered a DF-H big baby body and when I opened the box it had come with free jointed hands! I know DF-H has free jointed hands promotions frequently, but I had not ordered during an event and it didn't indicate anywhere in the listing that it would come with free jointed hands- I had actually been considering buying them, but passed up on it because they were too expensive.

      They ended up being my favorite pair of jointed hands, too. Big baby size jointed hands seem really rare, but I think the thick & short fingers make for extremely cooperative jointed hands. :3nodding:
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    8. Dollshe, doll family H, telesthesia, loongsoul, and I think a couple other companies do this! Doll chateau, ringdoll and someone else I think also have them jointed.
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    9. My biggest surprise was with my Dragon Doll Cheng ages ago. His feet were flat on the bottom! Like not sculpted at all, like an action figure! His faceup was also nothing like the picture. I sold him pretty fast.
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    10. My biggest surprise was when I bought a Volks Eddie on Y!A more or less by accident. His auction was ending in 30 or so minutes and he was still really, REALLY cheap (think 50 bucks or so and yes, he's legit, headplate matches and he's got all the right markings/stamps in his body parts), so I bid on him and, to my surprise, won him. That's not the surprise I'm talking of, though. The surprise I'm talking of is how much prettier his custom face-up is in person than on the photos and how much I like him even though I don't actually really like the Eddie sculpt. He's SO cute, I never expected that!
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    11. One time I bought a doll body secondhand and the seller sent an extra body along as a bonus :ablink: I was very surprised and confused, lol. I ended up buying a head for it and giving it to my friend.
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    12. I ordered a DollZone Stramonium fullset, got a DollZone Tulip fullset instead. Both were a Dollzone doll that shared the same fairy like body, just 2 different heads/sculpts. So both ladies were a unique line from DollZone, I guess that's how they messed up?

      Because of this, I got the Stramonium head and fullset items send after and got to keep the Tulip head and fullset items <3
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    13. I was really surprised how much of a solid and comforting *chonk* some dolls are and I really love that! I have a few lightweight dolls and and more delicate sizes and weights for their height but my Volks SD10 girl was a delightfully weighty surprise with a very big head too. ‘Absolute unit’ seems a bit rude for the poor girl but’s fitting. :lol:
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    14. He was a telesthesia. My second boy with this feature was from Spiritdoll.
    15. Happiest surprise unboxing two secondhand hand SDs was getting a second set of poseable hands!

      Another incredible story of why I love this community is when I ordered eyes from someone on etsy and they refunded me half of the order that was already 70% off because they found a defect in one of the eyes and also included an extra set of eyes and a Keychain for the inconvenience.
    16. When I ordered my Ellrin Holimion from B&G Doll he came dressed in the cutest little bathrobe. None of my previous dolls ever had a bathrobe or anything and it was just the most adorable thing ever.
    17. I bought a noble dolls raspberry second hand and I had only seen pictures of her face at the time. This is so dumb but I literally did not know she was going to be so ✨ t h i c c ✨ and it truly caught me off guard cause I didn’t know that they made doll bodies like that lmfao but I love her and her curvaceous figure a lot! Especially since we have the same lower half ^^;
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    18. After years and years and years of progressively more BJDish ABS dolls, I finally took the plunge and got a Doll Legend Lu Ling for Cherry. She arrived a couple of weeks ago.

      My first surprise was that smell. The moment I took the lid off the box, the scent of freshly-cast resin rose up and gave me a big sloppy wet kiss hello. Not unpleasant, but definitely unexpected. It dissipated very quickly, but I was all "..."

      Then I picked up the doll, and I realized how heavy polyurethane is compared to ABS. She's also more solid than an injection-molded doll. I'm suddenly glad I prefer MSDs. An SD or bigger would be pretty hefty to cart around.

      Then there are the joints. No matter the similarities to my old dolls, elastic-strung ball joints are a lot more limber than those held by pegs. This is both good and bad. Cherry is so tightly strung she has a tendency to jackknife when I'm trying to stand her up straight, and her arms have limited holding ability. On the other hand, she poses beautifully, with a grace I never expected.

      I could go on and on, but this is long enough and you get the general idea. There are so many things I never expected from a resin doll, and I have no regrets for having finally taken the plunge. ♥️
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    19. My first doll was from Iplehouse back then before their new models were released. My Louis came in a doll bag! Usually you have to buy one separately. They gave me magnets and string. I don’t know if a lot of companies do this but comparing to my later purchases, I haven’t seen anything like that. Iplehouse really took care of you back then. Good company.
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