Bimong Dandelion Hybrid

Feb 21, 2017

    1. Hello, Friends!
      I was curious what kind of hybrids have been done with the 60cm bimong dandelion head? I'm wondering if I could do a Merrydollround Komorebei body with this beautiful head...any thoughts?
    2. my friend has her Dandelion head on a Dollstown Elf body, which is about the same height as the MDR Komorebi body, so height-wise it shouldn't end up looking awkward! these two bodies do have a different neck circumference though, with the dollstown neck being 7.8cm and the MDR neck being 9cm. maybe that will cause some trouble.
    3. Thank you so much! Good point. I'll look into the Dollstown Elf body. Cheers!
    4. I have a Dandelion head on a Feeple60 Moe body from Fairyland, but it required some modification. The Elf body from Dollstown seems to be the one that works best for this particular hybrid, it just didn't work for what I wanted my doll's body to look like.
    5. That sounds beautiful! I think I'll just wait until I get my hands on her and decide from there! Thank you!!!!
    6. Does anybody know if Dollzone pink skin and Bimong resin would make a good match? I have the new 6.5inch Dandelion head on the way, but my dollzone body is back home in Canada (and belongs to a different doll). I know that dollzone hybrids well with souldoll, and souldoll hybrids well with bimong, but I have no idea if dollzone+bimong would be a good match.

      I see a dollzone body up for grabs in the marketplace and I want to pounce on it because they are so hard to come by, but I have no clue if it'll be a good match...