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Bimong's beautiful story--NEW NARIN FIREFLY NOW AVAILABLE

Jun 1, 2009

    1. [​IMG]

      Hi everybody....

      We're pleased to announce a stunning new tiny doll creation by Narin Creative artist Bimong.

      She's called "Narin Flrefly."

      Here is her story from artist Bimong of Narin Creative:

      Hello, this is Bimong.
      In making of Firefly, I wanted to stress the tiny and lovely impressions.
      I tried to create a palm-sized 2-3 year-old-looking child doll with innocent facial expression.

      She is the youngest and smallest doll I have ever designed.

      Firefly, the tiny insect, emits mysterious and mystical light.

      These days, many of us who live in cities hardly ever come across this mystical insect.

      Looking back on old times, I once was walking on a rural passage, full of cosmos flowers on both sides. Evening dusk was gathering on and soon stars started to show up in the sky. Suddenly I began to see fireflies lighting up their bodies one by one. When countless numbers of fireflies light up their bodies and fly in the air in slow motion, such scene was unspeakably beautiful. Even after many years have gone by, I still remember the mystical atmosphere created by the beautiful lights of fireflies.

      While looking back on my life's memories, the very tiny creature, yet innocent and its existence so bold- this inspired me to create the new girl doll and name her “Firefly”. In our busy city lives, if there is small happiness we can think of, it would be to look back on our old times and get absorbed in beautiful memories of our childhood.

      I wish you beauty and happiness,


      She's 18 cm..just over 7 inches... available in four resin colors:
      snow white, pinky white, golden beige, and tanning resin.
      The resin will be UV protected French resin.
      You can order her blank (default) with wig, eyes, and the lace dress.. or add custom facepainting for an additional fee.

      Like everything Bimong does, her jointing, finishing and balance are superb. She's about age 2-3 :fangirl: Firefly's prototype came to IDEX in Orlando this year, and she got many happy squeals. We're so glad she's ready to join your doll family now.


      whoa, peek inside her headcap~~



      Price is $250 US including shipping to your location.

      Now available from Dollfair International, at www.dollfair.com

      Ordering starts immediately, and here is a discussion thread for her in the Tiny section.

      More tomorrow.... thanks for peeking at Firefly!

      Ok.. one more pic before we go..
    2. what's bout her measures? :)
    3. She's lovely! :aheartbea

      Will she be available in matte resin sometime in the future?
    4. Measurements for Firefly
      Height: 7 1/4 inches tall, about 18 cm
      Foot: 1 1/8 inches long, 2.75 cm
      Wig: just over 4 1/2 inches (size 4/5)
      Hips: 5 inches, 12.75 cm
      Bust: 4 1/8 inches, 10.25cm
      Eyes: approximately 8mm

      (from Dollfair website)
    5. Adding Bimong's story about the creation of Firefly.

      Thank you very much for everyone's lovely emails about her.

    6. Thanks to the tiny-doll expert Spampy, we have her suggestions for clothing for Firefly:
      The closest doll in size seems to be the Lati Yellow Special. (There may be others) LYS is actually a bit taller, but Firefly is a little pudgy in the derriere. Bisou AI is similar as well, but a bit thinner.

      We appreciate your know-how! :fangirl:
      p.s. I'm a little pudgy in the derriere, too." :chocoheart:whitetruffle:chocoheart