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Bishonen House 3 new dolls - Ian, Nori and Tyler

Feb 20, 2008

    1. They deserve their own thread. I have fallen hard for Nori and I need him!:aheartbea

      Here's the newsthread.
      3 new guys from Bishonenhouse
      There are all drop dead gorgeous! Thank you donn for remarkable work!:aheartbea
    2. I've seen Bishonen dolls in person and they are spectacular!
    3. they truly are amazing.. I saw one that was purchased at IDEX at my local doll store.. the owner purchased him for herself as her first BJD.. I really think these are amazing works of art.. all are gorgeous, but loving those lips on Nori
    4. Donn rocks! What a great trio of new dolls.
    5. i love them but i think i do not have to open the news thread anymore. Or i will end living on the street with dolls.
    6. I have the MAD HOTS for Ian. Are they the same size as his other dolls (which i think were 76cm) or are they shorter?
    7. I love Nori! SO handsome - and he looks liek a real man!
    8. I think they are 70cm
    9. Oh, now thats definitely more exciting! :D
    10. Hehe, I want IAN! I want to snuggle him lol, he looks like a real guy and is just incredible!
    11. I'm rather fond of Ian, myself.
    12. Yeah, Ian is really making me go :drool :3nodding:
    13. I like Ian and Nori. Tyler have his own very strong character and story I think I couldn't change it as I want him to be
    14. They are all exquisite looking... and I know if you have to ask...you can't afford it, but ... HOW MUCH will one of these darlings set me back? I am waiting on my income tax check and may just jump for one of them. WOW...
      definitely voted Hunk of the Month in my book. - Thankx -

      - ShadowHawke -
    15. Wow! They look awesome, espaccially Ian. How much are they going to cost? They are reallistic looking. Cool!
    16. Trust me, you can just get a bigger house, these guys deserve their own room LOL. I too have seen Donn's work in person, and it is truly amazing and beautiful. Kind of like Michelangelo meets Superman. In the comic book way, not the existential one.
      Personally I pick Batchelor #2, Nori. He is beautiful.
    17. These gentleman are above and beyond foxy. Wow. I can't pick a particular favourite they are all handsome, but Tyler...good lord. ^^
    18. Anyone know how much they'll be?
    19. Stella Maris i'm trying to repeat mantra that I don't want another doll but my inner "me" speak is a bit louder than I do. And she saying I'm not gonna find such a perfect guy in a real world so.... my poor wallet... he doesn't know still that he'll be thinner soon
    20. :lol: SO Funny!!! ~ me too!!! I do not need to spend any more $$$ on dolls ~ but they are so hard to resist. And these 3 men are amazingly realistic.