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Bishonen House Limited Edition Store Exclusive

Apr 14, 2009

    1. Because I'm relatively new here I'm not sure about the etiquette of posting in the News section of Den Of Angels, but since I've not seen any other mention of this I thought I'd do my bit as far as participating and sharing news goes. The Philadelphia doll store Happily Ever After....
      ....are getting a Bishonen House exclusive, a Limited Edition (of 10), of Donn Kinney's newest sculpt Logan, in tanned skin, wearing an outfit by Dreux Priore. I will now try to post a link to an image, sorry if this doesn't work....

      ....oooh, it did, I'm not as hopeless as I thought I was!
    2. Do you know when pictures of the outfit and closeups of the face will be available?

      Also, any idea if he can wear other company clothes such as SD17?
    3. Apparently a picture of the outfit will be available within the next week, and using my newly found photo posting skills, below should be a close-up of his face....


      ....as for being able to wear SD17 clothes I'm really not sure, maybe someone here who already has a Bishonen House doll would be able to answer that. I should have really pointed out in my first message that in no way am I affiliated with either Happily Ever After or Bishonen House....but I am getting one of these magnificent specimens.
    4. The Bishonen House Chest is too wide to wear SD17 clothing. I usually make my own and make it for other people. His arms are also longer (everything on those BH dolls are proprtionate) You might have luck with the Ipplehouse Superhero size? I think those might fit. I haven't tried myself. And I know he can wear Mecha Angel shoes.
    5. Do you know if the dolls will be in store? I am 20 minutes from happily, but I didn't realize they carried BJDs.
    6. You can contact Ed or Glenn at Happily via email
      Gosh I don't know if they have one in their store at present or if they will.
      I live nearby also and am thrilled to see they will have Bishonen House specials. As far as other BJDs - the only ones they appear to have are Goodreau.
    7. ....Do you know if the dolls will be in store? I am 20 minutes from happily, but I didn't realize they carried BJDs....

      As far as I know Ed and Glenn, of Happily Ever After, met Donn at Idex in Florida, and were so impressed with the Bishonen House guys they asked for a store exclusive. I think there's to be an official launch at the store, sometime in June, with Donn, and possibly Dreux Priore, present; apparently more than half are already sold on pre-order, so I don't know if they'll have stock there that it'll be possible to purchase.
    8. I recieved HEAs notice on 4-16 that says the following:

      "Tanned Logan exclusive for HEA
      by Bishonen House. Limited Edition of 10 is HALF SOLD!!
      HE will come with clothing (still being designed) and he has a removeable face plate for changing of expressions (additional face plates will be made available in June). 27" od wonder."
      I believe they might have 7 sold by now - don't know for sure.

      Also I heard from Donn:
      "Im working on a summer release for them at the moment and I plan on making a visit to their (HEA) store sometime in June." This appears to refer to the Tan Logan listed on HEAs website.

      Boy that will keep Donn busy since he creates them all himself from what I hear. If anyone discovers that HEA actually has a Logan to look at give us a yell please.
    9. My buddy ordered one and they called to let her know that he will not be in hand until June. =)
    10. This is a picture of the outfit created by Dreux Priore for Happily Ever After's Bishonen House LE. Apparently the boys are all sold out on pre-order, but according to the HEA newsletter we can expect further collaborations between Bishonen House and them, the first to be unveiled this August.[​IMG]
    11. Wow, according to the most recent info from HEA, the special tan Logan 10 piece edition is sold out. HEA just emailed me their newsletter with photos of Dreux's outfit for this Logan. See ForNeverKrystals photo above. The outfit consists of white slacks, white tank top with large logo that says "surf or shut up", pale blue and white stripe button down shirt, belt and necklace of rope and wood beads. A total surfer dude - and absolutely fantastic. They also state that additional tan faceplates in 2 molds will be sold separately in June. And to top that off, there may be more limited editions from the partnership of Donn, Dreux and HEA announced in August. Lucky us.