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Update Bishonen House News - Special Auction and New Doll

Feb 23, 2010

    1. Donn at BH sent out a newsletter and I didn't see it here yet so I'm just copying and pasting what Donn sent :)


      Hi Everyone,

      I know Its been forever since I sent out my last newsletter but I suppose late is better than never.

      My general newsletter subscriber list has topped over two thousand and has become unwieldy for me to deal with using my current primitive (very primitive) system for sending out newsletters.
      Because of this I will no longer be sending out a general newsletter, Instead i will be replacing my general newsletter with the Bishonen House fan page on Facebook.


      If you are a facebook member please feel free to join, Aside from being a source of the latest BH news and information on new doll releases, shows and auctions there is a special fan gallery for everyone to upload and share photos of their very own BH dolls.

      Even thought i will no longer send out my general newsletter I will still send out my special owners newsletter to everyone receiving this.

      As some of you know over the past two years Ive been slowly building "piece by piece" a larger studio space to work in, since i left the city Ive been doing all of my doll work out of a 10x10 room and believe me when you are making dolls as large as mine 10x10 gets crowded very fast. :-)
      With spring on the way I'm determined to get my larger workshop space under roof before next winter so from now until early summer I will be periodically posting a new doll and costume set on EBay to hopefully raise some extra money to add into my lumber fund.
      Sooo tonight on EBay Dreux has posted an auction for a complete Ian set (a doll and a very cool costume). The auction will start at $700 ($100 less than my standard Ian which does not come with a costume) So if any of you are interested or know anyone who may be interested please be sure to pass on the information,
      The auction will go on for seven days and will end next Monday night, March 1st!


      And last but not least, In mid April I will be releasing my next super limited edition doll through the Happily Ever After doll shop in Philladelphia (link)
      The new limited doll is a vampire version of Dean who was the first doll I made available back in 07 using my 2.0 body sculpt. He will come with a complete (extremely detailed) costume by Dreux Priore and two faceplates, one calm and one evil.

      For the full set he is $1500
      I will be making no more than 5 of him


      Please feel free to pass on any of the above news to anyone you know who may be interested!

      As always if anyone has any questions please feel free to email me at bishonenhouse@yahoo.com or you can post any comments you have on the Bishonen House Facebook wall,...
      If any of you are receiving this and would no longer like to be on my mailing list please let me know..

      take care everyone,