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BishonenHouse discussion thread

Aug 29, 2005

    1. Has anyone been to bishonenhouse.com yet? Although his store won't be open for business until late Sept he has photos of two of his boys posted, along with a bio, ect.

      As far as I know Donn is the only person making BJD's in the US. He is an accomplished artist, among other things, and has won many different types of awards.

      I emailed him with some questions and he very generously answered me. Here are the facts that he told me:

      His dolls are male. He will have 'natural' and 'white' avaliable in any doll. He hopes to produce a darker tan color soon but apparently this is very tricky when working with resin. He puts a UV protecter in his resin (don't know any details.)

      He will offer 4 head sculps, two of which can be viewed on his website now.

      The dolls will come with 'standard' hands (relaxed), but he will offer alternate 'flat' hands and 'weapon holding' hands. There's also a opitional 'hip sculpt' but I'm not exactly sure what that is.

      All dolls come with two sets of feet. One bare foot and one that's a 'sock foot' (no toes or anything but it fits super dollie, ect, shoes.) If you use the 'bare foot' it's a little longer and narrows the shoe selection.

      The hands and feet can be changed without unstringing the doll. Apparently they're attached with S hooks. I don't have my BJD yet so I don't understand these things!

      Included are a random pair of eyes from Masterpiece. Excelecent quality.

      Clothes, wigs, ect will be for sale on his site.

      I THINK he'll be doing limited addations types where you can buy the doll complete with specially made outfite, wig, faceup, ect. NOT SURE ABOUT THIS.

      He sands the seams off, strings the doll and will do a faceup for an extra $25.00. I don't know if he'll offer body blushing or not.

      Now the the comparison! I have my eye on Hound, now I'm undecided. Of the two face sculpts currently shown, I like the goth boy better. The body will will be same on all dolls. If you haven't seen it yet, wow! He's tall and lean like Hound, but a couple of inches taller. His torso is one peice, Hounds is two. Hound's body has a little more detail, such as ribcage and shoulder blades, but Bishonen is beefed up and more muscled. He has broader shoulders and is more mature looking. Even the, ah, shall we say, parts? The legs seem to me to be about the same. Hound legs seem to have a little more shape, but Bishonen has a real butt!

      When I asked Donn to compare Bishonen to Hound he was very honest. This is what he told me. Hound is double jointed, his doll is single jointed. Double joints make a doll more posable, they have a greater range of motion, however it also makes them more unstable on their feet. Double joints are not especially attractive. They show more.
      Single joints are posable but restrictive in motion. They are more hidden and more attractive. His dolls do not need to be wired or sueded to stand or hold a pose. (Unless they're holding a heavy sword, then you need to suede the wrist). I don't know if they have trouble sitting upright, or kicking problems or any of the other things that people complain about.

      Bishonens without clothing will start at $650.00.

      So, now I'm in a delimia! I now have to decide!! Guess I'll wait until Sept and then make up my mind!
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    2. go to the artists bjd's section of this forum you will see how popular they are here ^-^
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    3. Oh, sorry! Guess I let my excitement get the best of me!
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    4. Hound actually has a three-piece torso--I know, my Hound has his torso and legs all apart while I suede him. One joint in his lower ribcage and one about at the top of the pelvic girdle.

      Donn's dolls are lovely, too, though.

      You'll have to decide for yourself which you adore more.

      Ann in CT
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    5. You're right. I forgot the seperate hip part. I'm guess I'm to new to be commenting on things. Guess I'll wait until I get my doll to say anything else!
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    6. Good heavens, don't neccessarily wait.

      You weren't rude or anything like that, just a bit confused *_* by all the dolls out there.

      Even if you concentrate on the super-tall dolls, there's so much to learn at first.

      Please don't feel too shy to comment. :chibi

      Ann in CT
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    7. If anyone wants a doll that's circumcised, I see these qualify. ^^ Asian BJDs usually are not, because it's not a typical Asian cultural practice.

      (Since I like my dudes "uncut", I wonder if Donn will do that as an option at some point? :p)
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    8. Well, that's one question I didn't ask! I'm only now learning that some are and some aren't.
      I think you're right. Made in US probably are, made in Asia probably not. Although I have a Japanese friend and she says it's about half and half in Japan, with real men I mean!
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    9. I believe the optional "hip sculpt" is the gray one shown on the site, as it says, used to fit in tighter pants. I think that means, since the reg. hip sculpt has such large man-bits, the alternate sculpt is made without such bits. :oops: Therefore, better fit.

      This is just my take on it, anyway.
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    10. Yes, I think you're right. I've looked at those photos a dozen times and I never notcied.
      The alternate hip sulpt looks like it's missing the 'part' completely.
      I can't wait to see his shop when it's finished. I want to see the face molds!
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    11. Excuse me if I'm bringing up a subject thorougly dealt with, but I haven't been able to read much of DOA lately. I hope there will be a flood of replies!

      Donn is opening his Bishonen Shop on the 15th. Has anyone ordered him? I can't afford him yet, but am going to put a deposit on him and Donn has graciously agreed to reserve one for me!

      Is anyone going to make clothes for him? Donn has a great designer for clothing, but I think he'll be really busy. I'm going to always be short of cash, getting clothes for my Roark (Hound) and now for Tomas, my Bishonen to be!

      Bishonen lovers, please respond!
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    12. Im not gonna buy one... as hot as he is - not really my style... but I do plan on making some clothing for him for Donn. :D And if all goes well, and he approves XD I may sell em~
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    13. As beautiful as they are, I probably won't get one. I'm a fan of the sculpt... I'm just not a fan of dolls that large. The dolls are gorgeous... :oops: I just wish Donn had some 60cm, or smaller, dolls. :grin:
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    14. I know there's one person on the forum who already has one, she picked him up at Otakon . . .

      I've seen them in person, they're just spellbinding!!


      Lysandra (58cm) looks so petite next to that long-legged fellow!!

      -- Andi :D
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    15. ooo... love that Dante cosplay.

      <random> I want a bishounen house tshirt XD </random>
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    16. That doll on the far right, with the tag around his neck.... I think he's the best one. I want one for myself!!!
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    17. Me too, me too! I second that! I want that one on the right with the 'Bishonen House' shirt on! :wink:
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    18. *nod nods and agrees* I just -love- his face-sculpt! :lol:
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    19. lol i gotta agree with that one.
      Quite a lovely doll indeed.
      anyway... *blush*

      i saw those dolls at otakon. i fell madly in love with the dante and i just may order one at some point. i do love the face sculpts. Which doll got picked up? i didnt know he was selling them there.
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    20. I have one. I will be making cloths when i have the time. :) they are fricken HUGE> so much love though. he model is Donn. I believe. That's what I say. I have a donn, like and el or lishe etc.
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