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Bishonenhouse LOGAN

Mar 20, 2009

      wasn't sure if I should create a new thread since there is this one, but anyway:
      OMG Logan is soooo smexy! I love that grin, Very HANDSOME. Urgghh, he's so rugged, He is the first manly doll I've ever wanted and like with stubble! Very handsome Donn!
    2. Ya Logan did it for me too. He's so ruggedly handsome with the smirk and squinty eyes. No mistaking him for a girl. He is so COOL that he doesn't even realize it. Well, I'm taking the plunge - gonna bring one home.
    3. Yes, I had to join the Logan fan club too..Donn's work is getting better and better!
    4. There will be a special Logan sold through Happily Ever After. Can't wait to see what he's like.
    5. My buddy just ordered the limited tan Logan. What a super hottie! 8D Anybody know if he could wear SD17 or EID clothes?
    6. I think EID clothing would be a better feet. I have a BH and an EID, but haven't bothered with clothing for the BH for the most part. But as far as shoulder width they are similuar, but the BH has a small waist.
    7. I'm feeling pretty lucky to have picked up one of the last Nori's available. I own a leather design company and my incredible artists are uniquely qualified to create some amazing leather wear for my new boy. However, we won't be able to produce anything for at least 6 weeks. In the meantime, I need to clothe this beautiful boy who will arrive next week. Can anyone help me by letting me know what size jeans, shirts and shoes I should order to make sure he's not sitting around naked for 6 weeks?
    8. SD17 will be too small. EID *may* be a possibility, I just ordered some from Iple so we'll see when they arrive. However, you're best off just getting his clothes made custom.
    9. Any idea on shoes?
    10. Cant wait to see your Logan tropicofcapricorn:D :D Aunesty_Lie, cant wait to see your friends Logan either!
    11. EID clothing does fit and is actually a little baggy on my Bishonen House Ver. 2.0! I got some EID boots too, to see if they'd fit on the BH toe feet. They do but the legs part is very roomy. Might be better off buying shoes no higher than the ankle for our BH boys.

      So maybe they are really big through the leg on the EID boys, too, in order to accomodate the bulk of the pants inside the boot.
    12. Found high top sneakers on ebay
      They fit perfectly on his "real" feet, are cheap, but nicely made and shipped right quick!

      Thanks ladyiolanth! I'll check your link!
    13. I hope there is a Logan for me I can't get him out of my mind. I couldn't help it I emailed Donn now keeping my fingers crossed
    14. Hi! I'm reviving this because a.) Logan is so hot and b.) could he fit IH SID clothes? I know Bishi boys can fit EID somewhat baggy, but could they fit SID which is still beefy, but a little bit shorter and less thick?
    15. I hope some BH owners are still out there. About how long does it take to get a doll from the time you order? Does Donn ever do any kind of payment terms like layaway? Thanks!
    16. Dreux of Egg Angel said that Bishonen House and Egg Angel's joint project, Vampire Dean, should be shipping this month. It's a very limited item being sold thru Happily Ever After in Philadelphia. It's kinda pricey, but it's a package that includes Dean, two face plates (normal guy and vampire), and an Egg Angel costume with boots! I'm not sure if the store sold out on preorders--I'd give them a try if you like Dean, and see if you can strike a deal with them. They're www.happily.com
      If Dean doesn't strike your fancy, you might want to contact Donn himself thru the Bishonen House website or its Facebook page. He could give you an idea of what's available..
    17. What's available is on the site -- Dean is sold out -- but he doesn't post anything else ... like payment options and delivery times on the regualr ltd editions. I'm actually only interested in either Logan or Nori. I've emailed him, but the wait's killing me. :) So I was hoping someone on DOA knew.
    18. Azha Nei it took 2 months from start to the delivery day. Donn started making my Logan just after my payment, and it took him a month to make a doll.
    19. Thanks for all the info. I've finally bitten the bullet and reserved a Logan. Woot!
    20. So this is easily found in the right spot. I has MEASUREMENTS! Had to get them from Dreux at Egg Angel, hence inseam (like a tailor would think) instead of the exterior leg length. Poor Donn only had head and feet. And height. :) Guess he just sculpted on proportions. Also, Dreux has been gathering a list of other places that have clothes that fit BH males. He plans to one day post them. I've asked for them for the sake of hunting down clothes, so when I get some I'll post them here. Donn's said tops for 70cm dolls are worth trying. Some fit, some don't. Others mentioned Iple House's EID clothes, and given the chest measurement it makes sense. With the measurements at least it won't be so much blind guessing anymore.

      Height: 27" (68.58cm exactly, or 69cm)
      Head: 9"
      Eyes: 11 mm, possibly fit 12-13 mm
      neck 6 1/4" (16cm)
      chest 14 1/4" (36.2cm)
      arm 10" (25.5cm)
      biceps 5" (12.7cm)
      waist 11" (28cm)
      hip 13.2" (33.5cm)
      inseam 13" (33cm)
      thighs 7" (17.8cm)
      feet, basic: 10cm long, 3.8cm wide, 3cm thick at instep
      feet, sock: 8.5cm long (fits SD13 size shoes)