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Bishonenhouse news

Apr 24, 2007

    1. HI I hope Donn doesn't mind me spreading the news I found in the latest news letter *Sweatdrop* Direct copy paste from the news letter below:

      Discussion thread here
    2. Thanks Haneino :-)

      I dont mind the newsletter re-post at all

      As some of you may know this year at my doll-making panel at Anime North I unveiled a few peeks of my newest doll. For those that did not get to attend here is a brief first look at him. (please feel free to share or re-post these photos if you'd like) and please remember he is still in the prototype stage and his upper body parts are the only ones in a semi-final finished state, the rest of his body in in the process of being jointed and i wont have full body pics untill near the end of July. As always there will be some refinements before i make my final master molds


      As you can see unlike my last doll sculpt that was extremely stylized he will be for the most part proportionally and anatomically accurate. Most BJD's are stylized to some extent and after sculpting a very stylized doll I thought it would be a nice to experiment with a very realistic sculpt and also at the same time a more mature and masculine male sculpt.


      He will be released in limited numbers of 10 twice a year (the fall and late spring). As with my current (and now discontinued) sculpt every doll will be handmade by myself and signed and numbered.


      He will feature double jointed arms for greater poseability, a separate upper thigh ball joint to allow him to sit cross legged, A jointed torso for added poseability and lighter weight, locking lower legs to make standing more stable, he will also feature a magnetic faceplate system allowing the swapping of different facesulpts with ease, I will also be offering expression variants for each head sculpt, example,... sleeping, sad, angry, smiling, etc.. If you happen to own one of my previous doll sculpts "while stylistically different" many of the parts will be compatible with the new sculpt, heads, hands, etc. he will be approximately 29 inches tall, (a few inches shorter than my previous sculpt) he will use 10mm eyes (possibly 11mm),...... (his height specs may change slightly)


      His price will be $875 (plus shipping) this includes the seam removal, blushing, a random "natural color" pair of eyes and a default faceup, custom faceups and eye colors will cost extra... (if you'd like a non blushed/faceup doll he will be $800)
      If you already are the owner of a bishonenhouse doll you will get $125 off the price of the new doll sculpt.

      I have begun to take pre-orders and as of now only 8 are left, If you are interested in reserving him he will be $350 down and the rest when he ships (sometime in early November)

      For those attending Otakon I'm going to do everything i can to finish a completed working sample of him for display/demonstration... This is going to make me a very busy boy for the next month so more than likely you wont see too many updates until after July. I'll do my best to post at least a couple progress pics before then and as always please feel free to email me any questions you may have about him.

      Here is the discussion thread link as posted by Haneino-------->Link

      Take Care,
    3. That is one nice wig!

      Will you be selling things like eyes and wigs at Otakon?
    4. Here are the first full body pics of my new doll, Hes still at the prototype stage but is about 95% finished, I still need to refine a few of his joints and smooth out some rough spots, I'm also going to take down his veins a bit.

      He is being released as a limited edition of 10 In late October early November. I may release a different version of him next year in late spring as another limited but i havent decided on that yet. 6 out of the 10 are already sold, so if you love em send me an email :-)

      He is $875 plus shipping cost (this includes eyes, default faceup all seams removed and full body blushing), $350 down when you reserve him and the remainder when he ships

      For anyone interested i am still taking custom comissions, but only with the new body, my first body sculpt is no longer available.

      His legs lock in standing and kneeling positions making posing much easier.
      He is 28inches tall and uses 11mm eyes (possibly 10 and 12mm as well)



      His upper body is jointed to allow extra movement


      His head now uses a magnetic face plate system. (the magnets are embedded right under the surface of the resin so there is no chance of them popping out) When he shipps this fall i will be offering several different expression faceplates for this headsculpt and i plan on offering even more in the future.


      Extra jointing in the upper thigh allows him to sit with legs crossed and double jointing of the elbows allows for extremely poseable arms (no suedeing or wiring was used in any of these photos)



      He also sits easily on flat surfaces without falling back or needing to lean forward (its difficult to tell in the photo but hes not leaning against the wall)


      Sorry for the delay in posting full body pics but after otakon i took a bit of a vacation :sweat

    5. What about old headmolds? I have already heard that those will be (or have already got) discontinued. I have tried to ask this from Bishounen house owner but havent got answer and it has been over month since then :?
    6. ~*Hi Donn*~!
      Will we be able to buy the wig he's wearing in the pictures?
    7. A doll update,

      Theres only one of him left,.. 9 of the 10 limited editions of the above doll are already sold and im booked up on custom doll orders until February, Im going to be so busy between now and then i will not be taking any more comissions untill late February/early March.

      I will still answer questions about commissions that you are interested in placing, I just wont be taking any new orders until early spring of next year.

      For any questions please Email me through my site for a much quicker response.

      I'm very very happy to see the new doll is turning out to be more popular than i had expected,
      I will be offering two completely new limiteds next year one in the spring and one in the fall but more than likely i wont have pics or info on them until late this winter.

      thanks everyone for the orders and for the kind emails :)

      Hi Akito,

      Im really sorry its taken me so long to get back to you (i thought i emailed you, but apparently in the "wackyness" after Otakon i didn't)

      My old head-sculpts and body-sculpts are no longer for sale, The only dolls i will be making from now on are with the new head/faceplate system and the new body.

      Again I'm sorry for the long delay.

      Unfortunately i wont be selling wigs like the one hes wearing, the wig he has on is actually a wig i got from Luts about 3 years back, it was just a boring medium length wig when i bought it but over the years i've trimmed and razor cut it into what it is now, everyone seems to like that wig :-) i wish i would have bought more of them, lol.

      Take care and sorry for the long delay in posting, Im so busy making dolls that i unfortunately will only rarely be on here over the next several months, as always for fastest response send ordering/ possible commission questions to me through my site

    8. Hi Everyone,

      As always I'm a bit behind on a news-update but Ive been really busy working on getting my limited edition out and working on all sorts of fun new stuff. For those who don't know my LE is sold out, I plan on my next release being in late spring/summer 08

      My doll release is a running about a week behind, At the last min. I redesigned some of the jointing to make his posing more stable, his hip joint now has an inner core to keep it from popping out of line and the tops of the thighs were modified so that the ball joint is more stable, these modifications have no effect on the way he looks, just on the way he poses. I'm happy to say he poses even better now,.. :^)

      This November be sure to pick up the Dec/Jan issue of Doll Reader, there will be an article on my work in that issue including some interesting information about the sculpting process involved in creating my latest doll.

      Three of his expression sculpts are now complete! I'm not sure if these will be ready when the LE ships but they will at least be ready for sale by the first of December. The first 3 sculpts are Angry/Disgusted, Sad, and Sleeping. They will be $85usd each (this price does not include makeup)








      I'm still working on pinning down a shoe size for him, there are so many sizes of shoes for larger dolls now available that its proving difficult to settle on one, In the meantime Ive began to sculpt optional foot sculpts that look like different common shoe-styles, here's a completed slip-on styled shoe/foot sculpt. The ones shown in the image below are painted black but they will come unpainted in white resin.


      Exciting things are also happening in the clothing department here at the Bishonen House, Dreux the designer and sewer of all my dolls clothing has opened up a website of his own EggAngel.com Before my limited ships in November he will have pre-made clothes up for sale he is currently taking commission for custom clothing for anyone interested. Either way drop by his page, send him an email and say hey.
      I'm also excited to say there will also be an additional designer making clothing for my dolls, R. Reynolds, So hopefully when he ships there will be a nice selection of clothing styles and something for everyone.

      Last but not least, this past weekend i was invited to an international doll artist retreat in northern Ohio, while there i met many incredible artists and wonderful people. I took a little time away from the classes and took a couple of photos that you may enjoy. The clothing in the photos was designed and fabricated by Dreux Priore and if your interested in that outfit let him know, He'd be glad to recreate it for you.



      I probably wont be posting anything new until my LE ships in Mid November so until then....

      If you have any comments please feel free to post them in the BH discussion thread here----> link

      Take care everyone, and as always if you have any questions please feel free to email me through my website.