BJD Accessories On The Cheap

Feb 20, 2018

    1. So I found an eBay shop that makes really great doll accessories for a pretty decent (fairly cheap) side and I wanted to share off some photos and my experience with them!
      They are overseas so shipping can take some weeks, which I personally don't mind at all! They aren't a specific doll company as they sell many other things but I have ordered underwear, stockings, socks, hairbands, a small purse, and shoes from them and I have been happy both times with my orders!
      They even ship their items in darling little baggies! I find them very professional and the items have fit my dolls wonderfully! The shoes have been a tiny bit big but it isn't noticeable when the doll is standing (I have only purchased 1/4 and two 1/3 items so please be cautious on the other sizes as I haven't tried them!)
      Their seller name is: dealsgoing on eBay
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    2. Either you bought everything they had to sell for bjds or I'm doing something wrong, but I looked through all the things this seller has for sale and I haven't found any of the pictured items xd
    3. Very cute bjd undies
    4. Now, in ebay products are from china, they have cheap price.
      But please beware their quality, some product is not look like photo.
      And sometimes seller didn't sent product :(
    5. Well this is embarrassing. Try this link instead ? dealsgoing on eBay
      I found all my stuff there :/
      I went and did a search inside their store for bjd and all the stuff came up

      Oh yes this can happen for sure, I have been shopping eBay since 2008 and so I know this tends to happen when you buy from overseas so I wanted to share this positive experience as I have done two different orders with them and both good products have arrived!

      I love them! Tiny bjd undies are too cute for words !
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    6. Thank you! But wow, this shop has a more than 102000 items, need a time to find something!
    7. You can search within their shop for bjd items :)
      And you're welcome !