BJD advanced customization cloth

Oct 9, 2017

    1. Hey, I am new in BJD. After seeing numerous of clothes, I am kinda of wonder what advanced customization cloth you see?I mean advanced cloths are hard to afford, and I just want to share some info and get ideas of how "advanced" it can be.

      Here is some of the really fancy Chinese artists I know,

      Hydehim - really fancy lace and work, also very expensive and quantity limited....

      SWW - unique design and alway OFF... my friend told me that SWW's acution went crazy on JPY( or JYP didn't really remember sorry
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    2. Oh those are lovely! :love That first lace dress is gorgeous.

      Usually when I think advanced techniques and high fashion with BJDs, I think Popovy. Their website seems to be down for the moment, but there are a few examples on their instagram: here, here, and here. I don't know if it's a blessing or a curse that they only create outfits for their own dolls lol. While not as flashy, I also really like Freedom Teller. All of their clothes look like things you could find in a real person's closet, not "just doll clothes".
    3. Yes!! I especailly love her lace cloths work, there is a set called "forgotten time," its really breath taking!!

      Thank you for the recommendations! Those are lovely sets! I really like freedom teller's boy outfit and suit!!
    4. OOoh, I love the really detailed complex outfits. You should see what AntiqueLilac and some other more costume focused forum members have made.
    5. That first dress is gorgeous!
      The late lamented SODA used to make wonderful mini couture.
    6. Ufff the doll's clothes are always expensive, I see a outfit wich cost 1000 dollars? Goodness,is not so complicated but it was really expensive.
    7. I really love MBLilacs renaissance/fantasy outfits: Galleries
    8. To me, perfectly detailed and in-scale MSD jeans are what I covet the most! They're just incredible. I also love Raouken's corsets - she is simply amazing. She shared the pattern for free and although I sew, I think I'm years away from even attempting to make one!
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