BJD and UV-Lamps (Terrarium)?

Jan 14, 2021

    1. Hello, ^^

      I have a few hobbies, two of them are BJDs and my geckos.
      I'm currently considering to move both into one room. Before doing so I try to get some information about UV-lamps and resin. I am aware that natural UV yellows resin, but artifical UV isn't the same.

      Does anyone have infos/experiences with that? ^^'
    2. UVA/B lamps tend to be very strong, I can't imagine long term exposure being good for resin!

      If your setup allows for it, would you be able to position things so that the dolls aren't in the light directly (or at all) or are as far away as possible? I used to stick some paper to the sides of my glass terrarium (on the outside, I mean) before I upgraded to a bigger wooden one. Though I only did that to stop my bluey trying to rub his snout because glass is confusing lol.
    3. Do you keep your dolls in any kind of case? There’s a special treatment for glass and a special stick on material for glass that blocks some of the harmful effects of light. They use it in art preservation and for display insect specimens. Not sure if it would work for bjds but it might be worth looking into!
    4. Oh thats very cool! Didn't knew such a thing existed. I will look it up! <3
      Right now Gladys is just sitting on a little board. So sadly no case :/
    5. Use an anti-UV film. I have it on my windows and it's pretty cheap on Amazon.

      Unless the light is directly on your doll, I wouldn't worry too much about it.
    6. Glass generally blocks majority of UV. That's why it's useless to use UV lamps above glass terrariums (chameleon keeper there). :lol: So I think if they're in some sort of glass cabinet and not exactly next to the terrarium, it should be fine. As someone above stated, I would consider the UV blocking stickers for extra safety. I think they might make the glass a bit darker.
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    7. Just wanted to wave as I'm a fellow crazy lizard lady.

      My doll generally "lives" in a different room, but I often take her downstairs with me and since the vivarium is on the other side of the room, I do not worry too much about it (especially since she's usually sat on the sofa, with it's back acting as a divider. Trying to convince my gecko not to climb on her when he's out and about is a different story altogether...
    8. Hi,
      thank you all for your answers! :3
      I'll look those stickers up, but I'm happy I don't have to panic that much.

      @Morri_P. What lizards do you have? :3
    9. A leopard gecko called Blue and a vivarium set up and waiting for a beardie I'm getting as soon as we come out of full lockdown.
    10. Aw leos are so cute! I have a cat eyed gecko, 2 giant day geckos and 6 mourning geckos. My little zoo! xD
    11. Awwww. That's a lot of geckos! I just have one, but he's an insane-sprinter-kamikaze-lizard-of-doom :D
    12. Oh what a dangerous predator! xD
      My little red cat eyed gecko goes very well with my Gladys. Shes such a patient gecko. ,_,