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BJD appearances on YouTube?

Jun 25, 2006

    1. I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place but I just noticed in Lolita23q's PV
      Kohakutou no Shojou theres a Dolfie.... at least I'm pretty sure it's a dolfie. I'm not posotive of the mold but it looks like a Megu. Can anyone confirm??
      And are there any other PV's you know about with BJD's in them?
    2. heres the link to the video for other people who want to see


      but yeah..it does look like a megu...she shows up a lot in the video..wow...i was just expecting like...a random flash of her or something in the background..Pretty neat~
    3. Definitely four sisters head.

      Well I was thinking the other day that Gazette's Taion PV had some doll-inspired content, but not necessarily BJD.
    4. Yeppers its a Four sisters doll :) and is it just me or does his costume and his eyes resemble Sousui Seki?
    5. There is also an art doll in Malice Mizer's Gardenia PV. It was made by a famous artist, but I can't remember their name.

    6. http://koitsukihime.cool.ne.jp/

      They have a picture of the cover of Gardenia single under work=>media. So I think It's him/her/them, but I can't read Japanese, so I don't know what it says.
    7. In Shoujo Lolita 23Ku's PV..Yeah, there's a BJD. :D I thought it was cool.

      In Gazette/the GazettE's PV Taion there's BJD influence...*loves Gazette*
    8. Forgive me if I sound stupid, but is a PV the same as a music video?
    9. Yep, PV stands for Promotional Video.
    10. The doll with Kisaki belongs to a user on this forum - his name is Kaitou and he belongs to KisakiSama. :3
    11. Ah, cute video! Thanks for the link.

      There's a BJD in this video by Lolita23q as well. A 4 sisters/megu, methinks.
    12. It's Kira New Make Up if I don't miss my guess :)
    13. I totally failed at paying attention to this thread. I think I saw some BJD influence in some Naitomea PV but I'm not sure. >.<;
    14. Naitomea PV? Do you recall what band it was?
    15. Well, it's not exactly the same, but ... Nana Kitade, in her video for Kesenai Tsumi, she does this whole doll bit. The video starts out with her as just a head and then this machine picks her eyes, etc. By the end of the video she's a real girl. xD You can see it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Q6b_2w34Ls
    16. *peeks in* Yeah, it was my El that Kisaki had. He absolutely loved it, and ended up having it sit on stage with him for the Saturday concert at Oni-con in Houston. ^^; I've sent him pictures since and he put one in Cure. He loved it, though - he actually wanted to take it XD; But yeah. Cure did a small special on BJDs (well, they referred to them all as super dollfies) in America.. they took a photo of a group of j-rock oriented dolls that were there.

    17. the vido has been deleted!!!!:o