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BJD apps?

Sep 8, 2009

    1. I'd like to know what people would think of a BJD themed app for the iPhone, and what people think it would be like.
    2. Hmmm, well I can't really think of a BJD purpose that could utilize and app...

      Maybe a savings/fund counter?
    3. or a database of every single brand and model =D
    4. Maybe a size database and known clothing that fit different dolls... More than once I've seen an outfit in a store and wondered/couldn't remember if others knew it to fit certain dolls.
    5. i'd use an eye/wig chart....or one that would detail what matches certain resin heads and bodies.

      and for fun, i'd like a 'virtual doll' that i could customize like my own dolls, and be able take places that i couldn't take my dolls, like work.
    6. I don't think BJDs particularly lend themselves to iPhone apps. If I'm going to put something on my phone it has to be something I'm going to want on a regular basis when not near a computer. There is absolutely nothing BJD-related that can't wait until I'm near a computer again.
    7. I don't have an iPhone - but I found a shopping list program for my windows mobile phone. So I used it to list down online doll stores and what I want to buy/buy from them.
    8. I'd go for a BJD Facebook app, but since I don't have an IPhone I wouldn't be interested in a BJD IPhone app.
    9. agreed. people who don't have iphones wouldn't really care for them, but i think it would be cool if they did exist. a BJD database app would be useful, especially if you were out away from the computer and needed measurements to refer to if you were buying dolls clothes but had forgotten to bring them with you.
    10. I don't have the iphone but I have the ipod touch so basically the same thing. As for apps? Maybe something like:

      1. A database that has all of the dolls faces (clear pictures!) that lists the mold name, company and price.
      2. Adding to the above, a list of companys that make close to fit that particular doll (and wigs etc)
      3. or maybe something random like Lol cats but with bjds? XD
    11. I agree, a database would be a neat little too however, since anytime I need to refer to different brands and such (usually while online shopping) I'm already at a computer.

      Now a facebook ap, kind of like Dogbook or Catbook for BDJ would be fantastic amounts of fun!
    12. I wouldn't mind having something similar to our own news thread here to keep up with new releases and restocks etc.
    13. An app that lets you enter the information. I have made a Excel spreadsheet of all my doll wigs, shoes eyes assories just so I dont accidently double up on them. I have everything stored in boxes and even though they are labeled it would be a pain to look thru them.

      I also have notes on what fits who.

      A spreadsheet is alot faster. It would be need to be able to have a specific app like that for iphone and then a cros reference of what company brand clothes fit who .
    14. This idea is brilliant xDD

      I don't have an iPhone so an BJD related Apps is not in m interest area, and i am sure that i wouldn't get an iPhone just for an App.

      But that lolcat but with BJD idea is really GREAT, maybe we could have something like that in the BJD Games subforum?
    15. Okay, I third a BJD lolcats app. So hilarious. Also, maybe something to follow Marketplace threads. I think that'd be cool.

      Edited to add - There is a bjd lolcats thread in the games section! I'd link, but I'm on my PS3 so I can't.
    16. Ooooh I'd love having a Dollbook!!!
    17. I don't have an iPhone, but I have a Macbook and I use the Dashboard a fair bit. i got a set of oracle cards for it for my writing projects and would be willing to get an app for it if offered. Maybe a ticker for saving up or a database of measurements for all known BJDs.
    18. A little catalog database for each doll I own: Their mold, company, eyes, mods, a pic, etc. so I can show them to other doll people.
    19. I don't have an iPhone but my INQ phone lets me put RSS feeds on my main screen so I have the Den of Angels news feed on so I can keep up
    20. I second the size database. Although I don't have an IPhone I keep a pocket notebook in my purse that has my dolls measurments on it. I also carry around a tape measure.