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BJD area at London MCM Expo 24th/25th October 2009

Jul 17, 2009

    1. There is usually an informal doll meet outside the London Expos, but this October there will also be an officially-organised BJD area inside. At the moment, it is proposed that there will be a display of dolls, talks and demonstrations. Yay!

      The website for Expo is here www.londonexpo.com

      The thread for the meet is here http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=309705

      I wil try and update this post with any new information as it comes out.

      Come and join us!
    2. Latest news on this from the newsletter.

      "JapanEX London 2009, we desided earlier in the year to not host the show JapanEX London for 2009, however we have had many requests for the event and have decided to bring a little of what JapanEX London is all about to October's MCM Expo.

      British Origami Society will be on hand with a display of Origami models which will include some themed around fantasy, sci-fi & Manga/Anime. Workshops Teaching the creation of origami models and a full size origami working crossbow where the public can win the models they hit.

      A special interactive Japanese cultural event at MCM Expo will include, Chanoyu, the Tea Ceremony, Shodo, brush-writing calligraphy, Kimono, the costume of Japan, wearing trial, Gyogi saho, Japanese etiquette, Keigo, formal spoken Japanese workshop, Bushido, the Way of the Samurai, Shinto, Japans indigenous religion, Ikebana ( flower arrangement), Teaching Shogi, Japanese traditional Dancing, Bon dance, Noh play, Japanese traditional music ( Koto, Shakuhachi, Shamisen, etc)
      Japanese martial arts ( Iai, Kendo, Karate, Jujutsu, etc), Kamishibai - story telling, a lecture with Akemi Solloway - History of Kimono, Philosophy and demonstration of Tea ceremony, Japanese life style and etiquette, Samurai's life style and philosophy.

      Dolls on display will include: Volks 'Super Dollfies' and 'Mini Super Dollfie', Luts 'Delf' and 'Kid Delf', Gentaro Araki's 'Unoa', Leekeworld 'M' Mabel and 'D' Sweet and Honey, Dollndoll 'Romi' and more!

      Special events will include re-stringing tutorial showing how they work and how to re-string and take apart and put back together. Explain how to do face ups, product do's and don'ts what sealers to use and why, explain about wigs, yellowing cleaning and caring, more to be confirmed."