BJD Artist Thread

Jan 24, 2021

    1. Do we have or can we make a thread of individual artists that make bjd’s. I find most of them on Instagram and I’m starting to prefer them over major companies. I know about PashaPasha but I know there’s more artists that need to gain more attention. As collectors in the hobby, I feel it’s our duty to let them be known and seen. I also prefer the individuality of the artists dolls.
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    2. I think it would help if there would be a proper definition of what constitutes an "artist" doll first.
      A lot of BJD "companies" are in fact just one or two people as well, who outsource their casting much like the majority of "artists" do.
      The only difference is that they aren't as open about it to a western audience, as in they don't post about their private life on Instagram and share every step of the sculpting process. That makes it appear like they are way bigger than they truly are.

      So, what is "artist" here and what is "company"? Does it depend on how much they sell? How many different sculpts they offer? How much they earn per doll? Limited selling time frame vs always open for buying at least certain models? Offering stuff aside from just dolls (like painting services or clothing)?
      I think once that is set it's also way easier to make a list :sweat
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    3. I think the hard part is, not all artist dolls follow the guidelines for DoA, and thus it would be hard to make a list, especially since most dolls need to be approved for discussion as an on-topic doll. Any artist can have their dolls approved for discussion on DoA as long as it meets the criteria, they just have to follow the submission guidelines.

      Also, as Ara said, many of the companies only use one (or maybe two) sculptors, which you can often find on Instagram working on the models. For example, I follow a sculptor on Instagram who sculpts for Souldoll and so far they have made 95% of the dolls that Souldoll has put up for sale since I started following them. So, defining "Artist dolls" and "company dolls" is really a blurry line.
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    4. What's the insta for the souldoll artist?
    5. Their handle is _ivoryvory and they can be found here:

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    6. Dollshe is another example of the distinction between "artist" and "company" being unclear. I get the impression its mostly a one person operation, though they've been around for a long time and have an English language website.
    7. I remember when Dollshe was getting a shipment ready several years ago and his assistant boxing up his dolls was his mom in her living room, so not a big operation. Peak's Woods is run by two sisters, one who sculpts and one who handles the business - not a big operation. Dollstown is one person, Supia is one person, LLT is one person, etc etc.

      Are we talking "artist doll" as a shorthand for dolls made in the west? Which is a problematic since it implies only Eurocentric dolls count as art and all the others are what then? Not art?

      Or is it specific to artists that started in the art world or art doll world? Certainly that would include Pasha who was making art figures before getting into articulated dolls. Or Popovy and Enchanted who only worked in porcelain for many years only getting into BJDs more recently.

      It's probably easier to make a list of companies whose doll sculptors don't get counted as being an "artist" somehow. :nowords:
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    8. The mods are very slow at approving new ones. I understand everything, but still it is a little saddening moment.
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    9. Being a mod is a volunteer position, so it is expected that they would be delayed in such tasks. It is very hard to run a forum, moderate it, and manage to review the submissions received. Not only that but I'm sure they have to review the requests quite thoroughly.
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