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BJD Artists Association opens "The Joint" community of artists

Apr 28, 2008

    1. [​IMG]

      Dear practicing artist community:

      The International Association for Ball Jointed Doll Artists invites you to joint our new online community called "The Joint."

      The Joint is a forum for individuals interested in the art of sculpting, molding, and casting their own original ball-jointed dolls. Our objective is to create a supportive environment where members may receive assistance, seek critique, share photos of works in progress, and discuss related issues. Our emphasis is on creating a community of artists who support one another and work together toward improving the quality of their work. We have installed a blog feature for community members to create their own work blogs, if they'd like one.

      In order to access the subforums, you will need to register an account and make at least one post. Registration and membership is free to all artists. At this time, we are discouraging fandom memberships.

      Please go here to see the forums

      As we go, the forum will include extensive resources for artists as well as areas for critique, troubleshooting and ethics. The board will have minimal moderation and we expect everyone to conduct themselves with integrity, professionalism, and kindness.
      Due to the focus of this community, we regret there will be no marketplace and non-participatory memberships will be deleted.

      Our Workshop Retreat instructors will be announced soon. The dates will be October 3-5, and we'll be learning casting, molding, headsculpting, and airbrush painting.

      The Association main site is www.bjdartists.com

      Best wishes to you
    2. May I ask what you mean precisely by "fandom memberships"? :3
    3. Sorry, I guess I should have been more clear about that :fangirl:

      We would like our membership to consist of artists who are currently beginning, in process with, or have completed doll projects. The board is not big enough to accommodate memberships by lurkers or those who just want to hang out. We don't have the massive space or bandwidth of a dedicated server such as DOA, and we also feel that it might be a bit distracting if we don't have some requirements for memberships. We're definitely a niche forum... not a general BJD fandom forum.

      Thanks for your understanding! Please feel free to ask me any questions about it that come to mind.
    4. Catrina,
      Is there a minimum number of projects or sculpts or quality thereof that you need to post in order to be a member? Are the projects going to require some kind of group approval or quality level in order to join? I understand that you apparently don't want people joining unless they're going to sculpt, post and discuss projects, but I'm not clear on whether that means you're supposed to be at the level of turning out a full doll to put on the market, or just sculpting your first head...would appreciate any guidance you can provide.
    5. No there is no minimum-- we are asking beginners to come with the intention of finishing their new project or projects. We have no peer jury and no "approval process" so please go ahead and join up if you feel you are interested in working on a project (head, whole doll, etc.). Everyone has to start somewhere~!

      Great question.

    6. Are people who do extensive doll modification also welcome to join? I'm talking about the kinds of things that require resculpting and consideration of joint mechanics.
      Those are the kinds of things that I think would benefit from the kind of discussion that would take place on an artist forum, and such experiments might also lead to things that allowed contribution to one as well.
    7. Go ahead & sign up! I think a lot of doll artists got their start that way, by seeing how things worked.
    8. What if you're interested in sculpting, but it may not be for a while? ^^;; I would really like to start, but I need to do a lot of research, seek advice, gather the necessary materials, make sure I'm doing things safely, etc. If you're not currently working on a project but intend to in the future, is there risk of your account being deleted?
    9. I have a question too... Is there an on topic/off topic distinction on your forum? Since my project was judged off topic for DoA, I'm just wondering.

      Thank you!
    10. Well, you could get your info on DOA's artist forum, and then when you are in production of your new project, why not join us then when you are making something :D

      Yes, the admins will delete accounts where the member is not participating in the forums. Because we would like to have an active small membership.


      Mazikeen- we don't have an on topic/ off topic board for the art styles. When most people start out making dolls, they need time to refine and discover their own style. So please go ahead and join if you want.

    11. Someone PM'd me with a question about facepainting.

      Yes, we have a subforum area for Faceups: both materials and critique areas.

      Please remember that to see the subforums, you must make one post.

      Thanks for the great questions!