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Aug 7, 2019

    1. Just curious, since I'm in the middle of a related project- how many people have made a doll to represent their D&D character/s? Anyone wanna share a story/thoughts?

      I'm currently working on my first serious doll, modeled after my first serious D&D character, a tiefling (which means sculpting horns, a tail, needing a body with goat legs, etc). It's ambitious for a newbie but I feel like I'm making a lot of headway! I feel like the BJD and D&D communities could have a lot in common, and I wonder if someone else has already started a conversation therein? (I kind of want to make my entire team +my girl's LI but that's a whole lot of VERY varied dolls....)
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    2. I'm in the process of shelling my half elf monk as a doll. I already have his head and am making his wig still, body won't be able to get for some time since I need to save up. Once he's fully shelled, I plan to bring him with me to my dnd meetups. xD

      He still needs a lot of work, such as ear mods, and when I get his body there will need to be some minor mods made. Already have a seamstress lined up to commission his outfit from and I'm planning on doing his faceup myself. He's kind of a side project I'm not putting much attention to, but after my other two project dolls are done I'll have more time for him. :>

      Also, Resinsoul has some goat legged bodies, and I've seen one shelled as a tiefling before as well. Resinsoul also has a lot of color options, which is great for non-human characters.
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    3. I have, though it was a half-elf so not too hard to accomplish. I’d love to see a Tiefling! :love
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    4. My MewieFish Mini Bactro is based on a Saurian LARP character I have. My DC Barbara is named about my WeeJas cleric, who arrived the day after my actual DnD character she's based on died.
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    5. Ear mods are a pain *_* I admit I kinda skipped that part.....maybe one day.

      I'm lucky enough to already have the *perfect* body for my girl; the Dollzone limited edition Neruga in brown skin! (a LOT of money was spent but the goat legs really look fantastic)
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    6. I have a drow gal! I'll see if I can drum you up some photos. Currently she's in her 'formal' wear, because you know, drow and fancy fancy, but she does have an alternate outfit that is in the works.

      I found that for the fantasy look, Soom suited my purposes, and Sweet Witch was my grail doll, so I combined my loves and here we are. She's supposed to be a rogue, but you know, no cape, no corset, no leather pants...can't be sneaky in a dress.
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    7. I've got two characters and potentially a third. The two currently are relatively human. Song of Anubis is a werewolf from World of Darkness. The other is Iysa who is a human assassin/rogue. The potential third was made last night and has become a hit with the group; her name is Screech and she's a Harpy sorcerer.
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    8. I'm not shelling a D&D character personally, but I am shelling a pc game character. I think shelling both board and video game characters is more common than you think :D It's fun to combine your hobbies and bring your character to life in your hands :)
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    9. I have a whole D&D party <_< hahaha.

      They're AD&D inspired, specifically Planescape because it's my favourite campaign setting.

      Which gave me a bit more leeway on my tieflings as the AD&D tieflings are "whatever you want" hah.

      There's actually a instagram tag for bjdrpg which are usually D&D or similar medieval fantasy but basically any rpg characters in doll form. Worth a look?

      My gang isn't all finished yet, i'm still trying to get the courage to tackle Sigrud's outfit lol.

      but the party consists of:

      An aasimar rogue and defacto leader of the party
      A very cocky water genassi fighter
      A satyr cleric
      A bariaur sorcereress
      A tiefling ranger who happens to be a fairly clueless prime with a very valuable map

      I also have a few other dolls who are D&D themed but not a cohesive party.

      The halfling bard who's never been on her own adventure
      The Gnome fence/merchant who never asks where you got those magical trinkets you're selling
      A tiefling rogue who's the aasimar's surrogate sister and disapproves of his ambition to be an adventurer and keeps trying to talk him out of this ridiculousness before he gets himself killed
      A half elf mage
      A woadkin druid (they're a sort of giant elf)
      A half hag warrior
      and a tiefling alchmeist

      Ahem. I really like D&D okay?

      but i'm kinda finished with D&D characters for the time being. I'm working on a neo victorian monster circus troop now.
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    10. I actually never even thought about doing this! I wonder why. :'D I tend to leave dollification to my other characters (and only some of them mind you) that I guess

      After a bit of thinking I also think I won't, but that's mostly because my characters would be pretty difficult to get into doll bodies. A beefy half-elf barbarian lady, a gnome druid and a drawf wizard don't really sound like any sculpts I've seen/would like to own. :XD: The one I'd like the most as a doll would probably be the barbarian, and then I'd at least want her thiefling-girlfriend but most likely the whole crew... and that would just be way too much for my wallet!!

      I think the best one of my RP characters to have as a doll would be my Vargr space pilot (so not DnD, but a Traveller wolf-person) since he's a pretty slim one, but I don't think that one would fit too well in my collection either, haha!

      I have always enjoyed seeing people's RP characters come to life in doll form though. Neruga sounds like the PERFECT base for your character @Alda! I'll have to keep looking at your posts, because I definitely want to see her all finished! :D
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    11. Oddly enough my doll characters ended up becoming DnD ones! And ones that I created on Skyrim :)
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    12. I’m working on a couple of d&d characters right now! I have a tiefling who’s probably going to share a body with another head (what’s it say about me that I have 2 cherry red characters!) and then my 5e Shadar-kai death cleric, an Eladrin necromancer/aspiring lich, and the hardest—my cambion paladin. I also kind of want to make my GF’s character, who is a half-elf fighter, and eventually ends up as my shadar kai’s wife. I’m also DMing Curse of strahd and have an idea for my homebrew strahd.
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    13. I should do this in the future! I have a pathfinder half orc oracle id love to create!
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    14. @Bootspy
      So...Impldoll does a really sexy muscled lady body which is currently how I'm shelling my Elan Drunken Master. And they do resin matching so...just putting it out there in case your wallet calls to you. And I know there's a sculptor somewhere in Eastern Europe who's done lady dwarf sculpts. Just...listen to your wallet's impulses. They can't be wrong. Hi, I'm a tiefling and I live to encourage people to make terrible life choices. I'm all about terrible life choices.

      @purple_monkfish Shoutout to Planescape fam! I'm getting my Planeswalking Elan on layaway and I can't handle my excitement! She's going to be a bad boss biotch when I'm done.

      Listicle time:
      RS Song is my halfling cleric Roscoe Proudfoot (another bad boss mofo. Do NOT make the short one angry, he WILL smite you and then whack you with his holy crowbar for being such a dummy)
      DZ-Mo B is my human ranger-scout Hartley (A lover, not a fighter, but he will end you and be 80 miles away by the time the hoard catches up)
      Impldoll Delia is my Necropolitan Psionic Rogue/Psionic Trickster (Ilithids fear her since she eats brains better than even they could)
      Impldoll Aurora is my Elan Monk-Drunken Master (A lover, a fighter and deadly with every part of her body. Especially her knee caps)
      RS Sui will eventually become my namesake Tiefling Rogue because he's pretty and pretty reptilian and out for your daughter's dowries.
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    15. Omg fun topic!! Yes I shelled my BESM (sort of D&D but in anime setting) as my second doll actually. Rico with the mechanical arm. Thank you Ringdoll for offering this. He was in a steampunk setting and last year there weren't any seems I liked. Luts has some now, but my doll is now a more modern version of him I suppose. His face was perfectly elegant I think. :)
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    16. i have been dreaming of shelling my main dnd character as a doll! they are a half elf bard with vitiligo. still haven’t found a sculpt i am 100% into, so i have been considering sculpting my own and casting it with the vitiligo instead of dying it like i originally thought about doing.

      @Alda good luck with your tiefling! the neruga body is so cool! i’d love to see pictures of what you do with it!
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    17. @A Wee Tiefling Thank you for the suggestions! I went to look and the Impldoll body really is nice, although it's not quite enough for my needs, even though that's the nicest muscly female bod I've ever seen. :chibi I'd probably have to do some major modding or try to engineer my own doll body to fit that character. My dwarf (just noticed my epic typo there lol) is actually a male, and he'd need to be, well.. not beefy, unlike the best looking dwarf bod I've found so far by aGatti. The problems of playing oddball characters I guess? :XD:

      I went to take a look at your crew, I love them! So much character!

      @c4tbus wow that sounds like an interesting concept! I'm especially interested in the thought of having vitiligo done in the casting process. Sounds like a really cool project!

      This thread is making me super tempted... my characters's thiefling gf happens to be the character of a friend who's recently shown interest in dolls, so now I'm getting ideas. I'm almost glad I have so many other plans to complete before I can give this any more proper thought! (Or am I? >_>' )
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    18. Through a series of weird coincidences, I did end up shelling my half-elf "the only healer in a death by slapstick party" druid from my current campaign, although Crow exists in a lot more iterations then just that. He really needs to get repainted though, because that default is lovely and delicate and soft and Crow is none of these things.
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    19. I've considered shelling my tiefling bard/cleric from my current campaign, but the sheer amount of modding they would need really frightens me away from that prospect! I do have eventual plans to shell my Antivan Crow entropy mage from my group's Dragon Age TTRPG, as it's not too hard to find a tan skin elf mold. I'm considering Fairyland's Active Line a la carte for her - my hands are itching to craft little things like spellbooks and throwing knives for her.
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