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BJD Expressions spawned on DoA

Apr 23, 2009

    1. I'm not talking about common BJD slang like SD or Dollfie. Have you ever said something funny or clever on DoA, and then found that everyone started saying it?! I remember originally posting the term ''Losing your dolly virginity'' on the thread ''first time buyer's nerves'' and since then I have seen it used by many people!So how about you? Are there any BJD expressions that you've started, or simply watched explode?
    2. I've seen the expression of people getting Soomed a lot lately. It amuses me because it's one of those things that just hits right on the mark. I think I might be in the process of getting Soomed too :lol:
    3. How about "Iplewhelmed"? :) Not as nice of a ring to it as "Soomed," but I still think it's fun.
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    4. "Press papila! Good feel!" :lol: Dollmore's terrible engrish is actually to thank for that, but it got huge on DoA for a while. Other Engrish from doll sites have gained popular use here. Like the "big milk part". That was nothing more than a translation error at first, and now it's the official name of the product here on DoA. I've even seen many of these show up on signatures. As for things created by members? Other than those mentioned I can't really think of any. Although, I'm sure there's something involving pukis somewhere.
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    5. Now that I think of it, the word "faceup" was originally a translation error, but it's become common usage as well. Was that a pre- or post-DoA thing?
    6. Ohh man, so many, so many :XD: I've only been here since 07 and there are phrases I see around now that you never saw back then, or that I remember thinking were clever the first time they were posted :lol:

      Don't think I've started anything though :XD: Except perhaps "sorry I fail at the search function!!" :XD: (cause I do :P) but even that I doubt is down to me!! :XD:
    7. The "Press papila! Good feel!"-part reminds me of the "spinning peen", but I don't know how large that is outside my group of friends :lol:
    8. I have seen a lot of Puki words. Words like Puki-tastic, Puki-madness, Pukiness. :P
    9. Puki speeks! It was lol cat speek, now thanks to my regular meet group, its puki speeks!

      I'm also proud to declare myself NOT soomed. XD
    10. Haha what about lutz0rd? Like hax0rd? Not that it's an existing word, but it should be.
    11. XD Of course theres Soomed!
      XD I'm Soomed ;____; Without money..>__< XD

      I have to say, my favorite one though is the whole 'Dolls: My antidrug....Crack might just be cheaper.' ^^XD
    12. My favorite that probably isn't widely known or used hails from back when a friend was looking for a doll to be Ichigo. I'll let you guess who that is. She settled on an Iplehouse Soo-Ri - and even ordered his "Pencing Suit"!!

      Yes, it was a typo, but we still call it his pencing suit sometimes...

      Or I suppose (N)ipplehouse is a good one as well :)
    13. I used the term "inresinate" in reference to incarnating one of my characters into resin. I few people have stated they thought it was a good way to describe the process.

      I think the most prevenlent one currently has to be "Soomed", it's just so perfect! :)
    14. I've seen "Unoa it!" in a few peoples user titles. Sometimes I use it in real life with my doll friends. lol
    15. Shiwoozle. XD I don't know if many people used this term before the LTF Shiwoo was released, but after the release it seems I've been seeing it used a lot.
    16. I started the 'Soomed' thing. A lot of people had already commented before about how "Soom" and "doom" rhyme, so I combined them as a joke.

      And then it caught on like wildfire O_o Which is amazing, cause nothing I ever do has that effect. :lol:
    17. Whoever coined the title for the database thread on Els created a good one. I've heard so many people refer to the "El Army"!
    18. I don't know if it's a BJD-original thing, but I had never heard "boybits" before coming to DoA XD And now I use it in conversation and people just stare at me funny D8;
    19. Lyrd started the "Pukimon" terminology in reference to the fact that they are so addicting that you will want to "catch 'em all."
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    20. We need something like 'Delfed'...or 'Eled'! ;p