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BJD feature on British TV~

Sep 7, 2006


      I'm assuming this is post in the right forum... o.O

      Some of you in the UK may be aware that Jonathan Ross has started a new series of Japanorama on BBC3, which starts tonight (Thursday) at 11:00pm.
      Well I was just on the official site, flicking through what will be on in the later 可愛い (Kawaii) episode, and it turns out there will be a feature on Super Dollfies!
      I'm assuming it'll be focused around Volks and Dolpa or whatever, rather than the Korean BJD, but it'd sure be interesting to watch this feature in English n_n.

      I just thought I'd give you guys with access to BBC3 the heads up~!
    2. damn, why do we here only get BBC 1 and 2 :s
    3. I love Jonathan Ross, I'd love to see the show, maybe they'll be showing that episode when I'm in England next week?
    4. Ooohh thanks for that....
    5. ooo thanks will see if i can watch it!!!
    6. Hey- I might have to watch that! XD
    7. 0_o im totally gonna be glued to bbc 3 :P

      thankyou so much for telling us :P
    8. Oh hey, cool! Definitely thanks for the heads-up - I wonder what he'll make of it all? It's going to be interesting, that's for sure :)
    9. Someone please post a summary after the fact. I'm really curious what will be said!
    10. I think it's the end of the series, which is in 5 weeks ^^;
    11. I wonder if someone will somehow get a copy and put it on youtube. Most things like that seem to end up on youtube one way or another. Over here we don't get any BBC, except for the news channel and odd programs that the cable networks pick up.

      I know I would really like to see it.
    12. I'll see if I can record it and get it online (although I wouldn't be surprised if the episodes are up on bittorrent within a day or so...). :) Thanks for the heads-up, Lynsey!
    13. I'd be very interested in not just the kawaii bjd segment but the whole series. I've been reasearching Japonisme in pop culture for the last couple of years...
    14. hm maybe someone should YouTube it :) I'd love to watch but not sure if my relatives in the UK will tape it for me
    15. Thanks for the heads up! I'll be recording it, lol
    16. i know someone who can record it on his pc... If i can get hold of him and ask him nicely he'll record it for me and put it up on youtube! :D
    17. Wow! cant wait! About 5 weeks time that episode? I will record it onto tape, as i am sure my friends and mum would love to see it! Thanks for that mention!
    18. Bittorrent > Youtube. If you find someone makes a torrent of this please post the link to that! :chibi
    19. :'DDD!

      I didn't know this.

      I now love you. XD

      Jonathan Ross is God. D:<

      I'm not too fond of Volks molds, but it'll be awesome to watch. C:
    20. Boo, I'm moving away on Sunday and probably won't have TV, at least beyond the regular channels :(.

      Hope it gets youtubed, I don't wanna get a slap on the wrist for torrenting within my first semester of uni!