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BJD FOMO - 2nd marketplace -When you miss out on the deal of a lifetime!!!

Feb 28, 2018

    1. So you've been scouring the distant lands of the 2nd hand marketplace diligently. Searching for that one true love of a limited edition/sold out/one of a kind custom-that-takes-your-interest bjd/accessory/clothes. Suddenly your heart stops... *Queue the choir of angels singing*

      a) it's super cheap for what it is & you've been saving your pennies and got the funds
      b) it has just been put up (and your probs the 1st one to have seen it)
      c) it's basically what you've been searching for

      Unfortunately as you contact the seller SOME HAS BEATEN YOU TO IT! :o It's sold & you know you will most likely never find that item again. You hit the replay button on how you could've gotten it. a) 'thinking about it' and wanting to check the post later, b) you spent too long thinking about how you finally found it, what you wanna do with it c) whatever possibilities etc. The opportunity has slipped through your fingers!

      ***Hence the discussion is: for those who use the second hand marketplace, which sale of the lifetime that was 'the one that got away' do you remember the most & why.*** :)

      Most times I don't care about missing out on stuff because it's way out of my budget and I think about a lot of things before I buy.
      Haha for me I'm still throwing salty salt everywhere on a particular one because 1) i had bought from the buyer before & had seen the doll from their collection and liked it but never asked 2) the doll was a one of a kind custom 3) the dolls was sold uber cheap as a urgent quick sale.

      Though I like to think that the dolls find you rather than you finding the dolls so I'm not as salty .. hehhe still salt* salt* everywhere!! :D

      Other questions include: How often do you check the marketplace, the longest time you have "wanted" an item/or are still searching for it & what would you say is your bjd buying style (do you impulse more, or 'miss out' more due to overthinking).
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    2. I know this feeling well.
      A few years ago, I really wanted an MSD to go with all of my YOs. I scoured the Market Place until I found...him. It was a JID Jerome with a glorious face up and the cutest darn nose. I fell for him at first sight (which itself was odd, since I don't usually go for boy dolls).

      I had money saved up, but it wasn't enough, and the seller wouldn't take layaways. So I waited. Every payday I'd go to his page and look, praying I'd get enough money in time. But one day when I looked, it said he was sold.

      My heart was broken! I tried to find another I liked, but I was too sad. I couldn't come on for 2 weeks, I was so disappointed. But when I did come back, he was there! With layaway possible! ( My job really sucked and didn't pay a lot) I jumped on him like a hawk, and somehow managed to get my boy.

      It must have been a once in a lifetime thing, because after him, my luck has been awful. I've lost out on at least 4 dolls, the latest one being from yesterday, after scoring that boy. I hope my luck changes...
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    3. It must've been destiny you got Jerome!!! :D Yeah, luck can be so weird sometimes. :( Buying BJD's reminds me of a analogy i heard about running around a field trying to catch butterflies with a net. Most of the butterflies are kinda meh, but then you'll catch sight of a smart pretty one that continues to evade & tease you. Then for some reason, when you've basically given up, a stupid butterfly rams itself into the net (sometimes that one you've been chasing, sometimes a better one) Had this with 1 of my BJD's where I missed out on it 2 years ago and was annoyed because I hesitated as I was too new to the hobby and didn't know the prices (to add to it, it was also way underpriced!). I had basically forgotten about it until I found another seller selling it, a little more expensive, but it was going to be mine!!! :D

      Besides that, I also seem to be having some rotten luck! BJD marketplace is so fast for all the good deals! I've resisted the urge to check the marketplace because I hate that 'Noooooo!' feeling when you know you've missed out. But at the same time I gotta check the marketplace for new deals ! Lets hope are luck changes :)
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    4. Yup been there!

      I'd say the most memorable ones were two 1/6 elf dolls that I had my eye on. I was seriously tempted but shipping from AU to the US was a huge addition I wasn't quite ready for. So I waited until I had enough. Go to check my watched posts...and it was FINISHED! I'm glad the seller was finally able to sell them but goodness I would have loved to get them, they would have worked well for some characters in mind.

      The next ones I remember well are a few Aileen Doll dragons. Oh goodness how I want one! I've missed every ordering event/sale on their site so secondhand is the only way for me to go. But my timing was off, so I lost out because of my budget.

      Though I must say...I just got really lucky with a few secondhand finds - a dream in progress and reshelling my first BJD (hopefully)! So if you lose out on one, there's more opportunities around the corner! To anyone else missing out, don't give up!

      Also I super love that butterfly analogy! It's perfect! :XD:
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    5. The the one that got away for me is actually something that's still technically on the marketplace!

      Someone here on DoA has an event head I really adore listed in the marketplace for a great price! ...... but the seller hasnt been online in over a year at this point. OTL

      So I don't know if Ill ever be able to buy that head.
    6. I had this happen a couple years ago...There was an Homme Ducan that had been modded into an elf with giant ears for sale, at a good price, I'm guessing because it was modded. But I had no need of an elf, even though giant elf ears are my secret weakness, and there was literally no reason I should buy him at all. So I didn't. But I kept going back to the sales post. I had kind of made up my mind that I'd go on and bite the bullet, and he was gone.

      I thought it was a good thing - I didn't need him, and I didn't have to spend the money which I could use for other things. Then I saw him with his new owner....sadness. Then DOD disappeared for good. More sadness. Oh well.
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    7. I just had this happen to me a last month.... there was a Soom Romantic Amber in Tawny skin...... omg I've lusted after that doll since he came out. and to find him in the skin tone I wanted? Pure Luck. Well I went on the next morning to see about setting up Layaway... but he was already sold on layaway! I should have just sent a message the moment I saw him. He had already been in the marketplace for a few weeks and that one last bump from the seller must have gotten him sold. Well the hunt always continues in this hobby, I think that's why I like it so much.....:aeyepop: I seriously was soooooo mad for days at myself.

      .....The thrill of the hunt :mwahaha
    8. There are two things I truly regret not buying when I had the chance: SD size harp and Luts Delf Elf Dreaming in White Skin. First, I saw a custom-made harp for sale last year on a facebook group. Since I was on spending hiatus, I resisted. Only after it was sold did I realize how stupid I was for not grabbing it (it was for sale for a few days!). The harp was around $80 USD (not that expensive considering it's SD size and custom-made) and the seller lives in the same province as me (Ontario), which means I can save on shipping! Ah, just remembering it right now still give me heart pains. :pout:

      Second thing I regret is, again, resisting the CP Delf El Dreaming that was for sale a few weeks ago. I was on a spending hiatus as usual, but I could've used some of my savings or put the doll on credit and just pay it with my next paycheque but no! I had to be a good adult and resist and now I'm regretting it. I don't think I can get that good of a deal for that doll (just for $300 USD) again.

      Hopefully, in the future, stars will align. :goldstar
    9. I have found dolls on the Marketplace that I really wanted but when I messaged the seller, either it was already sold and they hadn't taken the thread down, or I would never hear back from the seller, which is very frustrating.
    10. I missed a cheapo WS Luts If with elf ear mods by like a half hour or so. It was after Luts had discontinued the Delfs, and for some reason everyone and their grandma suddenly wanted an If, so every time she showed up on the secondhand market she was scooped up. That or she was waaaaaay overpriced for an old, yellowed doll. Eventually, it worked out that I just modded a newer sculpt from Luts that scratches the same itch If did. Been successful with all my other secondhand purchases, but then I'm the person that messages people immediately with an "I will pay in full now if doll is available." I figure it's a very effective way to beat out any competitors who may be trying to negotiate layaway or are initially non-committal.:P
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    11. I had one recently, for a Normal Skin Soom Dia Romantic head that was modded so the eyes were a bit larger (PERFECT) it still said available on the listing but turns out it had already sold the day before (it was cheap too omg), it was frustrating as for some reason Soom Dia heads just sell out so fast and I needed it PARTICULARLY in normal skin+romantic.

      But everything turned out okay as I continued searching and eventually found another that was exactly the same but not modded. A bit more pricy but I didn't feel like taking any chances. D:

      Doll hunting on the market feels like a gamble somewhat. TT
    12. I really wanted this PukiPuki Rose on Ebay, I was eying her, I had the money, she was definitely legit (photographed with fairyland box and COA), she was only 50 bucks at starting bid. I made a promise to myself, I wouldn't over bid because she was spur of the moment but just looked so sweet. Final hours come and she's jumped to 90. I had 150 saved up and I'd go as far as 115 and if she went past that I'd let her go.

      She jumped to 150 right after I put up my final bid. I said goodbye and moved onwards shaking my head in shock at how fast she went. I wound up setting that money aside though for what I initially intended - my incoming Resinsoul Summer boy whom I'm more excited about then I was about the puki. (The whole time I kept second guessing myself)

      Though it's definitely made me decide a fairyland doll is still on my wish list and I want one. Just not immediately.
    13. Yeah!! shipping costs are always one of the main thing to make me hesitate! Not to mention customs fees & paypal exchange rates :o ! Haha!! I also love aileen dragons & their other cute critters but lol keep whenever i head over to their site everything is 'Sold out' :( . Keep my fingers crossed that they might bring some new stock/releases in!! :)

      Oooh I gotta agree this gotta be one of he worst feelings!!! No closure & the feeling that perhaps one day the seller might ready their message and reply or maybe not!!! Have had this happen as well to me when querying about a doll, maybe someday they might reply (i'm still interested in it lol).

      Oh gosh! Yup experienced this as well! (though i always thought i had just been super unlucky to not only miss out on the doll but but come across the new owner's pic!- good to know this is not a uncommon occurrence!). Decided against a doll because she was way to pricey but then saw the new owners pics and felt that "ooh what could've been feeling". Though the doll was still out of my budget so I also like to think of it as in a way savings!!

      I agree! Haha makes it all the more awesome when you finally get something you've been hunting for! :D

      Oh no!!! Yeah I especially hate it when a really nice custom slips away! Yeah keeping on a budget is so hard to do with BJDs!!! Pity all the custom/shipping/paypal exchange fees all got to add up so much!! It can be so hard to find something locally :(
    14. I still can not even sniff the marketplace yet... am fully relying on eBay and all I find is recasts or totally not right for me dolls. I simply can not afford 1 direct and refuse to get a doll without a faceup etc etc because I will then be left with someone living in a box that I can not even show my 2 year old until I could then sort out a faceup let alone trying to get a wig that doesn't look like road kill someone is trying to sell off as high quality. I came so so close to buying a second hand loved girl to then find out she was a recast which I honestly just don't want to do. I am really really fussy and know exactly what I want... can both be super fun searching but also really dissapointing. Still yet to get my first!
    15. Two of them stick out in my mind.

      A body I needed that had only gone up maybe an hour before I messaged them was already sold by the time I did. Still haven't gotten that poor head her body.

      The other... sigh. Delf Breakaway. It was one of those where the seller hadn't been on in forever. I messaged them anyway with faint hope. After a month of no reply, I spent the money I'd been holding onto on something else. Another week or so later they finally replied :( He sold in a matter of days after that. But then last year I finally got my own Breakaway, so I'm not sad about it anymore.
    16. I had this happen! I was in love with a Minifee Momo that was owned by a member here and used that specific Momo as the example of "why I need a Momo and why a custom faceup is necessary" when showing a friend. Suddenly one day she was in the marketplace! I debated for maybe 2 hours after seeing the thread (because I had bought several dolls already last year when this all happened and felt bad adding another to the list!), then messaged the seller. I was too late! She was already sold. Well, turns out I came across her with her new owner on flickr and followed her instantly. I wanted to admire this girl even if I had missed the chance to own her myself. Imagine my excitement when a few months later the person who beat me to the sale then listed her for sale again! I didn't hesitate this time and snatched her up right away. I'm so happy to have her as part of my collection and I think missing her the first time made me value her even more once I did get her.
    17. Any particular Volks LE girl I suddenly craved and now needed in my life. I.E. Lucia, ehem. Or whatever rarity F-01 I hunting for.
    18. I don't remember anything in particular as I buy and trade so much, but it has happened before. It's extremely frustrating. It's one reason I like buying new- all I have to do is click pay, rather than relying on communication that may take days.

      I check the market every single night. I'm not even looking for anything at the moment, but I still check just in case something really cool pops up for a great price (even though I'm typically too broke to impulse buy!) I'd say I definitely miss out more, as I'm not in a financial situation to just buy whatever pops up.