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BJD Haute Couture/High Fashion

Dec 20, 2015

    1. I'm really into haute couture, and I'd love to make interesting doll-sized outfits someday. I was wondering if anyone else had similar interests, and if they have any dolls they've designed/sewn runway styled outfits for. If you have examples of finished outfits or sketches, I'd love to see them!
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    2. I do! I'm especially interested in draping techniques and avant-garde clothing. Also in architectural and clean lines.

      I've been into off-topic dolls for a long time and decided to get into BJDs very recently. I also have been trying to draft my own patterns for the smaller dolls I already have and succeeded to a certain point. But couldn't get beyond that :/ The thing is, sewing in 1/6 scale is really hard and annoying, and working on such designs which require various techniques and perfect details adds to the pain. I admire people who are capable of this!

      Sewing was one of the main reasons I wanted BJDs, actually: to be able to sew what I've been dreaming of in a more 'bearable' scale :) I have some inspiring characters in mind and they do need haute couture! It won't be very long until I get the girls, so I'd love to share here what I'm doing. Thanks for this thread, that's really something I'm into and would love to talk about!
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    3. There is a group that takes on a monthly challenge for outfits-- the Sewing Project. You are in luck because the theme for the next month is haute couture. I never have had time to join, but just may do so this month! There are quite a few of us here who love haute couture. In my case it's vintage examples.

      And there are quite a few ateliers of SD and Iplehouse-sized haute couture. Nigel Chia (Nigel88 here) and Atelier Soda come to mind, and are worth checking out. :)
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    4. Oh wow, it's good to know about the Sewing Project! I'm pretty new to sewing, so I'm not sure if I'll join or not, but I have a dress design in mind. It's high above my skill level, but I might try it anyways. Also those designs are gorgeous! I hope I can reach that level someday.
    5. My impression of the Sewing Project folks is that they are open to all skill levels and very supportive! But if you decide not to join just yet, a project blog is another great way to get constructive feedback and tips. There are lots of experienced sewists here with many tips for sewing in small scale.

      As for reaching that level someday, me, too! Nigel is kind of interesting because he is also designing for humans now, and has his own fashion doll.

      Welcome to the forum, by the way. :)
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    6. I would so love to be able to design runway gowns for my dolls! Right now I'm relearning sewing basics (home ec class was a long time ago) so haute couture is outside my skill level. But someday!
    7. Oh my goodness, all those meticulous details. I think even just cutting out all those flowers would drive me crazy, let alone shaping them and sewing each one on. That kind of thing is right up my alley though. Thanks for that video!
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    8. Haha~ You're welcome! But it is a very beautiful dress!
    9. I am also into the BJDs for the fashion muse aspect. I have no real excuse to make haute couture gowns in full size so BJDs work rather well for that. I am a professional seamstress and fashion historian too. Perhaps there should be a formal thread for showing off one's endeavors and asking questions and discussing designs. Anyone interested in that?
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    10. I got into bjds in part because of the fashion side of things too. I have some haute couture outfits planned for the future, but right now I'm working on perfecting my small scale sewing skills. It's turned out to be harder to scale down clothes than I thought it would be.
    11. ya, that is one of the hardest parts. most pattern making starts with draping on a mannequin and since dolls don't have those its much harder. I need to look into making a mannequin for my girl when she arrives since she is a non standard size/.shape.

      I am getting a Lillycat Ellana...
    12. I have many dreams of sewing haut couture for my dollies. After all, it takes so little fabric, i will be able to use scraps from outfits i have made for myself! It would take a lot of practice, but I would love to style dolls along the lines of Alexander McQueen, Rick Owens, Dior, and Chanel.
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    13. There's this person on tumblr called madjawdolls that makes a lot of interesting high fashion for their dolls, though it is a bit of an aquire taste.

      I personally got into dolls so I could sew things for them, though it is an entirely different skillet going for the smaller scale, one I haven't quote gotten the hang of yet.