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bjd horse/centaur stability

Oct 9, 2018

    1. Does anyone know if the bjd centaur is able to carry a rider doll?
      I'm working on a horse model, but before going further, need to know if it will be steady enough to carry a heavy doll without pitching it on the floor.
      Personally, I'd prefer an un-jointed model for realism, but trying to keep the customer happy........
      Thank you for your advice.
    2. I have not seen an SD sized jointed horse except for Domuya's "nightmare" it can hold MSD's and yes it is jointed and judging from other people's photos I think they are stable it was produced in 2010 I think? It is such a work of art especially with it's armor on. Too bad I don't think they are in production anymore it's my grail doll tbh. Goodluck on your horse model! I hope it turns out well:)

      P.s as for centaur dolls sorry I don't own one but I hope this is close enough. :)
    3. Their was a horse unjointed for SD and bigger dolls from a studio in WA state. It was Secret Loft Designs and it was named Nahar. Sadly they no longer produce the horse. Nothing jointed will work for large dolls, as weight is the reason. As for the centaur, only Fairlnad makes the best jointed style bodies. But biggest they made is very rare & expensive to find second hand.
    4. Depends on your centaur and your rider.

      My RS Winter can easily stand with a small-scale doll on his back if he's standing square, with his legs locked. The only difficult part is getting the rider to balance. (Sorry, I don't have photos; the rider I used is off topic.)

      If you want the centaur's legs to be bent, you might need to get clever with a doll stand. If you have the around-the-waist type, you can suspend the rider in a seated pose with most of their weight on the stand instead of the centaur.
    5. I've got a few different centaur bodies and they all support riders pretty well when standing stacked. Both my LUTS and Fairyland centaurs can pose to some degree while supporting a rider, but as @animemom said, the fairyland has by far the highest degree of poseability. I also find the posing of the FL to be more realistic to equine joint anatomy in general.
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