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BJD in a video game

Mar 4, 2010

    1. I've been playing my new favorite game Endless Ocean 2. If you haven't heard of it, it's a scuba diving game. In addition to exploring the oceans and the creatures that live in said oceans, you can also salvage treasure. I haven't found all of the treasure in game, but it varies between gold coins to a huge big screen tv. *_* There are several dolls lost in the ocean as well. However, most are old antiques, but not this little lady.

      [​IMG] Sorry the picture is so blurry-I don't have a screen capture for the tv, so it's just a picture of my tv. :sweat

      Here's the info for her:

      Any guesses on what company/mold they might have used for inspiration? I love how they gave her pink hair.
    2. THAT'S SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
      XDD No idea what mold it is though :P Sorry!!!
    3. O_O Cool! No idea what sculpt though.
    4. !!! Oh wow lol She looks like a LittleFee Ante almost?!
    5. She is very cute, I'm having trouble telling if that's an actual photo quality picture that they used in game or if it's art, as I'm not familiar with the game. I agree that it looks like a LittleFee though (I may be wrong though, as I said, I'm having trouble seeing the photo).

      And, not to hijack the thread or anything but I've found a couple instances of BJDs or BJD-esque characters in video games as well.

      There's Cornelia from Shadow Hearts covenant, who is actually a ball jointed marionette. The picture is NSFW, but it's the best image for seeing her ball joints (also it's the only good picture I can find of her).

      Cornelia (and Gepetto)

      Also while playing Soul Calibur 4 I came across Ashlotte who, I noticed, had ball joints as well (it's kind of hard to tell in this picture).


      Once again I don't mean to hijack the thread I just figured instead of starting a new thread I'd just add to this one.

    6. It looks like a LittleFee Lishe to me! :)
    7. Really awesome! I wish bjds were shown in more media. For now, I will stick to Kerli's videos.
    8. I just started playing Puppet Show: Mystery of Joyville (from Big Fish games, you can get one hour of play for free) and so far in the first fifteen minutes there's either a Blythe or Pullip, and what appears to be a Peakswoods girl in a red lolita style dress with light colored trim. I grabbed a screenshot:
    9. Zylphia beat me to it! haha, I was gonna mention Cornelia...So cute! There was also [​IMG] with a bunch of ball-jointed Cornelias in the different costumes..so cute~

      Not quite, but I think it's somehow related...I remember seeing somewhere I saw someone customize their doll to be a 'Little Sister' like in Bioschock.
    10. I can't see the pic very well but to me it sorta has the aura of a LTF <3
    11. Umm... I'd just like to point out that the doll in the picture Suuchan posted is actually a Dollheart Peak's Wood model.:lol: In fact, she's even wearing the Cherry Romance outfit by Dollheart itself! I've no doubt the doll belongs to Dollheart.:fangirl:
    12. Hoorah, Shadow Hearts references! I have to admit, it was Cornelia who more or less got me interesed in the dolls in the first place. (And I see Zylphia is also a Devil Summoner fan. Raidou ~! &#9829; &#9829; &#9829;)

      I'm not sure if she exactly counts, but Lieselotte Achenbach from the fighting game series Arcana Heart carries a legless bjd who may or may not be possessed by the soul of her older sister, Elfriede.
    13. My BBB Isabella has that wig on in the OP's picture.
    14. Wow, I played this game too and I also seen some characters are like BJDs... (thanks for easing the pain of remembering the name of games where I have seen BJD dolls) but unfortunately I am confused of another thing, if what first have I known, the BJD dolls before the game, or played the games first before knowing BJDs XD