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bjd in local news

Oct 27, 2008

    1. Oh my god! It's very interesting to watch this video!
      Thank you so much for sharing with us~^^
    2. Having never actually seen a real bjd yet--that was so awesome!!

      They are gorgeous, I'm really dying to own one now.
    3. Wow that was pretty cool! Thanks for sharing it with us :D
    4. Omg I LOVE his collection, tx for charing !! ( YAY YUU AND HID :aheartbea )
    5. wow that girl was kind of annoying
    6. Shameless JunkySpot plug, Yay! That was interesting, I like seeing how other people talk about their dolls, though the woman's mispronounciation annoyed me. (I'm so touchy :sweat)
    7. Haha that was great! The two main hosts/interviewers were pretty cool about it and seemed really interested (I was more shocked than they were when I found out the price for bjds xD). The guy actually sounded excited near the end when Josh said he had a 'present' for him. And he sounded disappointed when it wasn't a bjd lol!
    8. hey thats a fun video to watch lol , thought the female interviewer did annoy me a bit.
    9. I liked the "entire collection of only Junkyspot dolls". Great fun.
    10. I watch that show every morning, yesterday I slept in and missed it :( Thanks for posting that.

      lol...Yes she is. She hasn't been on the show very long, I think she is trying to find her place :roll:
    11. Gotta get me one of those asian joint-ball dolls*_*!

      At the risk of sounding elitist, I wish he had told them the price of dolls from Volks or Souldoll. The reaction would have been funnier!

      Good on him though, it's nice to see one of the guys in the hobby breaking a stereotype on TV. His doll collection is lovely.
    12. Yes, another vid that doesn't make us seem kooky. i like the fact that it was another guy to talk about the hobby. This vid was cute.
    13. I agree that naming one of the pricer brands would have been a way more amusing reaction XD

      Cool on the vid though! We seem normal! Well. >.> Within reason haha!
    14. The clip was nice, and agreed the asian joint-ball doll thing was comical, I wish the camera work was not so shaky however.
    15. I couldn't watch it all the way through because I found those presenters so irritating. Wow, tv presenters over here are nothing like that and I am glad.
    16. Suave Junkyspot plug! LOL! That was cool though! I love news segments on dolls.
    17. They're for 14 and over. XD
      I find it funny because, on Anime Trading cards it says the same thing.
      I did like the fact that it was a guy who they inteviewed and again another one that didn't make the owner and all doll owners to be crazy.
      Asian joint-ball dolls. It's kind of like anything that happens with something long names, people will get ahead of themselves.

      Anyway, another thing is that I liked how they let him show his other ball jointed dolls too. It showed that just because he had ABJD didn't mean that he didn't like others, too.
    18. Haha! Is it just me who was smiling through out the whole video and corrected the girl when she said "Asian Joint ball dolls?" v_x; Rofl.

      Awesome video though, He's got lovely dolls.
    19. great interview! thanks for sharing.