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BJD in Unexpected Places

Jun 10, 2007

    1. Recently on my shopping adventures I found the most wonderful little clutch (this isn't off topic, I swear!) at a store called Hootenany. It has a picture of what I'm fairly sure is a Volks Super Dollfie on it, though I'm not positive which one. Naturally, I had to have it. :D Later on I found a little clothing store with t-shirts, each with a picture of a different Super Dollfie on them. I didn't buy them, because I had already spent all the cash I had on me. :sweat

      But here's a picture of the clutch for you:
      If anyone knows who she is, I'd be interested to know. :kitty2

      So, basically, I was wondering if anyone else has found BJDs or things related popping up anywhere that you wouldn't expect to find them? Feel free to tell your stories and post pictures if you have any! ^^
    2. I've found a few things with similar pictures on them. There's this asian-run store in the shopping center I frequently go to, and I've seen things like glue sticks with pictures of BJD's on them, I've also seen purses similar to the one you've got there.

      I didn't buy any of them, though, because I didn't know which doll it was, and I thought it might be a bit too obsessive to buy things with BJD's on them before I actually get mine :sweat (the money I could spend on those could be put towards actually getting my doll instead! xD)
    3. That's definately a Volks girl, but unfortunately that stands a very good chance of being a bootleged item. There's a few other threads talking about just this sort of thing, and the consensus seems to be that the pictures are very likely not autorized by the doll company, and possibly not even by the person who took them. I would really recogmend looking up these threads and reading them.
    4. Yes. These items are bootlegged. It's unfortunate that such items are out there, because someone is stealing photos and using them for their own purposes.
    5. Yeap. You see all sorts of these in Chinatown stores. It all started with 'This is Blythe' pictures getting plastered on bags. Some were authorised by the photographer, but a vast majority were not.

      Still, they're really cute ^_^;;
    6. Really!? Curses. That's a shame, I feel rather immoral for buying it now. >_< At the time I wasn't thinking 'bootleg,' I just was so excited to see a BJD that it didn't even cross my mind. ^^' The quality isn't even too bad...

      Well, I suppose there's not a lot I can do about it now that it's bought. I still kind of like it... (Is that a bad thing to say?) At least it wasn't crazy expensive...
    7. It is unfortunate that these are bootlegged. . . but I wish some photographers and doll companies WOULD authorize things like bags and stuff with pictures of BJDs on them to be manufactured. I'd totally buy them then. *w*
    8. there are bags too, with bjd and pullips. i 'm pretty sure those were'nt bootlegs. if so that means the credibility of the store is gone, and they were very very expensive xD bootlegs for that price well O_o

      i've seen cheaper stuff with dolls on, i even have a purse with a blythe on. hey it was a gift so i'm not complaining >_<
    9. The doll is a Volks 4 sisters, maybe Megu. =3 I love her face-up in the picture, and it looks like a very cute clutch, but sadly they are bootleg.

      I wouldn't feel guilty about buying it, though, as you didn't know. ^ ~ Enjoy it!
    10. 99.9% of the time, they're bootlegs. No BJD company has ever made bags to sell for retail, the only one I know of is Volks' cartoon Megu and Komame bag, but they give those away for free and it still wasn't a real photo.

      Rarely an actual owner will try to make some money using their doll's photo, but they can't afford to mass produce anything like these Chinese companies, so you'd never find it in a physical store.

      Personally I would feel very odd carrying around a bag with someone else's personal doll on it, and I would be really upset if one of my dolls ended up on one of those.
    11. That just makes me wonder if those photo places that like to plaster photos of your kids all over merchandise at the mall would object to using a photo of a BJD. Then it's your photo, your doll, and you get the added bonus of freaking some poor shopkeeper out with your obsessiveness. :lol:
    12. I think I'd be flattered if one of my dolls were used for something like this. ^^ It'd mean they were pretty enough to be on bags people wanted. xD
    13. Yeah.. I'd like to get some items I use regularly with BJD pics 'n stuff on them, but sadly there are none available. Recently when I went to a dollar store, I found giftbags with several Volks doll pics on them. (Not official ones, but owner ones)

      I guess I shouldn't be too surprised other than seeing them available were I am. The only other things I've noticed were Yu Yu Hakusho official artwork used on Beyblade rip-offs and hentai images on dollar store make-up. :apirate:
    14. Don't feel guilty, it's really cute! And you didn't know.

      I haven't seen anything with BJDs, but I'd be so excited if I did!
    15. Actually, I feel the same way. If I saw a bag in a store, with one of my dolls on it I'd be proud. ^^

      Not that I condone photo thievery, I'm just saying that if it happened to me, personally, I wouldn't think it was a big deal. I'd probably buy it...
    16. [​IMG]

      I found those at a local Sunday Fair here. :?
      It's the back of a keychain-sort-of mirror, it comes with a small comb too. They had a few of these.
    17. I sure they wouldn't even bat an eye. ^_^
      They don't care what picture you bring in, as long as it isn't pornographic, or copyrighted.

      After all, people have pictures of their pets put on mugs and shirts all the time. :)

      I'll bet there are even people who've had pictures of their boat, custom motorcycle, or even vintage restored cars put on t-shirts, etc. ;D
    18. Those are. . . kind of cute, Tahiel *w*; I'm a bad person for thinking that, probably, since they are most likely bootleg. . .

      but I totally want to do that baby-picture-on-mugs-and-stuff idea with my doll. xDDD
    19. I really wouldn't feel guilty. It's not going to affect the sales of BJD - heck, you're even promoting them, in a way :D

      And unless the photographer was selling the photographs, they're not losing money either :D
    20. It's not so much loosing the money on this one, I don't think as the fact that what they are doing is wrong, and would be quite upsetting to a lot of people... I mean, what would you say if you walked into a store and found some other picture that you had taken on some item? Say, a family vacation photo? Creepy and unsettling, eh? And how much of a difference is it between people who steal a photo to make money off of it by putting it on a wallet, and people who steal a photo to make money off of it by putting it in an E-bay auction?
      And actually the person who took the picture would take a financial loss, that of the sale of the picture. Even if it's a tiny ammount, wouldn't you like to be paid for something you created? And that creative controll is also an issue, especially for established companies. Do you know how much damage could be done to a company's reputation if pictures were taken and used in, say, pornographic merchandise? An extreme example, maybe, but you see how it goes.
      Sorry for all the ranting, but it distresses me to see how many people are getting away with immoral and illegal things nowadays because they don't see any problem with it...