BJD makers threatened by China-based counterfeiter / trademarks

Apr 26, 2018

    1. This is the discussion thread for the trademark infringement case currently taking place in China. Please see this announcement for a summary of what we know so far.
      Please keep this discussion focused on the immediate topic. This is not a thread to vent about recasts/counterfeits in general. While it is disheartening that complacency among collectors contributed to the current situation, attacks on individual members contributing to this thread will be removed.
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    2. This is utterly disgusting...
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    3. But no, guys, buying recasts doesn’t hurt the hobby…. It’s not like every time someone buys a recast they’re padding this guy’s wallet so he has the power to fuck everyone over.

      ::sarcasm not strong enough::
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    4. If this is the case, won’t he run himself out of the business as well? With no new dolls to recast. Just saying cuz it doesn’t make sense, to me that is.
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    5. i dont think hes thinking that far ahead...
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    6. There will always be new blood in the hobby who want to save a few bucks to buy a MNF Chloe, or whatever other sculpts he already has. Even with older hobbyists who want to buy an "old" doll, it's still a huge selection.
    7. I'm so glad we can discuss this here whereas some "other" groups shy away from the argument like cowards. People need to know what this does to the hobby! And now apparently he has enough revenue to do what even some smaller companies can't afford to do for themselves and buy copyrights and patents.
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    8. It's disgusting. Just disgusting.

      I am personally interested in recasts and people who buy them from a sociological point of view. I read blogs and I have an account on the forum for pro-recast people, just to read about their experiences and opinions. I've never treated pro-recast people as the part of our community, because they ruin it from the inside. I do not think they are bad people in overall, but until now it was a total abstraction for them. They don't understand why they ruin the hobby, because they just want a doll and it's the most important thing in the world - it doesn't matter the rights to make the doll have been stolen before, they just want it. But I really do hope that many of them will see now HOW supporting recasters is ruining one of the most beautiful hobbies in the world and they will understand why we do not accept them in our social groups or meetings. And maybe I am naive, but I do hope that some of them will decide to buy only legit dolls from now, too.

      At first I thought that it's just a rumour, but unfortunately not. We should do something.
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    9. i agree. we need to put this bad bloke out of business somehow...

      Can we write complaints on Lou's store? ive done some digging and cant find anything.
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    10. To be honest I do not know if this would help...This person just do not care about other people, he just wants to make money.....
      The only thing we can do in my opinion is hope that people who buy recasts realize how bad this is, because at the end if the companies have to close, there will be no more dolls, so we all will pay...., this is so sad and at the same time incredible, I still can not believe this has gone so far...
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    11. Also hoping that some of them might feel the Clue-by-four, but that does involve a certain amount of awareness regarding the bigger picture. The one recast owner I accidentally got to talk to straight up told me that she "had given enough money to those companies", and I still can't properly wrap my brain around that sentiment.
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    12. i dont think so that he will win this kind of game. big companies will make them arguments and i think so this person suposte to be banned forever from selling recast not his own dolls.
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    13. I certainly hope so, we can all hope that the just prevail and wicked are stopped, I sincerely hope with all my might that this jerk face cannot get his way and that the companies that make this hobby possible are able to stop him :x
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    14. There are "other" groups?
      I cried when I read this on Instagram.
      I don't understand how someone can register a trademark in a country, especially outside of his own, without giving proofs of ownership before being approved?! Can that really happen?
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    15. This is why people need to stop buying recasts. The people who purchase them are basically giving this guy license to do this! For those who didn't realize the consequences of buying recasts, they are about to, if Luo succeeds with his plans. After all, there wouldn't be recasts without the ORIGINAL dolls!

      I know we cannot dictate what people can or can't do with their money, but I think pro recasters should at least be aware of this issue, before it goes too far!

      Let's just hope that if enough companies band together against Luo, he will be identified as a fraud.
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    16. I'm on FB groups for bjd too and one if them will delete anything related to recasts even a question will be deleted. I feel like it doesn't help for newbies or topics like this where people need to be informed.
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    17. The problem is many of these companies don't actually own trademarks of their own company names and logos as it costs too much, so what he's doing isn't actually illegal. It's disgusting and immoral and I seriously hope he doesn't put any companies or individual artists out of business.

      He's an arsehole that needs to be wiped already :evil:

      Like everyone here I hope buyers change their minds about recasts.

      *edit: just heard some companies are contesting it so fingers crossed
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    18. Wow.
      Just... wow.

      Dude's got some nerve. I hope he tries it with Volks and they take his ass to court over it. They're about the only company with the resources to do that.
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    19. I am so sad now. I really want to cry. :(

      I'm curious what pro-recast people think about it and if they know that they are responsible for all this situation.
    20. From what I observed in other groups discussing this, there are owners who interpret our outrage about this issue as "rallying hate and bullying recast owners"... so there are some who are taking it as personal attacks against them, and making it out like we're the bad guys. :roll:
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