BJD Orbyrarium Book Mailing; Boutique open Noon CST 7/11/06

Apr 25, 2006

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      Haute Doll magazine is releasing the BJD Orbyrarium - An Angel's Guide to the Universe of Ball Jointed Dolls in June! 192 pages of information, fun, projects, patterns and a boutique with exclusives!


      We are so happy to announce that the book is at the printers! Aimee Steinberger and Mia Peterson are assistant editors; Aimee did the cover art of Liebchen while Mia took photos of our exclusive Liebchen for the inside front cover and back cover design.

      The book opens with Earnan's Tale, a wonderful pictorial story by Rob Ferguson that names the book. Melanie Larson and Mercy Neumark provide a handy guide: Asian Ball Jointed Companies: A through Z at a glance.

      Features cover Liebchen, Hypermaniac, Anu Style, Mikey-Artist of Zoukei-mura and Volks, Inc., Kyon, Nana, JuJube, Mio - with a Unoa jean skirt pattern and step-by-step sewing instructions.

      The Vault covers the BJD jewelry and Stephanie Co shares her amazing photography skills in Doll Portraiture 101.

      Tutorials include: Stringing, Earring Hole and Fur Wig Making by Sheri Rhein; Blushing with An Airbush, Pastel BJD Body Blushing and the Perfect Manicure --all by Alishia Boates; Face-up with Satoko Ohno AND Evenstar's Rachel Graves takes you one step at a time through their artistry; Aimee shows you How to Tatoo; Minimode's Victoria Garnier shares a versatile rosary style necklace and French ear wire project while Rob Ferguson shows you how to make wall blocks for your 60cm BJD's home.

      Patterns and instructions from Judy of Obsidian Pearl, Ted Menten, Tristine Citrine for CosWorx, Biscuitbear, and Sofly She Walks round out our sewing section.

      Pasu Lau debuts his School of Vambane comic series in this issue with "Wheel of Fortune" and then brings the two main characters to our BJD's life with exclusive costumes from the comic series. PLUS Mio, Chesca and Unicorn Garden offers exclusives in the BJD Orbyrarium Boutique - your angels will want to get outfitted here!

      Preorders are open now. No deposit required; credit cards will be charged when book arrives in June. $24.95 plus shipping gets you this 192 page soft cover book with vinyl book jacket and sticker!! Go to:
    2. This looks really neat. How many patterns does the book come with?
    3. Is it possible to buy it when you are not in USA? The site form writes "USA" by default for the country...
    4. Yes, you can change the country.
    5. Will this be available for sale in bookstores that carry Haute Doll magazine (and if so, bookstores that carry the magazine OUTSIDE the U.S.)?
    6. Also, can you give a summary of what the patterns are and what dolls they are sized to fit?


    7. That's weird. I just clicked the shopping bag picture on the right of the description and it adds the book to my cart.
    8. This sounds great- but does your website only accept credit card? I'd rather use paypal.

      Also, a full list of patterns, and what doll they will fit would be fantastic!

    9. The only options I saw were VISA or MC.
    10. Just a note to say, that if this book sells well, we could do another book of a similar format (ie, interviews, tutorials, exclusive sale items, patterns, etc...) So please support this book so that we can have more books like this in ENGLISH!

      I know I'm biased because I worked on the book, but really, you don't have to have worked on it to appreciate how special the book is. There are no books like this in English. We're always stuck trying to figure out from the pictures only how to sew things or do faceups from awesome books like Unoa Freak or Dolly Dolly or Dollybird because unfortunately they just aren't in English. So the more support the book gets, the more stuff like this we can do in the future, and hopefully get even more artists involved next time!!

      PATTERNS: This is just the list based on what I remember, ok? I dont have the whole list in front of me...

      Mio: Unoa jean skirt pattern

      Tristine Citrine for CosWorx: SD Breezy Dress for SD and SD13 sized girls

      Judy of Obsidian Pearl: Buckram Bonnet and Dress and Cape Pattern - SD girls

      Ted Menten: I dont remember which pattern he did, sorry...

      Biscuitbear: Pink Fluff Unoa knitting pattern

      Sofly She Walks: I'm not sure, I think it was an SD13 boy pattern?

      Also, just in case you didn't know... Fancyboots made a special, totally gorgeous, Liebchen being sold only through this book. It's the doll featured on the cover.

      The interviews all include exclusive photos from the artists being interviewed. All the people we interviewed are really awesome, and actually many of them, it's very rare to get an interview in English with them. I'm really happy we were able to interview these people. Most of the interviews ask them about how they got started, how they feel about their work, their working process, that sort of thing. (including Fancyboots, Hypermaniac, Anu, Mikey-Artist of Zoukei-mura and Volks, Inc., Kyon, Nana, JuJube, Mio )

      and some of the people we got faceup, blushing, etc... tutorials from... O_O... I haven't even seen all the tutorials myself, and I am DYING out of anticipation!!! All of the artists are really awesome.... not to mention the exclusive outfits being sold only in the book by really famous artists too.

      The cover has the artwork itself on the inside cover, and then has an additional plastic cover on the outside with silver feathers printed on it, if this makes sense. :)
    11. Will this be something we can order into a bookstore? If so, is there an ISBN for it? I'd like to know because I will order copies into my work and put them on display/employee recommends.
    12. As said,does Hautedoll not take Paypal?Unfortunately I don't have a Visa or Mastercard as that isn't available for under 18s yet (I have Visa Electron on my other card,but that's a different thing).

      Also,how do we know much shipping will cost for each country? (I'm in the UK).
    13. is this something that will be available where haute doll mag is sold? Can it be ordered into a bookstore? I get my haute doll at Chapters, so I wonder if I can get it through them? I do not have a CC but would like to order a copy.
    14. The shipping for the UK is $10.50 - sounds like Global Priority large envelope to me. :)
    15. I'd love to pre-order the book...but the site says they won't ship to a P.O. box!
      A P.O. Box is the only address I have for stuff coming by USPS!
      If the book is shipping by mail, it would have to come to my P.O. box, there is no mail delivery service to the area I where I live!

      The site doesn't say how the book will be shipped, and only UPS or Fedex will deliver to my home address.

      How can I pre-order the book? :(

    16. Will this be available from book stores, or only through Haute Doll?
    17. This book will be sold directly by Haute Doll and through various doll shops and merchants. It will not be on the newsstand. Hope this helps!
    18. nyaaaa i want a copy but i have to wait. this will be restocked soon after the first order, correct??
    19. It's not out now, it won't be coming out until June.