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BJD Orbyrarium Discussion Thread

Apr 25, 2006

    1. Yes like Kyo's Kilt asked and are there and Hound sized patterns in there as well??
      But I have to say the book look really neat, and I really want to buy one! ^_^

      Great job!!

    2. Holy crap! I like the fact that the book is all Trapper Keeper-style with a vinyl cover (I hope it smells all good and vinyl-y, like the Unoa Freaks book), it's got like every possible thing that I as the target audience of this book would like to see and read about, and it's the same price as a book I would buy from Hobby Link Japan and not be able to read, only look at pictures or parse out the occasional simple katakana something-or-other. NICE!!! I preordered exactly five minutes ago.

      There are times when I get all sad and want to pack my bags and go home, and then there are projects like this that get me reinvigorated about The Scene.

      However... teacher, what's an orbyrarium? :?
    3. Oh, I wish I could have contributed! (weeps)
    4. I think I placed my preorder before I finished reading the blurb. It will go in the bookshelf next to Unoa Freak, except like Mara says.. I can read thisone, not just extrapolate from the pictures.
    5. I ordered, too! Looks great!
    6. me = huge doofus zomg.

      i'm really sorry lauryn quoted my post, LOL!!!

      sher = dummy.........................

    7. Yes I second this request.
    8. edited cuz i'm a big ol' dummy

      i can't wait too! i love aimee's art, it all looks SOOO amazing.
    9. Thanks for the notice. I've already placed my preorder XD It looks like it'll be a fabulous book, and there just aren't enough BJD books in English out there u.u.

      I'm anxious for its release and arrival!
    10. Once again I ask: what on earth is an orbyrarium? Google and dictionary.com tell me nothing!
    11. There was nothing in wikipedia either. I'm guessing it is a new invented word by the author of the story which names the publication as mentioned in the news post. Hopefully reading the story once published will enlighten us.
    12. I've preordered, too XD The description got me.
    13. I'm placing my preorder right now.
      Edit: to ask a question: If we preorder now, it ships in June and charges our credit card when it ships, not now?? Plus, about when in June? (can you tell I'm excited?)
    14. Yay! I've placed my order ^_^
    15. Hi guys!
      Earnan's Tale opens the book and in it, there is an Orbyrarium. It is a made up word that suits the BJD world very well, and sets a nice tone for the book-I hope you will agree!
    16. Wonderful! Can't wait!
    17. *vows to be enough of a name to contribute to the next BJD book*