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BJD Pet Peeves

Apr 30, 2016

    1. What are some things in this hobby that get on your nerves?
    2. People who aren't in the hobby refer to even my boy dolls as "she" unless they have their shirt off.
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    3. Everyone who assumes that since THEY didn't have a particular experience, NO ONE else has either, or that everyone else is lying.
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    4. Mine is kicky legs that just won't straighten out. All right, curl up into a ball :evil:!
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    5. Mine is getting my awkward DC dolls to stand unaided !!!! Argh
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    6. Joints designed so poorly Wireing the doll just to get it to stand is mandatory.
      Companies that won't post pictures of their doll naked/blank and relie heavily on photoshop to make the doll look good.
      Companies that 'cheat' when poseing their doll and when you get yours that pose is impossible.
      Companies posting really inacurate measurements for their dolls.
      Useless locking mechanisms in doll joints. Why even put them there if they do nothing?
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    7. Poor engineering, posing and proportions. If I'm spending hundreds of dollars on a doll, it should at least be able to do a few basic natural poses on it's own without mods, and look pretty doing it.

      Drama, especially over things that all boil down to personal opinions. Buy the dolls you want and do what you want with them, then let others do the same, no need to insult others for doing different things!

      Long wait times. I understand a couple of months, but some of the ones closer to a year or even longer don't make sense to me. I try to avoid those companies because I worry that the long wait will make me lose interest in the doll, or I might find something better in that time.
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    8. How impossible it is to find cheap doll stands! For as simple as they are, they're surprisingly expensive which I was not expecting. I know Hobby Lobby sells some cheap, pretty ones, but I don't feel they're particularly sturdy, plus I really don't like how the base is so tall and gives my dolls added height which I feel makes them feel more unstable.
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    9. The wait :horror: I used to be a patient person, until I met this hobby T-T my dolls take an average of 4m to arrive, the quickest being 2 weeks and the longest wait is still pending at 7m... The thing is I tend to not think about the consequences of buying another doll during the wait :roll:

      Another thing is the beautiful realistic sculpts have weird posability and the cute sculpts have amazing posability.. I need realistic sculpts with amazing posability T-T

      Hybriding. :evil:

      I do not care for people who say my dolls are feminine though some have beards and goatees, nor do I care about people who say they are creepy, but my pet peeves are those people (outside of the community) asking me repetitively how much a doll costs, and tell me it's better to save for anything else they like to do as a hobby, or tell me as an adult I'm not allowed to have dolls :vein
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    10. To add to xellos who said:
      Having people out of the hobby always reacting the same way after seeing my dolls for 2 seconds "Oh!!!... they creep me out", completely disregarding how that would make me feel. I know because of popular culture some people see any doll as Chucky but I personally would never call someone else's property "creepy" right in their faces even if I do find it super creepy. Considering the amount of effort we put in our dolls (which I know they don't realize, but still) having my dolls called "creepy" just because they are dolls is the biggest pet peeve I have in the hobby :vein
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    11. I think that my biggest pet peeve in the hobby is wonky eyes. I understand that eye positioning can be hard and no judgement to anyone of course but for me I can easily spend twenty minutes adjusting eyes to just find they aren't quite right and it just drives me crazy that's my biggest pet peeve.
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    12. Tracking that doesn't update. :doh:vein:x:evil:
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    13. I second this, and add dolls that just WILL NOT sit up straight. Mine always have to slouch or they're leaning back weird.
    14. I personally don't understand why people make their boy dolls girly, why not get a girl doll? But thats more of an opinion than a peeve! I just cant understand it
    15. Giving doll maintenance advice when it's asked for and having the other person immediately try to poke holes in the logic of my suggestions. You just said you knew nothing, but now you know I must be wrong? Oookay.

      Androgyny is attractive and many BJD boys are built with similar measurements to standard SD girls, thereby making crossdressing really, really easy. Not everybody thinks dudebros are hot.
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    16. Having to undress my dollies when they are put away to prevent staining. It takes time to dress a doll and time to undress them. I almost feel like I waste my time putting clothes on them in the first place. But then I love seeing them dressed up when I have them out. Maybe I should just make them all nudists instead >_>;
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    17. I feel like there are several threads just like this and I'm surprised a mod hasn't locked it.

      My biggest pet peeve, and it's purely personal and I can just not look if I don't like it, is people making photostories with dolls that do not have face ups.
    18. The impossible to fix without mods "magical girl leg splay". 2 of my dolls have this and they're not even girls! I've re-strung and hot glue sueded and still they insist on this stupid pose when sitting.

      People touching my dolls face even after I ask them politely not to/explain why it's not good to do so.
    19. im super picky about photographys :P I mean as long as youre having fun but that picture would look x100 better without the flash and x1000 better with natural light.
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    20. Everyone calling my doll my 'baby'. Ok if I had a YoSd i could see that, but shes an MSD who is suppose to be in her late teens. I would rather you ask "hows your girl?" not "hows you baby?" geez make me sound like I have kids.

      Also people saying that I need to spend my money on other things and not dolls. Good lord! I work for my money, i pay bills, and I go to school, let me spend the rest on stuff that I want!