Bjd podcast?

Apr 1, 2019

    1. Hi!
      I have wondered about making a podcast for a long time and I thought it might be fun to have one about bjds? It would cover recent news like artist-doll preorders and general stuff like the discontinuation of dolls or new dolls/limited and featured artists. Just a lot about bjds! I know there are different websites that tell stuff like this but I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a podcast version?
      Mostly none personal information like my dolls but maybe recent doll purchases and reviews.
      (just found out that some do exist! but there could always be more I guess)
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    2. I think it would be Interesting!
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    3. I've never seen anything like that before so I find this idea quite intriguing! :)
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    4. I would just like to TALK about dolls. A lot.
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    5. There is a BJD podcast run by two members already, called Ningyo Bingo. Definitely check it out if you haven't heard it already. :3nodding:

      More is always better though imo!
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    6. That could be really cool- I'm sure people would love the opportunity to interact with a podcast like that!
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    7. I would love an pod cast about dolls, I don't think that they are many
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