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BJD section at JapanEx, London

May 9, 2007

    1. http://www.mcmexpo.net/japanexlondon/

      21-22 July, JapanEx London is going to have an area called 'The Doll Zone', for BJDs and their owners.

      It has only recently been made official and there is still space for any sellers that would like to come along for the weekend.

      We already have one seller, the UK distributor for Happydoll, who is not only bringing Happydoll and Dollheart clothing items, but also hopefully four dolls to sell!

      As well as sellers, there will be an area for people to come along with their dolls, meet other enthusiasts, swap tips for stringing, face-ups, etc, and have a place to just sit down and 'play'.

      There will be a photo area set up with a hand-painted backdrop by a very talented lady, where you can pose your doll and take lots of memorable pictures ^^

      The prices for the tables are £160, or £80 for a half, and each table comes with two dealer passes.

      Table size: 6ft x 2.5ft (1.8m x 0.76m)

      Please drop me a PM if you are interested in coming along and selling your items :)

      If you would like to come along and chat to other attendees, please see this thread http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=134158 and http://www.londonexpo.com/messageboard/viewtopic.php?t=4707.

      Hope to see you there! ^_^
    2. Updated info on table size and dealer passes!
    3. Do you know if there is going to be a doll panel?
    4. It's been mentioned, but nothing has been really discussed as the people I'd need to talk to are too busy with May's Expo right now. If you've got any ideas, though, please do send me a PM ^^
    5. Oooh! I wish I was going!
      Is there going to be a doll section at the october expo by any chance? *is hopeful*
    6. If this is popular enough, and we get sellers that want to take part (the space isn't free, sadly ;_;) then Expo definitely want this to become a regular thing ^_^ And I hope it will be, as a Hallowe'en theme would be SO much fun!
    7. Just wanted to give a nice update ^^

      We now have 4 UK sellers confirmed for the entire weekend -

      Happydoll UK
      D.I.M UK
      Mini Mills Boutique

      There is a lovely photo backdrop on its way to me now, with a beautiful Japanese theme to tie in with the event. Think spring...

      We have some wonderful items being donated to us by none other than DollHeart, which will be either competition or raffle prizes, possibly even both! DollHeart are extremely excited about the Doll Zone and will hopefully be attending next year! This is absolutely wonderful news, so please keep your fingers crossed that they can make it!

      As we want to keep the Doll Zone a part of JapanEx and also a special event, we have decided to keep it annual. We will no doubt still have a table at each Expo throughtout the year, so there will still be a nice area for people to come along and see each other (and leave their dolls when they get tired ^_-) :)

      We have also had the idea of a 'bring and buy' table, where you can bring in any items you wish to try and sell, and buy other people's items. However, we do need someone to man this table for the day so if anyone would like to stop at the Doll Zone and help us out please let me know, we'd love to have you ^^ (Two people would be preferable.)

      We are also trying to get a panel group together for half-hour slots on both days. I think these will be a general Q&A panel and a 'techniques' panel, where the panelists will talk about face-ups, re-stringing, modding, etc.

      If you have any questions just send me a PM, I'm always happy to chat :D The banner below also takes you direct to the Doll Zone website with regularly updated information.

      Hope to see you in July! ^_^
    8. The London Expo is 3 or 4 times a year (including the Midlands Expo). This is the first time for JapanEx and it will become an annual thing which the Doll Zone will be a part of. We will, however, try and be at the London Expos with a table to promote the Doll Zone for the following summer ^^

      I hope that helps and wasn't too confusing! ^^;

      Edit: To make it a bit clearer, we will be at the London Expos but there won't be any sellers, competitions, panels, etc. Just a place to come and chat to other BJD owners and leave your dolls if you'd like to wander around without them.
    9. Yes great job putting this together! I really can't wait ^^

      Is there anymore details on the Bring and Buy table? Would that be for accesories/clothes/wigs only?
    10. The bring and buy is still pending available space, but it looked quite hopeful yesterday, I'm just waiting to hear confirmation either way. However, if we can do it, you can put on anything you want, pretty much, as long as it's related to BJDs. Whatever you've got that you'd like to try and sell, just bring it along ^^

      If the B&B gets the go-ahead, I'll get a form made up for people to print out and fill in, which will have a number that will be assigned to all your items to prevent mix-ups.
    11. Another lovely update!

      The wonderful D.I.M Doll (http://www.dimdoll.com/) are donating TWO dolls! (Tiny Silf and MSD Aleksei.) These will be offered in a charity raffle where all proceeds will go to a children's cancer charity, so please have your wallets at the ready, it's all for a wonderful cause! ^__^
    12. Eee when can we buy raffle tickets? Only on the day?
    13. I have yet to pick up any tickets (I don't *actually* know where to get them from XD Yet!), but I would say they'll probably only be available over the weekend (and we'll do the draw towards the end of Sunday, to give everyone a chance).
    14. Ah I'm only going for the Saturday tho, so would it still be ok to buy a ticket just incase I do get lucky ;DD

    15. Ahhhh, fantastic!!! Yay for DIM. Are there going to be posters at all?
    16. I don't know about posters, we are trying to get as much company stuff as possible, but most only seem to have leaflets/postcards, etc. It will all be there for the taking, of course ^^
    17. That's brilliant. Are volks doing anything? I'm making a guess that they're probably uninterested.
    18. I sent them an email, but they never replied. And no, I wouldn't ask them to come with other companies present. Though, I think it was a bit bad timing as they've been extremely busy with the doll events in the US, and Dollpa. Another time, maybe ^^
    19. Not that this is really the place to discuss it, but Volks are, apparently, actively looking for somewhere in Europe just like they found in America. It took them a loooong time to get to the US, so I guess, as with everything else, we just have to wait -.-

      However, I did email them to ask for their support more than their attendance. I said as much as we would love to have them, we all know how hard it would be to get over here. Shame I didn't get a reply, but again, maybe next time :)

      However, I totally agree, the Korean companies I have emailed are SO happy to help us and to get their name known over here. Both Dollheart and Kondoll have enquired about attending personally (although not for this event, sadly), and both of the above as well as DIM and now Lati are all donating items. (Lati are sending more personal items like desk calendars, key holders, etc, so that will be very nice indeed! They also said SD head caps, which I'm assuming means face-guards, so yay!)

      There are, of course, a few companies that haven't replied, and I've posted on the Luts Q&A because I know they're not too good at reading their emails (no offence to them, they just work better with their board), so fingers crossed for a response from them!

      All in all, I am VERY happy with the feedback we've had, and VERY excited to see all of this in action ^____^ Your support, however, is the most important thing, and meeting you all is top of my 'To Be Excited About' list XD

      (There was an update in all of that, I promise!)
    20. Wow!! All that is so exciting.

      I think by headcaps lati mean those silicone like caps that keep wigs on. They're pure genius and work better than anything else i've tried.