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BJD Shoes Discount

Aug 18, 2006

    1. We have discount (30% off) on DollHeart 's BJD shoes(LS1-LS150, MS1-40). Please come to www.jollyplus.com for more info :aheartbea
    2. FYI,

      2006/08/09 - Special Thanksgiving Program

      Dear Partners (^^,

      DollHeart will become 3 years old on this October. Thank you for travelling along the BJD hobby with us. Your assistant is really apreciated. In order to present the thanks to you and your customers, a special thanksgiving program have been hosted.

      Special Program 's Cover products:
      1.) SD Shoes: LS1 - LS150
      2.) MSD Shoes: MS1 - MS40
      3.) Max and Match: BO, MO, NO, LO series

      Quantity: Since not every style have enough stock for order, thus, first come first serve. Please let me know your quantity.

      Pasu Lau

      * All our items are based on SD Model, another company 's doll can wear our items if they have a SD compatiable size.

      1) We will include a Korean Retail Prices for the price index. Please make sure your selling price in Korea will NOT LOWER than our suggested price. (^^
      2) The Suggested Korean Retail Price is just for your index, our cost 's calculation is based on US Dollar Prices. (^^;;
    3. oooh!! *checks this out*
    4. any idea when this ends?
    5. is the sale only for jollyplus or is it for all places that carry dollheart shoes?