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>BJD size EXTREMES!!!<

Nov 24, 2010

    1. So, BJDs come in all different sizes:1/2, 1/6, MSD, SD..But what about the extremes?!
      DreamHigh studio released the smallest bjd to date wich is only 5(!) cm tall!!
      Donny Harijanto (the sculptor) calls the little ones micro bjds, and they really are microscopic! But still fully posable (and hella cute!) Can bjds get ANY smaller? Or the other extreme:
      Angel of Dreams 90 cm boys! (If Im not wrong) The tallest resin bjds available! When I first saw them I thought that their size was super cool, And I wasnt worried by posing because they seamed to pose really great. But then I thought: The clothing! Restringing! The weight! And though the price is (VERY) cheap for a doll of that size (Lusion Dhalia wich is 80cm costs over 1300 dollars!) I kind of lost my enthusiasm for this doll (though i still love them) it looks like a lot of trouble having such a big doll, so I thought: Can they make them any bigger? Would people buy like a 1meter tall bjd or more? Can resin even stand such a weight?

      What do you think? Are these the biggest bjd extremes we have seen? Or can they go even further?:)
    2. eeeeeeek, that life like one scares me! I much prefer the smaller BJDs. I am saving up for 16cm and smaller babies! They are much cuter in my opinion!
    3. That's an interesting question, actually. Personally, I do think the resin could handle the weight of a really large doll--it's of a question of finding elastic thick and strong enough to keep it together. Being around a lot of SDs and tinies at my house, I've seen much more hesitation in handling the tinies, since it's harder to get restringing tools for the little guys.

      I do think they can make them bigger, but the question is, why would you want to? 1 meter or taller heads into the Uncanny Valley, making the doll child size, or human size, and a lot like a mannequin. It will seem less of a doll to me, and more of a "don't touch" work of art. They'd take up more space and therefore be more likely to get knocked over/down and broken. They'd be pretty fragile in comparison.
    4. Haha i know what you mean :) I myself am waiting for my first one ! he will be msd <3
      But i don´t think dolls bigger than sd would work for me ): they are much to heavy xD <3 and i do like tinies .. but i have a problem about them being so small but cost that much >.<"

      (sry for my english XD)
    5. I don't have a single SD on my wishlist because I still haven't found a SD sculpt that I find beautiful enough to make me ignore their big size, so I can't imagine myself with a doll bigger than that. Also, I think dolls have a size limit to be dolls. I wouldn't know how to handle and it would probably be left on a corner just like a decorative statue would be. :P
    6. i think Soori is big enough for me, at 62cm. any bigger, and they get too realistic. any smaller, and they don't appeal to me as much.
    7. Personally I like big. But no bigger then like 90 cm I think. Bigger dolls would probably just sit or stand somewhere in the room and they'd be cumbersome to transport to events or take on outings.

      Though, if anyone remembers that Russian girl with the Sabik walking in the park? That is simply beautiful!

      The resin can take it, I'm sure of that. It's also an industrial material used for various purposes. I'm a geotechnical consultant and a few weeks ago we had a customer at the office who works for a regional government water management organization for whom I've been designing a set of retaining wall constructions. He told of another project where they are restoring wooden piles in a canal using a construction resin which is similar to resin used in ABJD's. He had also heard about the fact that resin changes colour after a while and I explained to him that this is normal, especcially when exposed to sunlight.

      Anyway, the material is very strong.

      SD's handle nicely for photoshooting stories. Larger dolls would seem out of place among the SD's I have so far.
    8. All my dolls are MSD sized, but I'm looking into getting into SD sizes. I'm fascinated by that life-size on on DA especially! I'd love to have a doll that size.
    9. I think the teeny-tiny 5cm tall doll is an adorable idea - in theory - but in terms of doing a lot for it (sewing especially), having it, and using it like a regular BJD doesn't seem feasible. Imagine the eye strain:aeyepop: of trying to sew such itty bitty clothes?!:lol:

      And a people-sized BJD is just downright creepy!:horror: I can't see myself paying the few thousand (I'm just assuming price) for a doll that looks like a person. They already have dolls that are human-sized, and I'd rather not have my dolls be confused with them. Imagine the gigantic body-bag you'd need for that?

      I think my personal limits (on both sides of the scale) are Puki-sized dolls, and 70cm dolls. I've had 2ft tall dolls before, and 70cm seems not terribly huge; 80cm - like the Lusions - seem to big and heavy for me. All I have right now, though, is an MSD-sized doll.
    10. For me was Lusion&#8217;s Dahlia the extreme, for being a 80 cm tall tiny IMO XD Very cute but definitely not someone I would like to sit here on my couch all the time. And I&#8217;m comfortable with any other size 10-70 cm&#8230; OK, Mecha Angels maybe would work too XD
      What would absolutely kill me is a human size BJD. Just to think how my friends would freak if they look a life-size BJD in the eye makes me LOL.
    11. nu123- 8O Wow! The homeless lady figurine got me XD! And the life size bjd..I CAN´T BELIEVE that it´s made of air drying clay!! :O
      Cool! Yes, I wouldn´t like having a life sized doll, especially if made of heavy resin, vynil ok but resin? You´ll need a wheelchair to take her around! XD
    12. I have enough trouble with my EID Akando... I can't imagine handling anything bigger or heavier than he is. On the other end of things, I'd be terrifed of breaking a doll much smaller than my Banji (15cm). I'm nervous enough about his tiny little fingers and such.
    13. @TheGloaming you have to look through the gallery xD I love the pictures when the colours dryes xDD they hanged all pieces in a tree xDD <3
    14. Wow, that human sized doll is kinda creepy O.O
      I think the biggest I could handle in 65cm . . . I could live with a 70cm . . but I'd prefer not to. The smallest, would be the size my Nixie is, 11cm ^_^
      5cm sounds cute *Needs to look up these dolls* but I'd be wayyy to scared I'd lose it!
    15. One of the biggest problems I can see with a 5cm and smaller would be clothing and esthetics. Its would be very eays to 'overpower' something that size. Working in such a small scale is difficult.

      I do prefer bigger dolls, 80cm is my maximum size preferance, a 90 would be almost half my height which is too big for me so anything over would be a definate no-on. On the other side, Puki sized is really my limit, Its a verstile size thats still very workable with clothing, props and esthetics.
    16. I've gotta say, that micro tiny Squee is pretty adorable, and would be totally cute by my puki. But how does one sew for something that size? And I'd need a magnifying glass and a cat whisker to paint such a teeny face! I think they could go a bit smaller (bet those things are strung with elastic sewing thread), but I wouldn't know what to do with something so small. On the other end, bjds could totally go lifesize; some of us just kinda fly over the uncanny valley. Such a thing would be too big and heavy for me to play with (60 cm is too big for me), but I'd love seeing the pictures of them. Actually, some company made life sized dolls similar to dolfie dreams; they'd be totally OT here but their Chobits Chii was pretty cool.
    17. I don't like either of extreme sizes. 70cm is the maximum height and 40 the minimum.

      MSD is already close to what I find too small, so I don't think I'll ever have a doll
      smaller than that, unless it functions as a newborn baby.

      The 80/90cm is way too big. They'd come up to my hip and I have never been a fan of giant dolls.
      Especially life-sized There's usually too much realism, which, in this size falls into my uncanny valley.
      I like my dolls as being obviously dolls.
    18. i cant believe no one pointed out a few companies the first on the comes to mind is
      Paper Moon with many lifesize dolls which come with or without ball joints depending on your taste
      they look like this below ,,there website is here http://www.pmoon.co.jp/ in Japanese oh coarse
      they are not the only company making full scale dolls
      there is companies like RealDoll that make dolls that can well ,,,lets just say they are sexual in nature
      But they are dolls non the less fully posable with silicone skin over a skeleton , there is other companies making similar products too .

      there is also mannequins some of which can be posed too look up flexible mannequin

      the paper moon dolls start at about $4000 US money and go abit higher
      the realdolls are $7000+ US with other companies offering cheaper alternatives
      and flex Mannequins start about $600 US and regular ones are $100 to $500 normally which is about the same price as BJD
      with well used unes around 100 and new and higher end doll getting into thousands , i seen volks dd dy Yoko sell for $3000 and dd dy Airi sell over $4500 on ebay i mean yes she is a nice doll but damb!
    19. LOL! I knew about Paper Moon dolls and other life size dolls of such but they mostly seemed to me like a sort of sexual thing. But I can see a sort of artistic wibe (wibe?) in them. Taking pictures of life size anime dolls in a real environment, that may have an interesting aspect of photography. And I can see a girl (I guess) in that picture too, so sharing your clothes with your doll? Why not?
      Could be fun! :)