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bjd website from paris, france

Mar 19, 2007

    1. hi !!!

      i am very happy to introduce to you my website :


      i make my own dolls : valentine and iris. they are 48cm and made in french semi transparent resin. it is very luminous and doesn't look like plastic.

      i also make the outfits, underwear and the shoes. everything is handmade, with the best quality materials :
      haute couture fabrics, organza, satin, chiffon silk, antique lace, embroideries, pearls and sequins ...
      the outfits are in limited edition or ooak.
      the website will be translated in english very soon.
      but i hope while waiting pictures are a universal language ;)

      i was very happy to meet karen caviale from haute doll and jill jackson from doll reader this week end at the paris fashion doll festival, they liked my dolls, so i hope you will too !!!
    2. There is no price on your website... could you give us an approximate of what you are asking for the dolls?
    3. thanks for your comments !!! :)

      i will pm prices to everyone asking me for.
      i am sorry to repeat it but they are artist dolls, so they are not the same price as other dolls. i sell the dolls in full set,
      i make them on my own with beautiful french resin ( i am allergic to it so it is not easy) and the outfits are made with haute couture fabrics (extra fabrics from christian dior, christian lacroix)
      which are exclusive fabrics dyed and printed exclusively for them for their haute couture shows.
      the fabrics are very expensive and the outfits require as much work as the doll making. i love to work with such beautiful material !!!
      i think about making outfits for sd dolls. and maybe i will make my own sd dolls.

      thanks milka !!! yes the photos don't show the fabrics and resin quality, and when you see them in real you see the difference with other fabrics.

      i am working on my english translation, but technical words for sewing to describe outfits are difficult :(
    4. I don't understand French so I can't tell what your site says... But have you made these dolls yourself or are they modified or repainted dolls by other manufacturers? I think they both look a bit like Liebchen. :ablink:
    5. Ladysalmakkia made the whole dolls by herself, they have their own original molds.