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BJD Weddings, a unique idea, or just too much?

Dec 22, 2010

  1. Too much.

  2. Thats a great idea! That's not too much at all!

  3. Meh, your choice. Do what you want.

  4. I don't know...I'd have to think about it.

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    1. Question for you guys.

      I have a couple of dolls that I am saving up for, and I would LOVE to throw a doll meet where they get married. Dresses, origami roses, cake, the whole shebang. But...a part of me is saying, what the heck woman, they are just dolls! Why are you going this far to do something for them!?

      Whereas another part of me says THEY ARE NOT "JUST DOLLS"! THEY ARE FAMILY! Resin family, why can't you see that?

      So, do you guys think that its a bit much or is it a good idea. And if there are any out there that has thrown a wedding for their dolls, what was it like?


      I am going through with it once I get my cute couple. This is meant as a silly meet thing, not something serious to the point of being disturbing. Besides, I don't want any illegitimate tinies now, do I? LOL JK! But yes, it will be a silly meet. Wedding crashers welcome. I will provide the cake and the rest will be potluck. Because Iplehouse EIDs are hard to fit, guests will be encouraged to bring swap items for eachother if you can't find something to fit the bride or groom. I've already picked the dress, and because I'm a cheapskate, its a $23 dollmore dress. I didn't want to spend a ton of dough on a dress she'll only wear once. But because it is short, I'll have to come up with an interesting way to get the garter off because it is so tight fitting lol! The only thing left I need for the bride is the veil. Any suggestions? Oh, and here's the dress. Except my girl will be wearing it off the shoulder.

    2. First off, as long as you are not bothering the general populace then really it's your choice entirely! I can understand that some may not find this appealing for many reasons.

      However, I would find a doll meet with a wedding theme to be very fun and quite entertaining myself. I have a close knit group of doll friends and we have been entertaining such an idea for a while. Ours would be held at my home (which has its scenic views) and would basically be a big ol' photo shoot and being the dorks we are, we'd probably make a big ol' cake, etc.

      I'd think of it as a great opportunity for some fun, really! I don't think I'd do anything such as a church wedding (unless is was simply an area made to look as such, etc) but a photoshoot/ photo story and a gathering of like minded individuals in a setting that wouldn't disrupt anyone else?

      Oh go for it. :)
    3. I think that BJD weddings is a wonderful idea. I haven't seen one in real life but i'm sure it's really fun. :3

      If your budget can cover it and you have lots of spare time to prepare, why not? X3
    4. I think it's a choice and preference. Personally, I think it would be cute to attend something like that for the fun and socialization sake. I'm sure it'd be a unique experience overall. As long as it's "all in good fun" then there isn't much of a problem. If it becomes something beyond just fun and enjoying your dolls in a healthy atmosphere - then it might be a little unorthodox. It comes down to opinion and what some people may consider okay and just plain strange. I don't think it's strange...people do it with dogs all the time!
    5. Part of me says its 'too much' - someone taking seriously the concept of two dolls getting married... :XD: But actually, if it was a theme for a doll meet, and everyone took it as good fun and didn't expect us to act like it was 'real', then I would probably participate :whee:
    6. I would LOVE to come to your dolls wedding!! Don't forget me
      when invitations are getting made/sent XD *yay wedding cake!*

      OK silliness aside...I have an incoming girl (F65 Chloe!) and I just
      found her perfect companion who I doubt I'll be able to get :(
      but if I did manage to I can completely see having a wedding shoot
      for them complete with EVERYTHING because they would look
      that beautiful together.
      So I say if you want to have a "real" wedding for your dolls then
      why not? And again, don't forget to invite me :lol:
    7. I went with the two center options. ;) It depends on your meetup group, IMHO. If that seems like something they'd be into, I think it could be utterly fantastic.

      Even if it is a matter of getting just a few like-minded friends together, heck, why not? Invite people to participate, bring their dolls in their wedding day best, take pics. Themed meets seem to happen fairly often, and the themes vary. It could be a very fun theme!
    8. I've seen a photoshoot or two on the forum of weddings people have done, and while it's not anything I'd be interested in myself unless it was close friends doing it and I wanted to be supportive, the result can be pretty impressive.

      If everyone's into it, go for it!
    9. I'd go with the middle-of-the road options - As long as everyone going to the meet is willing to play along, or at least to not deliberately disrupt it, it could be a fun theme. I'd caution, though, not to expect everyone to treat it as if it's a real wedding. People might not want to make your dolls the focus of their day, especially if they've got plans of their own within the wedding theme for their own dolls. (Eg - Expect that someone whose dolls show up "stag" might want to RP them as messing with the setting, whether it just be by hitting on bridesmaids, faffing with the cake or some kind of spectacular prank).

      In summary - If you're not a control freak about it (Like so many real-world relatives of the happy couple!) it could be fun.
    10. As long as it weren't really taken seriously and was all in good fun, I think it would be kind of interesting, even if a bit silly, to attend something like that. And any excuse to have cake is a good excuse.

      Now, if the wedding was being taken dead seriously, I'd begin to question the owner's sanity...
    11. Lula honey, you're on the other side of the states! But, if you can make it, you are totally invited!
    12. Now the roleplay ideas sound FUN. I would probably welcome party crashers. My deal is sort of doing a a semi-serious ceremony (aka half the speach taken from movies, princess bride is first on the list LOLOLOL), and a crazy reception in which is a pot luck, but I provide the cake! And the couple of course! I intend to giggle my head off whilst marrying my dolls off. Knowing the character of the bride, I don't think she'll be too pleased but she gets pretty underwear for the evening to make up for it LOL!
    13. My mini Dollzones are married, their characters are married, and had I been able to afford it I would have made it an excuse for a doll party. I would have let guests know what the theme was, that they didn't need to bring a gift or have a gift exchange so everyone gets a present, and have a potluck.

      People have their pets get married, dolls are like pets, it doesn't hurt anyone and makes people happy so what would be wrong with it?
    14. Yeeaaahhh.... :XD:
    15. It would be a fun excuse for a get together and a great opportunity to take some really neat pictures. I don't think it's something I would do myself, but I don't think it's strange that someone else would.
    16. If it's or a photo shoot then, I'm in favor! Sounds like a great photo shoot, I always love pictures where people have amassed a large lot of dolls and every tiny detail is worked out (costumes, props, set, etc). A wedding sounds like a great idea! After you're done with all the pictures you could have a reception of your own with cake and food! I would definitely enjoy attending something like this. :)

      If it's a roleplaying type gig, where the owners are expected to "act it out" and make them talk and say their vows for them etc, then that isn't something I'd personally be interested in attending. However, if you want to do it I say go for it!

      If you're worried about what other people might think, you're in the wrong hobby. :P
    17. Anything for a photo opportunity! Weddings are magical and beautiful. You will have to make sure you invite lots of dolls :)
    18. There have been some of these events in the past. Maybe if you search the gallery archives you will find them. It looked like lots of silly fun to me.
    19. I think it´s kinda cute :) i think it would be more of a party <3 but its a cute idea for meet <3
    20. I think, as long as you don't make the thing too serious, it's a cute idea; especially for photostories.

      Tip: William's Sonoma have cake pans where they look like mini 3-tiered cakes.